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Advertising is a way to communicate with intended users of a product or service. It is meant to impart information, create awareness, or even spread a warning among the general public. Advertisement has been around for centuries, but its dynamics have changed over time. Currently, advertising is mainly done through digital mediums; we are living in the age of the internet, after all. As we explore this theme further in this article, we have picked ten courses to teach you the art of effective advertising in modern times. So, let’s begin. The list below is in no particular order. 

1- Google Ads Essential Training:

Google is ubiquitous and has dug dig into our lives. Due to its wide usage, it is a magnet for advertisers. Advertising on Google is a technical and somewhat complex phenomenon. You need to understand how it works and derives maximum benefit from your ad campaigns on it. There is a whole science behind it, and if you want to master it, then this course is for you. It will cost you USD29.99 and here is where you can join it.

2- Advertising on YouTube:

YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform globally and the second-largest search engine in the world, next to Google. Interestingly, Google is also the owner of YouTube for quite some time now. YouTube also attracts advertisers’ attention due to its broad reach and following. You can target your audience effectively by placing your ad around the videos through YouTube. It will cost you US$34.99, and here is the link for it.

3- Bing Ads essential training:

Bing Ads is a tool developed by Microsoft for online advertising. Just like Google Ads, but owned and developed by another technology giant. Bing ads are also an effective way to put your message across and target your specific consumer base in a big way. To learn more about this course, join it here for USD 39.99.

4- Programmatic advertising foundations:

Programmatic advertising foundations

A significant advantage of digital advertising is once you have set your ad, everything runs in an automated way. You don’t have to do anything extra. But, the results may not come according to your expectations if you have not targeted your ad well. To learn more about creating compelling, precise, and spot-on advertising campaigns. The course is priced at USD39.99, and you can join it here.

5- Affiliate marketing: Advertising:

Affiliate marketing is another popular way of advertising your stuff using third-party forums. It is sometimes also called back-linking. In this course, you will learn how to use affiliate marketing to promote your products. Blindly pasting your company’s link to random websites won’t bring you the desired results. It would help if you focused on some key aspects which you can learn by joining this course. It is up for grabs at USD29.99, and you can enter it here.

6- Writing Ad Copy:

Copywriting is the art of conveying a message to your targeted audience in an effective way. It is usually meant for commercial purposes where you promote a product or service or tell about a special offer. It is an art as you want to make a forceful statement tersely and concisely. There are professionals for this job, but if you’re going to learn it, as it is a handy and rewarding skill, you better join this course by clicking here. It will cost you USD29.99.

7- Advertising on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a social media platform designed for professionals to interact professionally. But, it is not strictly professional. You can share personal stuff and have casual interactions with others as well. It is a popular forum to advertise your services, get hired, and grow your PR by communicating with the right kind of people. Due to its popularity, it also attracts advertisers looking to sell their products. If you want to learn how to use this forum for advertisement purposes effectively, this course is for you. The course fee is USD29.99, and you can join it here.

8- Developing ideas and advertising concepts:

Developing ideas and advertising concepts

It all starts with an idea. The same goes for any ad campaign. The creators sit together and brainstorm their way to hit upon an idea and work around it to create an impactful ad. This course will teach you how you can develop ideas for your advertisements. It discusses various tools and techniques for this purpose. It includes everything like sketching, coherent discussion, illustrations, and other means. The course fee is USD29.99, and you can join this course by clicking here.

9- Advertising on Pinterest:

Pinterest is another popular social media platform. It has registered its presence among the female folks. Its layout is colorful, aesthetic, and captivating. It works around the concept of a notice board where notices are pinned for the intended audience. In the same fashion, users pin their posts here and get replies. Pinterest has its loyal share of followers, and you can use this forum to promote your goods. You can create engaging ads here to attract interest and prompt the audience to take action. You can learn more by joining here. The fee for the course is USD34.99.

10- Storytelling for advertising campaigns:

Who doesn’t like stories? They have smitten us since our childhoods. Storytelling in an advertisement is an exciting way to put your message across. It needs to be novel, captivating, and exciting for the audience to keep them hooked. Several ad campaigns have incorporated this technique in their ad campaigns and reaped benefits from it. You can also use this method to your advantage to be successful at it. The course’ fee is USD29.99, and you can join it here.


That was all about ten of the best courses on advertising. Online advertising is a vast field, and it keeps evolving and changing with time. But as of now, these are some of the ways you can get up your game of digital advertising. We hope it will help you.