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What’s life without arts? Pretty dull and drab, right? Arts give meaning to life. They provide us with a much-needed outlet to vent our feelings, expressions, and creative passions. It gives a sense of satisfaction to its creator and inspires others to adopt it. Even for ordinary onlookers’ art is a source of emotional happiness and comfort and happiness. Here, we present to you eight of the best courses on arts and crafts that you can find online.

1- How to draw an angel and a dark angel

The iconography of angels has enjoyed a significant presence in the art world. Even though nobody has seen an angel, whatever is shown as an angel is a mix of folklore, religious text, and imagination. There is something in these surreal creatures that artists all over find fascinating. They love depicting angels and find new waves to inspiration to represent them. In this interactive video, the artist shows angels in his unique way. You can also take inspiration from his creativity. The video is available here.

2- How To Draw in Your Own Style! Sycra Streams with Jeff about Style n’ Mileage?

This video is a long live session that the artists had online. During this session, the artists take in live questions from the audience and reply to the comments. All this while they are doing work on their artwork. The crux of their discussion is finding your style and nurturing it. The artists believe that originality is the best option in arts, and you cannot ignore it. You should find ways to improve your talents and project them the way you want. Let the world come to terms with your creative expression and find ways to express yourself without inhibitions. You can get your dose of inspiration by clicking here.

3- Stephen Silver – Protect your art career:

Stephen Silver – Protect your art career

If you are an up-and-coming budding artist, you need to tread your steps carefully. It’s a cruel world out there, and you need to protect your interests. Specific agents, companies, and managers take advantage of gifted young artists and exploit them monetarily and artistically. They exert undue influence over them and dictate their terms and conditions. You do not want to be in such a situation, so please avoid such unscrupulous characters altogether. How you are going to do that depends on your moves. And this video will teach you all such intelligent actions. So, to be up and running in your art career, watch this video and enlighten yourself.

4- How to draw hair?

Drawing hair is one of the most critical parts of any portrait. It requires some extra effort to draw hair that looks life-like and as natural as it can be. It would help if you learned the proper shading, drawing, brushing, and even holding your pencil. It is not as simple as it appears. The expert in this video will teach you how to draw hair using software like Adobe Photoshop and other modern programs. It will be very beneficial for someone interested in graphic designing, animation, and similar things. You can have a look at this video here.

5- Rembrandt, Self-portrait, 1659:

Who hasn’t heard of Rembrandt? The master of portraits and realism. He liked to depict his subjects without any superficiality and dressing. He presented people the way they were and did not conceal their personalities. Due to these qualities, his self-portrait is always a source of great interest for art enthusiasts. It’s how the great artist saw himself, and everyone is curious to know how he thought of himself as usually everyone thinks highly about himself. But, Rembrandt was Rembrandt in his self-portrait too. He did not glorify himself unnecessarily. He remained true to himself and gave an honest account of his appearance. This self-portrait is a lesson in humility and artistic prowess.

The expert in the video has analyzed it well, and you can take notes while watching this video. Here is the link to the video.

6- How to draw a water drop with colors?

Exactly what color is water? It is essentially colorless. But then, how do you draw it? And that too in color. Usually, artists have been using shades of blue and white to depict water. But, in this age of digital imagery, it is not enough. Now you can be as close to the water’s natural profile as it can get if you want to know why; this video is for you. The expert has explained everything quite comprehensively here. You can go and have a look by clicking here.

7- How to draw a hollyhock flower?

How to draw a hollyhock flower

Hollyhocks have been a favorite subject of artists. There is something ethereal about its beauty. The vibrant flower has inspired generations of artists and continues to do so till now. The delicate petals and the rich textural beauty of Hollyhocks have cast their spell on people for centuries. There is something truly magical about them. In this video, the artist casts his magic and draws a picture of a hollyhock before your eyes. It is truly breathtaking as the image gets made bit by bit. You can also relish the sight here.

8- How to do package design?

Package designing is also a handy and beneficial skill to have. You can also master this skill by watching this video. The critical thing to master here is giving a 3D effect to the boxes. It does the tick, and the box looks real. Once you have gotten to the point where you can do it effortlessly, you can pretty much make any package drawing. To know more about it, click on the link here.


That was all for our list of eight of the best courses on the subject of arts and crafts. We hope you liked our list, and it will inspire you to take up any one or more of these courses. These videos are both instructional and entertaining. So, enjoy your journey.