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Does everybody want to know what are the advantages of online courses? In today’s pandemic hit world online learning has gained a special significance, but even before that, it was getting a lot of traction, and with good reason too. There are various benefits attached to this medium of imparting education. In this article, we will take a look at some of those advantages and in the process find out the reasons why online courses are creating such a buzz.

Advantages of online courses


The biggest advantage of online courses is that they give freedom to the students. They do not have to leave their homes to take lectures. They do not have to sit through a boring and length lecture. Because, if these are recorded lectures the students can view them whenever he is free. There are no compulsions to wear uniforms or follow other such rules. This freedom makes online courses very attractive to students.

Variety of courses

There are online courses available on virtually any subject and topic. You can learn about subjects as diverse as positive psychology, kitchen gardening, or robotics. Everything and anything is being taught online. You can take professional courses or courses that teach a skill, craft, or even a hobby. You can take up these courses even if you have not studied them in the past.

Peer pressure

As an online student, you do not have to put up with peer pressure because there are none. You have course mates but you have minimal communication with them. The study says that some people perform better due to this factor. They do not feel under pressure or overwhelmed due to the competition, they have to compete with themselves mostly. This gives them a sense of relief.

Cultivates discipline

As there are no traditional pressures on students during online courses the student has to be self-accountable. He learns how to manage his time better, be more responsible, and gives his best to everything that he has.

Best for professionals

As a professional, if you want to further your academics online courses are your best bet. In this way, you do not have to take off from your job. You can take online classes and continue with your day job. You can view the lectures even during the lunch break of your job. Likewise, for housewives or females who cannot leave homes, online courses offer the best solution to quench their thirst for learning.


Online courses are very economical; some are even available for free. Education has become a very expensive fare, especially at the degree level. By adopting the online mode of education, the cost gets down automatically for the education providers. Their operational and administrative cost cuts down. This makes online education cheap.

A world-class education at your home

You can take online courses being offered by world-renowned institutes. In this way, you save yourself a lot of money which you would have incurred if you had gone there. Technology has helped us bridge distances and now you can be taught by an American teacher even if you live in South Africa. This is a great advantage of online learning.

Digital storage facility

All your assignments, projects, paperwork, etc. are stored digitally using cloud-based technologies. This makes accessing data very easy and there are fewer chances of theft, misuse, or losing your important documents and information.


This is especially true in today’s times when we have seen campuses shutting down due to COVID 19. Online classes are free from such effects. Be there snow, rain, floods, or even wars, you can still continue with your online courses. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop and that is all.


Although you study alone you have course mates that you may never meet but still communicate via the learning portal that you are all using. There are discussion boards where you can post queries and comments and get their response. You can have course mates from diverse cultures and backgrounds. If you have live, interactive learning sessions then your chances of networking increase further as you can interact with each other during or after the lecture. You can even be assigned group assignments by your teacher which you can execute using specialized software.

Better learning

You can view a recorded lecture as many times as want. You can pause, rewind, and replay for as long as the concept is not clear to you. This freedom is not available in the regular classes where students shy away from repeating their questions and often end up with a half-baked understanding of the concepts in their heads.

Enhancing your computer skills

As you will learn everything via a computer, you will automatically learn a lot of skills related to computers and different software. You can learn about concepts and programs like learning management systems (LMS), creating and sharing online documents, networking, virtual teamwork, etc. You will become more tech-savvy by the end of your course.

Communicating with your teacher

In a traditional classroom sometimes the teacher is in a hurry and doesn’t answer all your questions. Sometimes the students hesitate to ask questions but in an online class, it is very easy to talk to your teacher. You just have to email your teacher or leave a question at the discussion board or in the comments section. The teacher will answer whenever he is free and reply in detail. This makes contacting teachers very convenient for students.

Online classes are probably the future of learning. It is not for everyone but their wide acceptance is a testimony of their popularity. By making a few positive lifestyle changes you can take maximum advantage of online learning.