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Creativity is difficult to define, or in other words, it is hard to arrive at a universally accepted definition of creativity. It is because creativity is very subjective and varies from person to person. For the sake of understanding, creativity is the process of making something new or adding value to an existing thing using original ideas and imagination. Creativity does not need an expression in fine arts; easing traffic congestion on a thoroughfare is also creativity, devising a new chemical composition of a medicine. Let us share with you 10 of the best courses that will make your creative juices flow.

1- Where good ideas come from by Steven Johnson:

Where good ideas come from by Steven Johnson

Creativity stems from ideas, good ideas. But the question is, where do good ideas come from? Through the help of an animation, this video tries to answer this question. Views follow a trajectory of vibes, thoughts, events, etc. They can be a product of a flashing introspection in the brain or a series of observations, hypotheses, and analyses. The course will overwhelm your mind, and you can get the free flow of ideas by clicking here.

2- Are you creative or analytical? Find out in 5 seconds:

Are you creative or analytical? Find out in 5 seconds

Do you want to know whether you are a creative or an analytical person? In this video, you can find out how by performing a simple test on yourself. It is probably the simplest and most effective way of finding this. You can perform this test on others as well. The results may surprise you; although purists might object to the method, it does carry some logic. You can take the test by joining this course here. 

3- Top 10 most creative packaging designs Part 1:

Top 10 most creative packaging designs Part 1

If you are into package designing, you would love this course because it analyzes ten of the most common and popular package designs. It tries to dissect their design philosophy and give you food for thought. A package design should complement the product itself and also try to convey a message to the consumer. It need not be flashy, gaudy, and vibrant to attract attention; there are many more ways of attracting attention, as you can find out by taking up this course by clicking here.

4- Behind the scenes of Wicked: creativity in set design:

Behind the scenes of Wicked: creativity in set design

Wicked, the musical is famous and hit Broadway production that has toured many countries and won commercial and critical acclaim. Its set design is one of the grandest, lavish, and detailed sets designed for the stage. Creating such a design was nothing short of magic. If you want to find out how this feat was achieved, you can click here.

5- The sleep and creativity challenge:

The sleep and creativity challenge

All of us are stuck in our daily grinds, so much so, we tend to ignore the calls of our body for rest, sleep, and relaxation. In this modern age, sleeplessness is often celebrated and considered a sign that you may be prospering and progressing. But it should not be the case. Sleep deprivation is a serious issue, and one must be very particular about one’s sleep. In this course, you will know about the relationship between sleep and creativity and learn how to achieve a balance. Join the course here.

6- Cooperation & collaboration: when to use each approach:

Cooperation & collaboration: when to use each approach

Cooperation and collaboration are two vital components of any creative process. Sometimes you use them in isolation, and at other times you use them together. It depends on the need of the hour and the nature of the job. What is the difference between the two? And how do you decide which approach -would work in a given scenario? You will get answers to these and other such questions in this video course. Through the use of sketches and animation, the video answers these questions succinctly. You can get all the information here.

7- Creativity and innovation:

Creativity and innovation

In general parlance, both these words are used interchangeably. But the experts disagree with this notion and treat them separately. While the general meaning of these two terms may appear to be the same but go a little deeper, and you will know what we are talking about. In this video, the experts do just that and highlight the individual aspect of either of the two terms and enlighten you with some startling ideas and concepts. You can check it out yourself by clicking here.

8- Creativity pays – Be an Executive Creative Director:

Creativity pays – Be an Executive Creative Director

Being a creative head in any organization is a rewarding and satisfying career option. It gives you the liberty to take so many creative decisions, lead and inspire a team of young creative minds, and keeps your creative side happy and motivated. It is a dream job for any creatively inclined person. But there are pitfalls along the way, and this course addresses precisely that. It seeks to elevate you to that coveted position and guide you to maintain this position and go even higher. Any person aiming for this position should go for this course. You can join it here.

9- Kaizen concept – Creativity in daily life:

Kaizen concept – Creativity in daily life

Kaizen is a Japanese management philosophy that advocates for an all-encompassing, ever-evolving and constantly innovating management mantra. It is successfully working in several Japanese organizations but did you know that you can implement it in everyday life and make it more productive. This course looks at the implementation of Kaizen in everyday life and sees how it can help improve your output, save time, and increase your focus. Here is where you can learn more about it.

10- How to strengthen your creative skills?

How to strengthen your creative skills

All of us want to be creative at work and in our life in general. Being a creative person helps; it saves you time and makes even mundane activities fun and challenging. That is why it is so essential to keep those creative juices flowing and propel you to the top of your game. This course will do just that and hone your creative skills to keep you going. Here is the link to it.


We hope this list of courses on creativity will be more than sufficient for you, help you understand the concept, and give you better ideas on living creatively.