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Web analytics is the key to any business’s success in today’s world. It is the analysis of data or statistics. In this analysis, the experts try to find similar movements or patterns in data and later interpret them. This interpretation helps make informed decisions about the business, which is why the science of analytics is so much in demand. Here we present the top 10 online courses on the subject for your learning and understanding.

1- Email marketing: Drip campaigns:

Drip campaigns are a form of email marketing. Emails under the drip campaign are activated based on some specific action taken by a customer. It could be signing up for your newsletter, attending a product launch, interacting on the helpline, incomplete online purchases, etc. This course will enlighten you on the subject and shed light on all its aspects. Its fee is USD29.99, and you can join it here.

2- The basics of data analytics:

As the name suggests, this is an entry-level course on the subject of data analytics. It is very beneficial for someone who has no background knowledge on the subject and wants to understand the basics of the issue. With the help of colorful illustrations, the expert describes the subject’s concepts in easy-to-understand language. It is a free course, and you can take it here.

3- An overview of marketing analytics:

Marketing analytics is an exciting branch of analytics. It deals with the analysis of data collected through different marketing campaigns. Through this data, a marketer can assess the impact of any given marketing campaign. He can use that analysis for future campaigns or modify the ongoing campaigns. In any scenario, it is both instructive and highly intrusive. You can learn more by clicking here, where the expert divulges all in a free-for-all talk.

4- How to make the most of Google Analytics to grow faster?

How to make the most of Google Analytics to grow faster?

It is a beneficial course because most of us use Google Analytics to check our website traffic, yet we cannot increase its traffic. This course will give you the necessary information that you can rely on to understand the dynamic behind Google Analytics. You will know how to use the information provided by Google Analytics to grow web traffic. What needs to be done here, and what you should stop doing. The course is in a podcast format, and it’s free. You can join it here.

5- 7 content tools that will make you shine:

All of us use apps and computer programs daily for multi-purposes. There is no secret, but this course will list seven programs chosen explicitly for a hardworking modern corporate executive. By using these tools, he can increase his productivity and save time. These include a time management app, task scheduler, blog translator, spreadsheet, etc. You will learn about all seven in this course, again presented in a podcast format. It’s free, and you can join here.

6- Will AI, content writers, replace humans?

We live in technologically advanced times, and AI is a fantastic piece of technology of our era. AI has already transformed several sectors where it has found full integration. In this course, the experts talk about the possibility of replacing humans as content writers. Both the experts have divergent views on the topic, which makes for an engaging discussion. You can join in their conversation by clicking here at no cost at all.

7- A career in web analytics:

In this course, the experts talk about building a career in web analytics. It is a rewarding profession and much-in-demand. As a web analytics professional, you will understand what you can do and what are the different roles and positions available for someone in a web analytic agency. What should be the core functions of a web analytics agency, and how you can work for client betterment. The course is free, so don’t wait and join now.

8- How does Bank of America optimize its social media strategy?

How does Bank of America optimize its social media strategy?

It is always helpful to learn from others. You can improvise your strategy according to your situation. Learn from others’ mistakes and save yourself both time and money. This course will tell you how Bank of America improved upon its social media strategy to win over more clients and better serve the current ones. The course is both full of information and inspirational. You can join it here, and it is free.

 9- 3 AI tools to make your marketing more efficient:

In this article earlier, we talked about how AI is impacting or likely to impact different sectors. In this course, the experts talk about three specific AI-based marketing apps. You will see how they are changing their respective fields and how you can use them to manage your marketing better. These apps include;, UiPath, and some little-known facts about Google Analytics. Be a part of this class; it is free, and get to know what the experts are talking about. Join here.

10- How to make a digital marketing strategy in the modern landscape?

Digital marketing is an all-pervasive technology of our times. Businesses everywhere use it to enhance their sales. But, what does it take to devise a digital marketing strategy? Especially in our technologically-intensive times. This course opens up on this all-important topic and shares its insight. It is a relevant topic, and every digital marketer needs to take it. There’s more to digital marketing than running social media ad campaigns and Google ads. You will find more by joining this course. It will cost you nothing, so enter here now.


That wraps up our list of ten of the best online courses on the subject of web analytics and automation. It is a dynamic field because it depends on technology that is constantly progressing and evolving. Such a list, therefore, can never be final. You can join these courses and learn a thing or two about the courses that we have covered for you. We are sure they will help you a lot.