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As we all know, Apple is a famous tech company that is renowned around the world for its consumer electronic products, software, and online services. This American multinational earned a revenue of US$274.5 billion in 2020, making it the largest technology company in the world. With its rapidly expanding reach, it is set to dominate the technology consumer market for a long time. Now, let’s look at the top online courses about apple applications and software out there.

1- Photos for OS X: Extensions for local adjustments:

Photos for OS X: Extensions for local adjustments

OS X is the tenth iteration of the Apple Macintosh operating system. In this course, the student will learn about different editing options and other enhancement features for photos. Digital cameras and mobile phones have made photography ubiquitous. Every laptop, computer, and mobile phone is crammed with pictures. The photo editing skill is a much-in-demand talent, and if you are an Apple Macintosh user, this course will serve you well. It costs US$39.99, and you can start your class here.

2- macOS High Sierra essential training:

macOS High Sierra essential training

High Sierra is the operating system for Mac computers. This course is suitable for all the existing and new Mac computer users. It teaches everything that you would want to know about High Sierra. That is why they call it essential training, as you cannot do without it. You will learn, besides other things, file storage and management, backup mechanism, email settings, using apps such as iMessenger, calendar, playing games, installing and uninstalling apps, etc. The cost of this course is US$44.99, and here is the link to it.

3- The mobile business: setting up your iPhone and iPad:

The mobile business: setting up your iPhone and iPad

Both iPad and iPhone are among the most popular products of Apple. They were pioneering products among their segments and set the bar high for competitors who had no other option but to follow suit. They are powerful machines and can perform a variety of functions for their users. Their usage for business applications is also rampant. You can learn how to use them to make and deliver presentations, manage emails, hold online business meetings, among others. The price of this course is USD34.99, and you can join it here.

4- Pages 6 essential training:

Pages 6 essential training

Pages 6 is to Apple operating system, what Microsoft Word is to Windows. It is Apple’s very own word processor. Admittedly, it is nowhere near the popularity and widespread usage of Word, but still, it has its loyal user base. This course will equip you with all the necessary information and knowledge to master this word processing software. Learn about its features, tools, and other user-friendly qualities that will help you navigate this software even better. The charge for this course is US$39.99, and you can start taking its classes here.

5- Creating ePUBs from a Pages document:

Creating ePUBs from a Pages document

EPUBs are a standard extension for e-books. This course will teach you how to convert your Pages document to EPUBs and publish them on iBook. As the name suggests, iBook is another application from Apple used for reading PDF and EPUB content. Learning this skill will be helpful for those working with iBook and other word processing applications from Apple. The fee of this course is US$34.99, and this link will take you to your virtual classroom.

6- Review: A week with the Apple watch:

Review: A week with the Apple watch

Apple Watch is yet another of the company’s successful and popular products. It paved the way for what we now know as smartwatches. In this video course, the instructor uses the Apple watch for a week and reviews its performance. He tests it to its limits and finds out its real strength. The instructor sheds light on its various functions, uses them under different situations, and compares them with similar products. The entire review is available for free viewing and can be very beneficial to anyone who is willing to buy an Apple watch or is already using it. Here is the link to it.

7- What’s inside Apple’s iPad Mini with retina display:

What’s inside Apple’s iPad Mini with retina display

Apple iPad mini is a smaller and scaled-down version of the very popular iPad. It was designed for users with low-tech uses, kids, and traveling purposes. If you want to know what makes up an iPad mini, this video course is just for you. The expert here walks you through an iPad mini’s anatomy by taking it apart. This course will be helpful for anyone who wants to be a technician of iPads or is a tech geek at heart and enjoy learning about such stuff. It is available for free, and you can learn more about it by clicking here.

8- Apple TV 4K unboxing and first impressions:

Apple TV 4K unboxing and first impressions

Apple TV is a black box-like device that connects to your TV and wireless internet connection. It is a subscription-only streaming service that gives access to the subscriber to internet videos and various channels. It has sold 25 million of its units since its inception in 2007. In this video, the demonstrator unboxes the Apple TV device and enlightens the viewers on installing and using it. The video is helpful as a general reference and for those who want to subscribe to this service. It is freely available, and you can watch it here.

9- Apple macOS Sierra: What’s new?

Apple macOS Sierra: What’s new?

In this video course, the instructor talks about the integration of Siri into Sierra. It happened for the first time in 2019 when the popular voice command operator of iPhones started appearing in macOS. What does it take for Siri to be part of macOS, and how will it enhance a user’s experience while working on it? Here is the link to the video.

10- Volvo and Apple CarPlay:

Volvo and Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is the operating system for navigating the infotainment system of today’s modern cars. It is now relatively popular and comes pre-installed in popular car models. Through it, you can attach your iPhone with the car’s infotainment system and also use its navigation and other functions for a better driving experience. This video talks about its inclusion in the famous Swedish car brand Volvo. It is very beneficial to all Volvo users.


We hope you relished our selection of the ten best courses on Apple’s applications and software. The list is subjective, and you may accuse us of omitting every well-known app, but we have tried to be as objective as it can be. Thanks for your consideration.