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The 15 all-time top courses on Skillqore cover a variety of subjects. These courses are offered by reputed industry and educational institutions and are available to students all over the world. From technology to Artificial Intelligence, data science, law, economics, analytics, etc. these courses are also popular as they address topics that are highly relevant in today’s world.

Skillqore’s 15 All-time Top Courses

1. CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science

This is, by far, one of the most popular courses on Skillqore as it is suitable for anyone requiring a robust fundamental understanding of programming and computer science. Key features of the course include efficient problem solving and learning how to think algorithmically. The course also familiarizes the learner with languages like Python, C, JavaScript, SQL, etc. Overall, this 12 weeklong course is highly appropriate for studying how to create as well as present your final programming projects.

2. Introduction to Data Wise, Harvard University

This Harvard University course is designed to help users tackle the ever-increasing data in a wise manner. It can be extremely challenging to implement data to benefit the learning processes and it can become overwhelming if the person or the team in-charge is not trained properly. Therefore, this course is popular among those interested in learning about the Data Wise Improvement Process.

3. Science of Happiness, University of California Berkeley

The Science of Happiness is a one-of-its-kind course developed by UC Berkeley. The course teaches positive psychology where individuals can learn in detail regarding the principles and practices based on science for leading a happy and meaningful life. Such unique offerings have made this one of the most popular MOOCs of all time. For instance, students are educated on the helpfulness of mindfulness and which mental habits are most conducive to happiness.

4. Contract Law, Harvard University

This free course is designed by Harvard Law Professor, Charles Fried, and gives an extensive theoretical insight into topics like trust, contracts, promise, etc. However, this course is included in our list of 15 All-time top courses as it educates students to learn how to apply the concepts of contracts in order to optimally understand the issues and potential outcomes.

5. Data Science: Inference and modeling, Harvard University

This is certainly one of the all-time top courses on Skillqore with regard to understanding the concepts behind estimating and determining margins of errors of parameters, population, estimates, as well as any standard errors while predicting the presented data. Most importantly, this 8-week long course also trachea the basics of Bayesian statistics including predictive modeling.

6. Fundamentals of Neuroscience, Harvard University

The beginner level course is the most popular course in this field that is offered on the Skillqore platform. The Fundamentals of Neuroscience is a 5 weeks long course and like most other courses here, it is delivered absolutely free of cost. The ultimate aim of the course is to enable the individual to do neuroscience in their homes.

7. Quantum Mechanics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Individuals or employees can attend this free course to learn the basics of wave functions as well as their probabilistic interpretation. The course also explains the nuances for solving the Schrodinger equation pertaining to a particle that moves in one-dimensional potentials, central potentials, scattering, as well as the hydrogen atom. This expert-level course is extremely popular as it covers the most important aspects of quantum mechanics.

8. Compilation Basics for Macroeconomic Statistics, The International Monetary Fund

Developed by the IMF, this course aims at the importance of compiling data since better data is more likely to result in better policies than otherwise. This 4-week long course covers topics including institutional units, residence, institutional sectors, financial instruments, accounting rules, stocks, and flows, as well as the Data Standard Initiatives of the IMF. This will result in a better evaluation of macroeconomic inter-linkages.

9. Artificial Intelligence, Columbia University

AI is, undoubtedly, the technology for the future. Hence, it is natural for one of the most prestigious AI courses to be added to the list of 15 all-time top courses on Skillqore. The course introduces artificial intelligence in detail and covers topics like machine learning algorithms, building intelligent agents, applications of artificial intelligence, and addressing real AI issues using programming in Python.

10. Mandarin Chinese Essentials, MandarinX

More and more global organizations are looking towards communicating in Chinese languages to reach out to a potential market comprising over a billion people on the earth. This critical language course not only includes language essentials but also educates the student on the tones, grammar, pronunciation, and characters of the language. It also imparts an important insight into the Chinese culture.

11. International Project Management, Rochester Institute of Technology

While technology has shrunk our works it also means that we are increasingly interacting with a variety of cultures to conduct business across the globe. The International Project Management course is developed by the Rochester Institute of Technology keeping this in mind. The course aims at explaining the impact of culture on various aspects of a global project. This is essential for ensuring effective collaboration that transcends domestic boundaries.

12. Introduction to Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This MIT developed course is highly popular among beginners who are keen to improve their skills in the Python programming language. The course is 9 weeks long and also covers simple algorithms, data structures, debugging, testing, and basics of algorithmic complexity.

13. Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Rochester Institute of Technology

The increased usage of technology around us has also resulted in a higher demand for ensuring cybersecurity. This course is a component of the RITxCybersecurity MicroMasters Program that is designed to assist students as they advance into the field of computing security. The course also covers basic crypto concepts that are becoming increasingly relevant today.

14. Marketing Analytics: Price and Promotion Analytics, University of California Berkeley

This marketing course is focused on price and promotion analytics discussing in detail concepts like promotion analytics, price analytics, multiple campaigns marketing budgets, etc. Overall, the 4 weeks long course is aimed at equipping the individual with the skills that are essential for an analytics-based marketing approach in the workplace.

15. Digital Transformation Across the Extended Supply Chain, OpenSAP

Digital space and technology have consistently transformed nearly every operational aspect of how modern business is run. Keeping in line with this transformation, this course is developed by OpenSAP to assist the individual in understanding how digital transformation is contributing towards the extended supply chain in today’s industrial worlds.

Skillqore’s capabilities are strengthened by its AI-based learning platform. Designed for employees as well as individuals, this online education platform offers top courses provided by edX, Amazon, Linkedin Learning, to name a few. Our list of 15 all-time top courses on Skillqore is just the tip of this learning ‘iceberg’. And as more and more courses keep on getting added to this list, these remain immensely popular all over the world.