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Whether you like it or not but beauty business is big business. We all want to look glamorous and beautiful, and the beauty industry exploits this desire to the hilt. That is why beauty parlors all around the world do a roaring business. Here, we present to you 12 of the best beauty and makeup courses that will keep you looking at your best and save you some money too.

1- How to apply nail wraps (easy nail art):

You can do so much more with your nails nowadays than just nail polish. Nail grooming and nail art are part of every fashion-forward person’s beauty regime. They add to your personality, and yes, they look super stylish. If you know how to apply nail wraps to your nails, you do not need to book expensive salon appointments for it. This video teaches you just that, and you can learn everything about nail wrapping from it. Just give it a watch.

2- DIY: Turquoise/Blue Ombre hair color:

The girl in this video is not a pro, but she is well-versed in making colorful hair wigs. You will see her share some techniques and tips on how you can do it too. Wigs look fabulous, and the best thing about them is they let you play with your looks without going for a haircut or hairstyle every time. The lady in the video teaches you to create a turquoise-colored wig. You can follow her on social media to learn more about her craft. As for now, you can see this video here.

3- Natural nail polish & remover that works:

Here we bring another video for you related to nails. The expert here talks about organic nail polish removers. They are cheap and also eco-friendly. Some people are allergic to synthetic nail polish removers and find this a more suitable option. We are sure after watching this video; you will have second thoughts on your nail polish remover as well. You can learn more about it by clicking on it here.

4- Retro style get ready with me (Hair + makeup):

Retro style get ready with me (Hair + makeup

Retro style never gets dated. There is something timeless about it. People are still besotted to that makeup, hair, and overall look. It is probably the romance with old-school film stars behind this phenomenon, or is it the aura this looks creates? It’s hard to tell, but one thing is for sure that it sells even today. This video gives you an insight on how to achieve a perfect retro look and exude the charm of yesteryears’ sirens. The video talks about hair and makeup techniques, and you can see it here.

5- DIY: Make lipstick out of crayons:

Yes, you read it right. You can make lipsticks out of crayons. If you want to know how you can do that, this video is just about right. The expert in this video shares some insight on the subject. It is an easy-to-follow tutorial, and you have almost everything at home that you need to make such lipsticks. Be adventurous and learn these techniques by clicking here.

6- Beauty standards in Korea – “Like it” life in Korea: Experience it:

Korea is more than a manufacturer of high-tech gadgets, industrial goods, and types of machinery. It is also a place that takes beauty and beauty products very seriously. Korean cosmetic brands are making a mark worldwide for their mix of traditional with modern ingredients and giving it a spin for the better. This video talks about Korean beauty standards and enlightens you on how you can look fabulous and fit by following a Korean beauty plan. The video is both inspiring and informative. You can get a complete crash course on all Korean beauty-related things by clicking here.

7- Luxury honeymoon pampering products:

A honeymoon is a memorable part of anyone’s life. It is a time of fun, relaxation, and full-on excitement. You will cherish your honeymoon memories for the rest of your lives. And, to make your honeymoon even more enjoyable, this video talks about some specific beauty products that will make you look and feel good about yourself. You can use these products and look at your pristine. The video is available for viewing here.

8- Balanchine classic high bun tutorial – YouTube:

Balanchine classic high bun tutorial – YouTube

Buns come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. They uplift a woman’s personality and look uber-sexy and cool. Even men with long hair are doing these and sporting them with pride. Making a bun that looks and feels excellent requires time, technique, and practice. Not everyone can do it. This video teaches you everything about Balanchine’s classic high bun. It is a bun that never ceases to impress. It looks dignified and glamorous. Master this classic bun-making style by clicking here.

9- Honeymoon beauty treats on a budget:

We talked about some luxurious honeymoon pampering products earlier that were expensive. But, what if you are tight on budget but still want to make the best out of your honeymoon time? Well, worry not; we have you covered. These products will make you look at your prettiest and won’t break your bank either. And the best thing is they don’t compromise on quality either. So, what are you waiting for? Watch this video and get going. You can watch it here.

10- 7 genius hairstyling hacks that every girl needs to know:

Our hairstyles define our personalities. They can make or break our appearances. A bad hair day is every girl’s nightmare, but it does not have to be like this. This video will teach you seven practical and convenient hacks that you can always employ to keep your head high. Learn more on it here.

11- Pastel Goth Makeup tutorial:

Goth is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is for those who dare to be different and experimental. If you are into gothic stuff, this video is perfect for you. There is no harm in trying to be different and experiment with your looks, albeit momentarily. This video provides you with all the information you need to excel in this genre. Look and feel others by clicking here.

12- Glowing green smoothie for clear skin and shiny hair:

Glowing green smoothie for clear skin and shiny hair

You are what you eat and what you eat reflects on your hair and skin. This video gives you the recipe for a smoothie that will positively impact your skin and hair. We all want a flawless skin complexion and frizz-free flowing hair. By having this smoothie regularly, you can achieve just that. It is so easy to make with some fundamental ingredients, and it tastes great. You can have it here.


That was all about the top 12 beauty and makeup courses. We hope that you will find these courses to be helpful and instructive. Makeup is a diverse and ever-changing field. It keeps on adding new techniques and methods to it and it’s hard to cover it entirely. Once you are in it, you can keep upgrading yourself.