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Since the beginning of 2020, the world has witnessed the unfolding of an unknown yet deadly virus that has constantly been affecting every community on the planet. While the world was being pushed into isolation through governmental and institutional lockdowns, many workers and businesses suffered major disruptions; however, the digital landscape throughout the globe underwent a drastic transformation.

Amongst all essential sectors, Education was at the risk of stagnation. With the shutting down of schools, 1.2 billion children were out of their classrooms. As a result, Education went beyond classrooms, and new ways of learning were adopted. The dramatically transforming digital-boom accommodated the entire educational disparities with the emergence of digital learning as a necessary resource for schools and students all over the globe!

As the name suggests, Digital Learning Platforms are online educational hubs offering innovative tools and methods for students, educators, administrators, and parents for an effective flow of information and resources through an unconventional, innovative and technology-driven manner. Research indicates that online learning has been able to boost the retention of information through enhanced and interactive experiences in a time-effective way. Online learning isn’t restricted to curriculum-related knowledge but has also brought extracurricular activities/skills under its umbrella. In recent times, the demand for these learning platforms has significantly gone up and is expected to do so in the future!

With its ability to bring life to classroom education, digital learning is convenient, engaging, and sheds workload off the educators. While there is a major shift to online learning for all, primary kids to universities, here are 5 Imperative Benefits of Digital Learning Platforms that cannot be overlooked:

1) Accommodating Everyone’s Needs

Every student has their own distinctive style and journey of learning. While some students are visual learners, some grasp information better on audios. Similarly, some find it easy to thrive in classrooms, while others are solo learners who get distracted by large groups. The emergence of digital learning platforms has led to remarkable innovations in the way teaching content is accessed, consumed, discussed, and shared. With its range of options and resources, learning hav=s been personalized in many forms. It is the most effective way to create a perfect learning environment suited for all according to their needs.

2) Impactful Education

The traditional ways of learning, confined to the geographical boundaries of a classroom and conceptual bounds of textbooks, allows for little scope for engagement and innovation. On the other hand, digital platforms offer a vast range of interactive choices and methods for students to learn from.

Impactful Education

The unlimited repository of virtual stipulations, images, and videos, gamification, collaborative sessions, etc., makes the learning process more playful, interesting, and impactful. It also calls for bigger opportunities for educational institutions to merge expertise and resources in order to facilitate strategic collaborations among teachers-parents-learners, all contributing to the overall intellectual growth of the latter.

3) Learning Opportunities for Educators

Digital learning platforms have not only benefited the student community but also has the potential to bring radical changes on the part of the educators. It provides the space for teachers to upgrade their skills and find alternative, unconventional techniques of teaching as per the wants and needs of the modern age. Digital platforms make it easier for teachers to map their performance as well as that of their students. It provides an online record of all work done, making it easier to track, analyze and improve. It enables feedback from students/parents, which is usually difficult in brick-and-mortar only classrooms.

4) Develops Accountability

With real-time analysis of performance and auto-generated report cards, digital learning platforms assist in reflecting a more transparent and informative assessment of each student. It ensures that no student gets left out in a class of 40. It allows the students to measure their capabilities in detail and identify areas where they need help.
Digital platforms lead to self-directed learning where students have to go through an abundance of information present on the internet, filter them according to their understanding and relevance to come up with unique solutions. It plays a crucial part in building research and critical thinking skills among students.

5) Convenience

Digital learning platforms have emerged as a virtue, not only for students but for learners of all ages and fields. The courses offered on these platforms can benefit anyone, from office-goers to housewives, depending on their availability and comfort. The content available is not time-bound; it is available and accessible at any hour of the day, throughout the week. There are personalized courses that offer classes on an alternative or weekend day basis. The classes conducted in these online sessions are recorded and can be viewed any number of times, which is highly beneficial for clearing doubts, effective revision, etc. The inclusion of valuable professional courses is a virtue for someone who desires a powerful and appealing resume/CV.

The concept of online learning got triggered due to the global lockdown and shutting of schools. However, its emergence has been ever developing since its inception and is continuing to do so.
It has provided a modern, “out of the box”, method of learning that is faster, more secure, convenient, highly impactful with far-reaching innovations.


The traditional learning processes were lagging behind on an updated and more relevant database of knowledge, restricting options for students and hampering the reach of several undermined skills. The emergence of Digital Learning Platforms has also made way to changes in the orthodox methods of learning as it has broadened the scope of Education with the introduction of several new courses and skills accessible to all at all times. The future of online learning is fascinating, for it opened the umbrella of Education in many significant ways.