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Business development refers to all such activities, initiatives, programs, and policies that help a business enlarge and expand. These may include increasing sales, maximizing profitability, adding new products or adding value to the existing products, making partnerships, acquiring other businesses, mergers, etc. Every company wants to expand and increase its sphere of influence. Here we will discuss ten of the best online courses on the subject of business development. You will learn methods and concepts that will help you take your business to the next level.

1- The ten keys to business development:

We start with a free course that covers the foundations of business development. The lecture is delivered by a businessman who happens to be the CEO of his company. He delineates ten of the best keys to business development in easy to understand language. It is beneficial to the general public as well as businesspersons. You can take his advice here.

2- Business development foundations: researching market and customer needs:

The first course was a sort of generic talk on business development, but this one is more on the academic side. Here you will learn different concepts surrounding business development. The focus will be on assessing customer needs and researching the market to hunt for new opportunities. Proper research is fundamental if you are going to embark on a business development program. It costs US$34.99, and you can enroll in this course here

3- Hiring and developing your future workforce:

If you want to develop your business and increase its footprint in the market, your human resources will be the driving force behind it. Let’s face it; humans run businesses; no matter how innovative and competitive you are in the market, you cannot survive without a competent and responsive workforce. This course will teach you how to hire the best minds, nurture them, retain them and help them reach their true potential. It will cost you US$39.99, and it all starts here

4- Advanced business development: communication & negotiation:

We all know business managers and owners have to be sharp and savvy when it comes to smoothly and successfully running a business. Both these aspects can make or break a deal. A successful businessman always tries to extract maximum benefit for his company while giving less in return during any negotiation. Communication is the key here, and you will learn the art of communicating and negotiating here. It costs US$39.99.

5- Growth & Acquisition strategy:

Acquisitions are part of any business’s strategy that is riding on a growth trajectory. It is a complex and multi-layered phenomenon with more than what meets the eye. You will learn different techniques and tactics that are going to help you successfully acquire other businesses. It costs US$399, and you can start learning it here.

6- Running a profitable business: calculating break-even:

When do you know that your business is running into profits or breaking even, or going into losses? You may refer to the books of accounts, but there is more to it than accounting facts and figures. You need to interpret the statistics given by your books of account and predict your business’s future path. These will help you develop a business growth strategy for your company and take corrective measures where needed. You can learn more here. It will cost youUS$39.99.

7- Developing business acumen:

Developing business acumen is as essential for running a successful business as anything. It gives you the primary mindset, will equip you with the necessary skills to help a business. If you do not have business acumen, your business may never succeed, let alone expanding or developing. Get all the necessary information here. It costs US$24.99.

8- Business development tips from George Hamilton: think wholesale:

In this course, Mr. George will share some of the best tips on business development. His focus will be on wholesale business, mainly as we all know that wholesale business is one of the most successful and widely used business models. If you want to venture into this business or already run it and expand it, this course is for you. It won’t cost you anything, and the instructor will share his experiences and observations with you. It is going to be a short video but well worth it. You can view it here.

9- Mobile for business: using productivity apps:

The use of mobile apps has grown tremendously over the past few years. If we are sitting idle, chances are we are using our mobile phone during this time. This course will teach you many different apps that will help your business to remain productive and profitable. It is a must course in today’s times when everyone owns at least one mobile. You can learn more about these apps here. The price of this course is US$34.99.

10- Creating a strategic business development plan:

We are finishing with a course on making a plan for business development. A plan is the basic blueprint of any activity or program. It gives your direction and focus. You know how to concentrate your efforts and achieve results. A business development plan is no different than a regular plan. Here, you will outline all the strategies and tactics you will follow to execute your business development plan effectively. The best part about this course is that it is free. We started this list with a free course and now ending with a free course too. As for this course itself, you have to listen to what the instructor tells you and follow his advice.


So there you have it, ten of the best courses on the topic of business development. By taking these courses, you will have a reasonable idea about business development and the best way to go about it. Business development is the ultimate aim of every business owner, and he would do anything to see it growing. We hope that by following these courses, you can put your business on the path of prosperity and development.