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Algebra is a branch or, as some experts on the subject, believe a part of mathematics. It deals with symbols, and mathematical operations like addition, division, etc., performed on them. It represents a mathematical operation in the form of expressions involving these symbols with constant or variable values. A meaningful expression is formed by performing different functions in a series, and the problem is solved. Here, we will provide you with 10 of the best online courses in the field of Algebra. So, here goes.

1- Learning Algebra: Pre-Algebra

This course will lay your foundation for learning algebra. It is a good beginning for anyone who has not studied algebra before and wants to develop its understanding. The course will teach you the fundamentals of different concepts like working with integers, expressions, and the correct order in operations and distribution. It costs USD34.99, and you can start learning it here.

2- Origins of Algebra:

This course will introduce you to the early days of Algebra. You will learn about its history and background. Do you know what the meaning of Algebra is? And no, the word does not have a Latin or Greek genealogy. You will learn all this more about the genesis of Algebra, and it will enlighten you to no end. The course is free, and you can join the course here.

3- How to do Algebra introduction and the basics:

For many, Algebra is a hard pill to swallow. The concept is too esoteric and obscure for many of the students. But that should not be the case. Algebra is challenging to comprehend if you know how to approach it and understand its underlying concepts. This course provides the necessary framework and tools to hone your focus, and you will get to know how Algebra works. It is an introductory course, and you can start taking it here. There are no charges for it.

4- Learning Algebra: Solving equations

Learning Algebra: Solving equations

It is also one of the beginner-to-mid-level courses. It sheds light on the concept of equations and how to solve them. It has been designed for students hailing from classes 7-12. The best part about this course is that it seeks inspiration from real-world examples, and therefore students find it very easy to grasp. It no longer remains conceptual learning with theoretical concepts. The course will cost you USD34.99, and here is the link where you can take its classes.

5- Adding and subtracting rational expressions 2:

In Algebra, a rational expression is a fraction with a polynomial as a numerator, denominator, or both. Students find it a different area of algebra to make sense of it all. They can be tricky, but specialized methods can go about them. You will learn all these techniques to solve rational expressions in a jiffy. It is also a free course, and you can start enhancing your understanding of rational expressions here.

6- Quadratic equation part 2:

The word “Quadratic” is taken from “Quad” or “Quadra,” which means square. It has a high degree of inclusion in algebraic expressions. It is a simple equation containing a variable of degree 2. Its standard form is ax2+bx+c=0. Here a is not equal to 0, and a, b, and c are coefficients of real numbers. There are many ways to solve this problem, and this course will highlight some of them for you. If you want to get a more insightful knowledge on the subject, then this course will help you. It is again free of charge, and you can join it here.

7- Algebra: Linear Equations 2

Linear equations also form a vital part of all algebraic operations. It is, in essence, an equation between two variables. The highest power of the variable is always 1 in a linear equation, and for this reason, it is also known as a one-degree equation. A linear equation always gets a straight line in representation on a graph. This course will shed more light on the subject and help you solve different types of linear -equations. It is available for free, and you can learn more on the subject by clicking here.

8- The Gram-Schmidt process:

It is an advanced topic, so that this course will benefit those at a higher level of learning algebra. The Gram-Schmidt process is usually referred to in numerical analysis and linear algebra. It forms an orthonormal basis in a set of orthonormal vectors. The basic idea is to transform a linear set of independent vectors. If you want more on the subject, you can join this free course for all. You can join the course by clicking here.

9- Introduction to the inverse of a function:

Introduction to the inverse of a function

In algebra, an inverse function is a function that overrides the result of another function. In essence, both functions reverse each other. It might sound like a highly bookish idea, but it also has practical implications. This course will introduce you to this topic and hopefully will provide impetus to you to seek further learning on the subject. The course is free, so you can start your education right away by clicking here.

10- Why all the letters in Algebra?

Do you ever wonder why algebra has all these symbols like A, B, X, Y, etc.? If you are, then you have come to the right place as in this course, the experts logically delineate different reasons behind this phenomenon. After this course, you will come out wiser and more enlightened on the subject. Indeed, you did not expect that these letters are there for no rhyme and reason, do you? It is available for free, and you can take the classes here.


So, this was our list of ten of the best online courses on algebra. However, the subject is vast and too diverse to be condensed into ten courses. But still, we have tried to come up with courses that highlight the vital aspects of algebra. We hope you will take inspiration from these courses and start your algebra learning right away.