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Artificial intelligence is what science fiction has been teaching us for decades, except that it is not fiction anymore. It is very much a reality. And unlike the doom and gloom scenario that science fiction portrays with robots and machines taking over the world and enslaving humankind, artificial intelligence is serving humanity in more ways than one. It is an incredible feat of scientific knowledge and research. It lets machines decide on their own based on what they have been programmed. It minimizes human intervention and allows machines the freedom to choose. It is already enriching our lives without us even realizing it, and its scope is set to enlarge in coming times. Let us take a look at ten of the best online courses on the subject that can teach you a thing or two about it.

1- The most advanced robots in the world:

This course will throw light on some of the most sophisticated and cutting-edge robots in the world. You will get to know their processing speed, power, their application, and in which areas they are functioning or could function. It is a free course that gives a fascinating insight into the subject, and robot lovers would love it. You can learn more about these super robots here.

2- Managing innovation & design thinking:

The innovation lies at the very core of scientific breakthroughs. It is the innovation that has led to the emergence and growth of artificial intelligence. If you want to be an innovator and learn how to think out of the box, this course is just for you. In just US$79, you will learn these essential traits that will help you manage and refine your thinking process and make you a great designer and innovator. You can enroll on the subject here.

3- IBM applied AI:

IBM is one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence. It patronized this technology in its nascent days and has been one of its proponents ever since. It has designed this course for people who want to harness the benefits of this incredible technology and become an expert on the subject. You will learn concepts like machine learning, natural language selection, image processing, data sciences, etc. Start your career in artificial intelligence by clicking here. It will cost you just US$49.

4- Introduction to machine learning:

Machine learning is an essential component of artificial intelligence. By joining this course, you will get some basic information on the subject. You can study further if it ignites your interest. You will learn about natural language processing, multilayer perceptions, logistic regression, neural networks, etc. It costs US$49, and you can get more information on this subject here.

5- Machine learning for data analysis:

We can use the tools and techniques of machine learning in data analysis and predict future events. Machine learning makes it possible by using predictive algorithms for this purpose. You will learn more of these techniques by joining this course. It costs US$79, and you can start taking classes here.

6- AI for medical prognosis:

AI is already doing wonders in the medical sciences. It is helping doctors in diagnosis to prescribing a holistic treatment for the patients. It forms a future course of action based on available inputs and gives an accurate assessment of the nature of the illness and how it will shape ahead. Its application is critical in preventing a disease or spreading it. In cancer treatment and prognosis, AI is dispensing valuable services. If you want to know the implications of AI in medical sciences, then you can do so by joining here for just US$49.

7- Neural networks and deep learning:

This course will throw light on the methods of deep learning. It will give insight on how to master this emerging technological concept and use it as a career option. You will also know about neural networks. How to implement a neural network, and what are the critical parameters in a neural network architecture. All this and more of such valuable information is available for you for US$49, and you can start availing of it by going here.

8- IBM AI Engineering:

It is one of the many courses by IBM on the concept of AI. In this course, the emphasis is on applying the concepts of AI to engineering. You can become a successful AI engineer by joining this course and learning all the ideas. You will learn all the essential concepts of the subject for just US$49, and you can start taking the classes here.

9- Deep learning demystified:

It is a free course and comprises a video lecture on the subject. The instructor here tries to explain the concept of deep learning to a layperson. He does not use technical jargon or fancy term to confuse the viewers. Instead, he explains things in simple to understand language that a typical person can understand. So if you want to have a go on the subject, then watch the lecture here.

10- Data engineering with Google Cloud:

This course will provide you enough information and guidance to help you attain Google-Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certificate. It is a much sought-after field and will help you establish your career on a sound footing. You will learn through a combination of lectures, demos, presentations, and hands-on practical experience in this course. You will understand data-driven decision-making by collecting, converting, and publishing data, among many other concepts and techniques. You can join it here, and it will cost you US$49.


There you have it, ten of the most essential and valuable courses on artificial intelligence and allied technologies. It is our list, and it is by no means a definitive one. AI, like other scientific concepts, is a dynamic and ever-changing subject. As more research pours into it, new ideas and new allied technologies will form, making the above list one day redundant. But as of now, this list provides a comprehensive list and covers all the crucial concepts on artificial intelligence.