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The fitness industry has taken off tremendously. More and more people need to be fit, healthy and lead a more productive life. As such, the trend of hiring a personal fitness trainer is also catching on. No doubt, an able and experienced fitness trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals with relative ease. There are no preconditions to become a fitness instructor. Anyone can become one with the right amount of knowledge, expertise, experience, and certifications. Let us share with you some effective online courses that will surely help you if you want to pursue your career in this lucrative field. So, let us begin;

Meal prep for beginners:

Your diet lies at the core of your fitness journey. No matter what is your fitness goal, the diet will play a key role in achieving it. In this simple and easy-to-understand video, the instructor will give you instructions on preparing some basic meals and how to align them with your overall fitness goals. It is a short and useful video that will give you valuable insight on this topic.

Eat clean fruits and vegetables:

We often discount the importance of fruits and vegetables. Their intake in our daily diet is very important for a balanced and nutritious diet. They are an important source of vitamins, fibers, carbs, and other important minerals. This short video will shed light on the importance of fruits and vegetables in our lives and how we can use them to avoid certain ailments and disorders. You do not want to miss on that if you want to be a fitness instructor.

Meals for the entire week:

This lesson will give you handy tips and information for preparing meal plans for the entire week. You can savor them as and when you feel hungry. The best part is the lesson includes diet plans for both building the muscles and reducing weight. You can take your pick. As a fitness trainer, you will meet all types of clients; those who want to gain muscles and those who want to lose weight. This video course will enable you to tackle all sorts of clients. Learn about them by clicking here

How to use a measuring tape to track your progress?

A measuring tape is bound to be the go-to accessory to monitor progress on your body’s structure. Whether you want to gain or lose mass, the measuring tape will reveal all for you. Pictures are also a good way to measure your progress but not like a measuring tape. In this video course, you will learn how to use it effectively and accurately. Despite being a widely-used and simple measuring instrument it is often misused. Learn the right techniques to take your body’s measurements by clicking here

How to use a measuring tape to track your progress?

Myths about protein absorption:

Protein is like the building blocks for your body. Its role in attaining a muscular mass is well established. But at the same time, certain myths are surrounding this vital nutrient. Many people-even trainers think it is overrated and overemphasized. But is it so? The expert in this video course will shatter certain myths about the consumption of protein and how best you can use it to optimize your muscular growth. You can learn by joining it here

Upper back, chest, and arms workout:

This 23-minute long tutorial will provide you with work out for your upper body. Most people focus on their torso-sometimes a little too much but you cannot deny that it is the most visible and prominent part of your body. A well-built torso will leave a lasting impression and provide the appearance of a healthy and fit body. How can you develop this area by using dumbbells? You can learn all the important workouts here by joining this video lesson.

Ultimate workout for belly fat loss:

Belly fat is the most tenacious type of fat in both men and women. It just refuses to go away and can be very frustrating for the clients. In this video, the trainer will share with you some exercises that will help straighten your tummy and lose that stubborn fat around it. If you continue with this workout program your fat percentage will gradually decrease giving you a taut tummy and some abs to show off as well. Join this course here

Mental health:

Fitness does not mean physical strength and well-being. Emotional and mental health are as important as your physical health. Many fitness instructors take a holistic approach towards fitness and include mental health in it as well. If your mind is not at peace no amount of physical exercise is going to help you. In this important video course, the expert will tell you how to train your mind to obey you and not the other way round. It also lays focus on the stigma attached to mental disorders and how to get over them. Wise up yourself by joining this course here

Mental health

Guided meditation for anxiety and stress:

While on the subject of mental health we cannot ignore the importance of meditation for attaining a peaceful heart and mind. Meditation is a proven practice to overcome a host of mental and emotional issues. Anxiety and stress are amongst the most common problems that can wreak havoc with your physical and mental capacities and leave you completely drained. This video will use the power of meditation to overcome these issues and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can learn more about the healing mechanism of meditation here

The truth about carbs and dieting:

In this video, our expert will shed light on carbs and effective dieting techniques. Many people believe carbs are fattening agents; far from it. Carbs don’t make you fat excess of calories will. If you are dieting for weight loss carbs should form part of your meals. They give you the energy to sustain and have a satiating effect. Learn more such information by watching the full video lesson here.


So that concludes our list of useful courses to jump-start your career as a fitness instructor. There are many aspects to fitness, the human body, and nutrition. We have tried to come up with a wholesome list of courses that will help you in your professional career. We hope it will help you.