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If you are a singer or aspire to be one, you understand the importance of vocals in a performance. An excellent vocal presentation in singing combines so many things like volume, tone, pitch, intonation, enunciation, etc. We have listed ten online courses that will help your vocal performance irrespective of whether you are a singer or not. Even actors, teachers, lawyers need to work on their vocals to perform well in their respective professions. These courses will benefit all of them. So, here we present our pick of the ten courses on the subject in no particular order. 

1- Ariana Grande Live Note Changes:

Ariana Grande Live Note Changes

Ariana Grande is among the most successful and best-selling female vocalists of today. She has a decent vocal range and has demonstrated that in her numerous live performances. Here you will see her exhibiting her talents in live shows. She effortlessly breaks into high notes where needed and does justice to the song—watching it can help any music student. You can watch it free of charge here and be educated and entertained at the same time.

2- Chest voice, Head voice, Mix voicey:

Chest voice, Head voice, Mix voicey

In this lesson, the teacher explains different types of voices and how to use them effectively. The chest voice is when we bring our voice from the diaphragm. It denotes the lowest notes of your mouthpiece during singing or speaking. But what is head voice? It is just the opposite of chest voice, the range of notes at the top of your voice. When you use them together, it is a mixed voicey. The expert explains their difference with demonstrations that you will find very useful. You can watch it here.

3- Body language and vocal power tips by Kathy McAfee:

Body language and vocal power tips by Kathy McAfee

Here, the national motivational speaker shares her insight on body language and vocal power. They both go hand in hand and complement each other. You cannot have one without the other. The expert here talks about the different ways you can use your voice in a given situation to your advantage. You can apply the same techniques during singing, too, according to the textures of your voice that she talks about at length here. It will be a great learning experience. Here is the link to her conversation.   

4- 91- Listener Compositions Pt.3:

91- Listener Compositions Pt.3

Music production is a very technical and complex process. Many pros work together at different levels of music production. But, sometimes, an amateur musician outperforms them and produces terrific stuff on the strength of his tenacity, perseverance, and sheer talent. Here, you will listen to such gifted musicians who are not pursuing music professionally but are adept at it. Learn from them how to modulate your voice, render phrasing, and create tunes. You can enlighten yourself by clicking here.

5- Vocal tips – Thinning out your voice while singing:

Anyone who has a naturally heavy voice or struggles while hitting high notes will find this lecture very instructive. The teacher gives you practical advice on how to thin your voice while singing so you can hit the high notes and inflections appropriately. Get your understanding of the subject by clicking here.

6- How to use vocal exercises to improve range/singing lessons:

How to use vocal exercises to improve range/singing lessons

A singer must have a diverse vocal range. A vocal range is a distance between the lowest and highest notes of a voice that a person can sing in. Some singers have a naturally vast range while others have a low capacity. There are ways where you can significantly improve upon your vocal range. Here, the expert talks about exercises involving your voice, throat, breath, etc., that you can work on your range. Get acquainted more with such techniques by clicking here.

7- Professional vocal warm-up 1 – “Opening up your voice”:

Professional vocal warm-up 1 – “Opening up your voice

Warm-up is essential before you embark on any physical activity. Singing is no exception. All the professional singers indulge in a vocal warm-up before recording a song or going for a live performance. But what does it entail, and what are you missing out on if you do not practice it? You will find answers to all these questions here. It is a vital lesson for anyone who wants to be a pro at singing.

8- Vocal harmony tutorial:

Vocal harmony tutorial

Harmony is that quality in a musical arrangement that produces a pleasing effect on the ears. It is the congruous blending of tone, melody, rhythm, chords, and vocals. Without harmony, a composition loses its impact and consequently the listeners. Harmonious singing involves factors like timing, pitch, amplitude, etc. It’s a genre of singing in itself that requires practice and knowledge. You can learn more on the subject from the expert by clicking here.

9- Singing lessons – Interactive lessons (2 of 4):

Singing lessons – Interactive lessons

It is a series of 4 singing lectures that you can join to improve your vocals. It is fun to watch and understand. Being interactive, the instructor expects that you sing along with the lessons he is imparting. Follow these lessons and note a marked improvement in your singing. That is a guarantee. Get started on your classes by clicking here.

10- Voice lesson: How to sing from the diaphragm (part 3):

Voice lesson: How to sing from the diaphragm

Diaphragm singing is a prized ability in the world of music and singing. It requires dedication and constant practice. We have discussed it briefly in one of the courses above. You can hit the high notes easily by doing this singing and enthrall your listeners in the process. It is the third part of the series of lessons on the subject. If it interests you, you can go through the remaining lectures in this series too. You will learn about it by clicking here.


So, that was our list of 10 of the best courses available online on the subject of vocal performance. We hope they will help you in your musical endeavors and encourage you to learn more about the subject. As they say, practice makes the man perfect—all the very best for your training and everything.