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Online courses are getting more popular with each passing day. The reason for this popularity is obvious. However, the pandemic has quickened the pace of people adapting to this method of learning. The quality of online classes is being debated often. In recent days there are a plethora of online courses available for every subject. Hence, it is always a big confusion to choose the right online course from a vast pool of online courses. One of the major problems people experience in many online courses is the non-availability of timely academic support and quality instruction. So, if you are looking to enroll in the best online course, you must be aware of the top elements that should be in an online course. So, let us look at the top seven of them. 

Clear Learning Objectives

The best online courses must have clear objectives. If you see the objectives themselves, you must get a clear idea about what you can learn at the end of the course. The objectives of the courses are usually mentioned in the course at several places. Adding to this, the courses must be easy and effective. The way of teaching everything must be precise and easy to understand manner.  In the objectives section, it must describe the skill you will get after successfully completing the course. This will help the students in deciding whether to join that course or not. 

Availability of Multiple Assessments

The measurement of the progression is the key in every course. To achieve this objective, the online course must have many assessments. Ideally, if the assessments are provided after every chapter, it is excellent. At the end of every lesson, if it includes puzzles, quizzes, practice sets, and projects, it helps to memorize and put the learning into practice. Because in online courses, it is hard to measure whether you are on track or not.

Availability of Multiple Assessments

These types of quizzes will help in gauging one’s mastery level. In some online courses, a separate study manager is available; with this option, it tracks your progress, and if you are off track, it provides regular reminders to back on track. 

Quality Course Materials

The course material decides the quality of a course. The course materials and activities are called course content. If this is created exceptionally well, one can easily learn the skill and progress immensely. For the same skill level, you can find numerous collections of materials. The best online course’s goal is to provide everything that helps to achieve your learning goal as smoothly as possible. The content can be videos, eBooks, study notes, and all other things that help you achieve your target. 

Online Support for Students 

The primary quality that separates the average online course and the best one is the support. The best online course tries to help the student in every stage of learning. The best course gives full access to the numerous resources to the student to increase the chances of learning with ease. Support is required especially for the new students who want to explore all available features. Once a student enrolls in the new course, it should provide every detail such as how to access the course, how to find a particular section, etc.  In fact, the absence of proper support is the major issue faced by the students. If a course takes care of this issue effectively, you can enroll in that course and enjoy the benefits.  If you are not sure how to access anything in the course, you should ask and get the solution in a few minutes. 

Good Faculty and Open Opportunity for Interactions

In many online courses, the one on one interactions or discussion with the teacher is less. But this is where one can decide which is average and which is top class course.

Good Faculty and Open Opportunity for Interactions

It is common that online learning classes usually self-phase learning and the student must take care of every aspect of learning.  However, it should not make a student feel alone whenever they need expert advice. The best online courses take care of this aspect, and consequently, you can find many types of communication methods such as video conferencing, email, messaging, discussions, forums, etc. Adding to this, the instructor of these courses should be qualified and have the necessary skills. Especially if the class happens live every time, the instructor should answer every query of students with accuracy. 

Technical Support

Support is required for students all the time. Hence, besides technical support from the help desk, the student should get support from software tutorials and guides that help operate with applications used in the online course. Other things such as basic information on troubleshooting and detailed information on data privacy are required. The upgrading of technical advancements should improve the user experience rather than making them more complicated.  If they have chat or support through a phone call, it is an added advantage. If you are not getting the support even after 24 hours, it is not a good course. 

Improvements and Evaluation

Creating an online course is not an easy task. Creating a good online course takes a lot of time, effort, and plenty of resources. But the important thing is once the course is created, it should not be the end.  The course creator must incorporate the new development, if any, or improvise the way of teaching or updating the course materials.

Improvements and Evaluation

The main quality of a good course is the continuous review and updating of the content regularly. The assessment, newly added contents, and everything must be reviewed, and it should be revised after taking the feedback from students and instructors. 


The selection of the right online course is essential. If you chose the best course, you could learn the things you want to learn effectively, and on the other hand, if you chose the wrong one, your entire resources will go in vain. So, from next time, consider these 7 important aspects and decide the best out of them.