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Branding is an integral part of marketing. It is more than just a logo, tagline, slogan, etc. These tools form a part of the concept, but branding runs more profound than that. It is finding your place in the market. It creates a niche for yourself, developing a perception in the consumer’s mind and nurturing it. Branding is devising a unique identity for yourself that defines your company and its products. If you want to learn more about this concept, then we have shortlisted ten of the best online courses on the subject. They will help you learn more about it. So, here goes.

1- Branding foundations:

It is a great idea to start with the basics to learn about anything. It is what this course intends to do. It will introduce you to all the foundational knowledge on the subject of branding. You can learn what it is all about and how it forms part of your marketing plan. You can devise better and more effective marketing campaigns once you are specific in your mind on how you will protect your brand in the market. The course will cost you USD24.99, and you can join it here.

2- Developing visual campaigns:

Nowadays, making a campaign that is a visual spectacle is very important. It does not mean you go overboard with colors, budget, props, scale, etc. But the visual campaign must appeal to the sensory senses. It must be aesthetically pleasing as well as practical and unique. If you want to learn more on the subject, do not hesitate to join this course. The course fee is USD34.99.

3- Brand strategy for designers:

 This course will teach you how to design an effective brand strategy from scratch. Developing a brand strategy is not an easy task. It needs to consider its core values guiding principles and be grounded in reality. If you are interested to learn more, then please join this course. Its fee is USD29.99, and you can enter it here.

4- Learning personal branding:

Learning personal branding

Branding is not for companies and products only. You can brand yourself as well. Personal branding is an essential part of your image-building and PR exercise. Many sports personalities, politicians, showbiz stars, and celebrities resort to personal branding. They hire publicity firms to cultivate a deliberate image of them before the public. Sometimes it is accurate and, at times, divorced from reality. If you want to learn more about his process, then join this course here for USD29.99

5- Repairing your reputation:

Despite our best efforts, we sometimes suffer a loss in our reputation. It could be because of a scandal, perceived or actual misconduct, or any other mishap. So, what should one do to control the damage? This course will tell you precisely that and in three simple steps; know the damage, make a plan, and respond with renewed focus and vigor. Here, we are explicitly talking of online repair of reputation. It will cost you US$24.99, and you can join it here.

6- Understanding Trademarks: A deeper dive

Trademarks are vital for any branding exercise. They create that peculiar perception in the consumer’s minds that stays with them. Trademarks sometimes outlive the brand and the company itself. Often a company would cease to exist, yet its trademark remains fresh in consumers’ minds. They are that important. This course will teach you everything about trademarks, including their legal status, registration, and your rights in case of its infringement. The course fee is USD29.99, and here’s the link to join.

7- Advanced branding:

This course will teach you the advanced set of branding techniques. These advanced strategies will help you design a more comprehensive and competitive branding policy for your company. As with any form of learning, new concepts and ideas keep popping up in the realm of branding too. Therefore, to keep yourself abreast of all the latest and advanced happenings courses like these help a lot. Its fee is USD34.99, and you can join it here.

8- Employer branding on LinkedIn:

Employer branding on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an effective platform for showcasing your professional accomplishments to interested employers and networking with other people. But, it is not primed towards job-seekers only. Companies, too, set up their profiles to attract quality human resources. In this course, the experts will tell you how to set up a compelling account of your company on LinkedIn. There are ways to optimize its position on search results by using relevant keywords and other techniques. You will learn all of this here. Its price is USD34.99, and you can join it here.

9- Brand redesign- the small business:

Redesigning a brand or rebranding is a marketing strategy to launch your existing brand with a new look. It could be a change in appearance, core values, concepts, ideas, etc. The idea is to reposition your brand so that it gains increased market share and breaks new grounds. This course will tell you about brad redesigning techniques, especially if you are a small business and want to strengthen your market position. Its cost is USD39.99, and you can take it here.

10- The difference between marketing and branding:

Marketing and branding have overlapping concepts, and both complement each other in the overall scheme of things. Many people confuse them and use them interchangeably, which is wrong. They may share certain similarities, but they are not identical. If you want further insight into both these concepts, we are here to help you. This course will enlighten you on the subject, and the best part is it is all free. You can join it here.


So, that was all about branding. We hope that these courses will help you know the concept in more detail. We have tried to cover all essential components of branding with these courses. But, it is a vast field, and we may have missed on some which we regret. In the meantime, you can begin learning branding through these courses. Have a great time learning.