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A database is the spine of every digital service and e-governance. It is an organized collection of data stored on and accessed from computer systems. Databases are essential because of the vast amount of information organizations need to sort and analyze. In the online business world, the ability to influence data effectively to generate actionable insights is a significant competitive advantage, making databases a critical resource.
This article briefly discusses various database courses to learn about developing, managing and storing databases that equip you with one of the fundamental skill sets in IT, which power every website and application.
The following are the top 20 database courses supported by Skillqore, you can enroll in 2021. Skillqore is learner supported and may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through links on this website.

1. Introduction to Database Systems

This is a free online 12 weeks long course; however, its paid version is also available. This course introduces the learners to various theoretical and practical doctrines implicated in the design and use of database systems with the help of DBMS and SQL standards.

2. Database Clinic: Neo4j

This is an online paid (USD34.99) course. In this course, you get the opportunity to enhance your understanding of Neo4j, a famous native graph database. In this Database Clinic Series, you will discover how Neo4j handles a series of common tasks.

3. FileMaker Pro 15 Essential Training

This is also an online paid (USD54.99) course. In this online class, you will learn how to design and build smart and secure databases with FileMaker Pro 15. And also, how to define relationships, create layouts, run reports, and understand scripts and calculations.

4. Database Management System

Database Management System is a free online eight weeks long course. Its paid certificates are also available. Students from all disciplines can enroll in this course. Structured Management Systems based on relational and other models have long framed the basis for such databases.

Database Management System

5. MySQL for Advanced Analytics: Tips, Tricks, & Techniques

This is an online paid course for USD 34.99. Here, you get to know how to use MySQL to perform common data science tasks. You will also discover tips and tricks that can help you get more out of MySQL and write less code in the process.

6. Database Foundations: Core Concepts

This online course costs you USD 44.99, with the understanding of the basic concepts needed for every IT professional to start working with databases. I suggest you should add this to your wish list.

7. Migrating Access Databases to SQL Server

This course gives you the insight to control what you already know about databases to migrate MS Access to SQL Server and access a more powerful toolset. This course will cost you USD 54.99.

8. M036: New Features and Tools in MongoDB 3.6

This is a six-week-long free online course aiming to make you understand the features and improvements that MongoDB 3.6 introduces and a comprehensive introduction to improved tools like Compass, Ops Manager, and the Bl Connector.

9. M312: Diagnostics and Debugging

This is a Skillqore free online short course of 3 weeks that will go over a set of real-life scenarios you might get in production and introduce you to many of the functionality & tools that MongoDB’s support and field teams use to diagnose issues and fix them.

10. Oracle Database 12c: Security

This online paid course will cost you USD 39.99. Here you will learn how to secure, protect, and harden an Oracle 12c database by configuring users, permissions and privileges, roles, auditing, and encryption.

11. GraphQL Essential Training

GraphQL Essential Training costs you USD 34.99. This is an online course to get started with GraphQL, a query language for APIs. Here you learn about the basic types and fields, and how to set up persistence, how to work with mutations, and much more.

12. Oracle Database 12c: Administration

The price of this online course is USD 34.99. Oracle 12c is the leading relational database management system. Here you will learn the fundamentals for installation, configuration, and administration of an Oracle database.

13. Data Science on Google Cloud Platform: Building Data Pipelines

This database course will make you understand how to design and build big data pipelines on the Google Cloud Platform. This is an online paid course which will cost you USD39.99.

Data Science on Google Cloud Platform: Building Data Pipelines

14. M202: MongoDB Advanced Deployment and Operations

This seven-week-long free online advance course is for operations staff and others interested in administering MongoDB deployments. It is a deeper dive into many of the topics of M102 and several additional subjects.

15. Learning FileMaker Go16

In this course, learners can learn how to use FileMaker Go 16, the app that allows you to turn your FileMaker custom apps on iOS devices. You will also discover how to navigate the FileMaker Go 16 interface, design custom apps, use container fields, and more.

16. SQL Server: Security, Encryption, and Masking

A paid online course, which will cost you USD 34.99, will teach you how to build more secure applications using advanced security features in SQL Server 2017: row-level security, data encryption, and data masking.

17. Data Structures and Algorithms

This is a highly paid online database course which will cost you USD 3028. During this course, you will get hands-on-practice with over eighty data structures and algorithm exercises & guidance from a dedicated mentor to help you prepared for interviews and on-the-job scenarios.

18. Access 2013: Queries

The course costs USD 54.99, where you will find out how to get more out of your Access database, using queries and tools that assist you in translating complex data into useful information to make better decisions.

19. Office 365: Access Essential Training

Office 365 version of access is the most demanded work-oriented application on online platforms. This course will learn how to store and retrieve data more efficiently in the Office 365 version of access.

20. Installing Apache, MySQL, and PHP

This USD 29.99 price course is about how to install and configure Apache, MySQL, and PHP, known collectively as the AMP stack, on a local development computer. Windows, macOS, and Linux scenarios are each covered.