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Communication is the process of conveying your point of view to your audience. The audience could be one or more than one person. It is not restricted to spoken words. You can also write to express yourself to others or use gestures of your body to understand what you are trying to deliver to them. For effective communication, the message needs to be conveyed and then understood clearly by others. It is an art or a science, the debate is ongoing, but you can master this technique by learning its nuances and use it to your advantage. Here we present to you ten online courses for developing this all-important skill.

1- Communicating with empathy:

Communicating with empathy

In this course, you will learn how vital empathy is while communicating with others. We often come across people complaining about how others misunderstand them. In other words, they are talking about a lack of empathy in communication. It flows both ways, whether you want to listen to someone or want others to listen and understand you. It is a valuable trait for our personal and professional lives that you can learn from this course for USD29.99. Here is where you can enroll for this course.

2- Public speaking:

Public speaking

The fear of public speaking is spread far and wide. It takes a lot to be an effective public speaker. You must have clarity of thought, eloquence, reasoning, diction, and smoothness. It sounds challenging to excel in all of these qualities, but in reality, it is not. You need some preparation and research to get going. This free course will impart to you all the requisite knowledge in this regard. It is the first level of the Communication Skills Professional Certificate program that you must pursue to be an excellent public speaker. Learn more on the subject by joining it here.

3- How to help your listeners pay attention:

How to help your listeners pay attention

Our world is full of distractions, and our attention span is diminishing by the day to make matters worse. We lose our focus quickly and find it hard to concentrate. It is a nightmarish scenario for a speaker, whoever he is and wherever he may be. In this course, you will listen to a free podcast that will discuss this issue at length and share some insight based on solid research on how to hold your audience in rapt attention. Here is how you can learn more on the subject.

4- But enough about me:

But enough about me

It is an exciting course, and its title gives away what it’s all about. We often tend to reveal too much about ourselves in a maiden conversation with someone. We don’t do it intentionally and end up saying a lot about ourselves; sometimes it puts off the other person, and often he thinks we are self-consumed. Why does this happen? What goes on in our minds when we indulge in this practice? Is it a science, and can we control it? You can find answers to all these questions by clicking here. It is available for free.

5- High-stakes communication:

High-stakes communication

In this course, you will learn about effectively conveying your message when too much risk is involved, and a slight mistake can cause immense loss. Usually, business communication falls in this category, but we can apply these techniques in our personal lives. The course will teach you how to stay safe, present your point-of-you without bordering on offensive, and safeguarding your interest. It quotes real-life examples to bring the point home. Here is the link to it. It will cost you US$39.99.

6- How to create fun and meaningful conversations?

How to create fun and meaningful conversations

Who doesn’t enjoy the company of someone who has the gift of gab? Someone who can engage you in a riveting conversation and be the center of attention in any get-together? Holding everyone in awe of your words is an art and very valuable at that. If you aspire to be such a person, then do enroll in this course. It is available for free, and you can join it by clicking here.

7- Why do we make bad communication choices?

Why do we make bad communication choices

Despite swearing by its importance, most of us do make wrong or plain bad choices while communicating. This tendency has the capacity to ruin our business dealings and jeopardize our relationships. If you want to avoid such situations, then you must consider this course. It is available for free, and you can join it here.

8- Effective business communication:

Effective business communication

Business communication has assumed the position of the full-fledged subject. It is communication but with a tinge of business ethics to make it palatable for businesspersons. Here you will learn about writing emails, letters, memos, circulars, and other such documents. The course is free, but it is a beginners’ level on the subject of business communication. You can opt for the advanced levels that are not free. Your journey starts by clicking here.

9- Communication tips weekly:

Communication tips weekly

In this course, the two experts will provide you with tips on communicating in a better way. You can use these tips in your professional and personal lives to be more adept in communication. Whether you are a manager, an entrepreneur, or someone beginning to climb the corporate ladder, you will benefit from this course. It will cost you US$49.55, and you can join it here.

10- Speaking effectively:

The course is spread over eight weeks; this course aims to introduce different facets of communication every week. From facial expressions to cross-cultural communication, improving delivery, and imparting interview skills. It leaves little that is important in communicating effectively, and that can be helpful to communication skills. The course is free, and you can enroll in it here.


These were some of the best online courses on the subject of communication. We hope you will benefit from them as they cover all the essential elements of communication that we need in our personal and professional lives to transmit our messages to each other appropriately. We wish you good luck in your academic pursuits.