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Interior designing is a thriving profession worldwide and a fun way to utilize your free time. It involves innovative methods to use space and enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Man has been doing this for centuries, and with time, new dimensions have been added to it. If you want to take it up professionally or do it as a hobby, we list ten of the best interior design courses that will help you learn this craft.

1. Bedroom Design Ideas:

A bedroom is an integral part of every house. There are various ways in which you can decorate it. In this short video, you will learn some fascinating ideas and novel techniques to design your bedrooms. The focus is on creating spaces, adding more functionality, and an overall feel-good effect to the room. A bedroom should give a relaxed feel; it is where one goes to rest and rejuvenate oneself. It needs some special interior arrangements accordingly. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

2. Lighting Design Course:

Lighting is an essential element in our homes. It has functional as well as aesthetic importance. You can play with it to give the impression of an ample or compressed space as well. You can use it to emphasize something as well as to deemphasize something. Using lighting cleverly, adequately, and creatively is an art; you can learn more about it to add value to your house by clicking here

3. How to Choose Paint Colors?

In this course, a professional interior designer shares her advice and tips on choosing the right paint color for your house. Colors can make your living space come alive, or they can make it look not very pleasant. You can also use more than one color in a single area and try a color-coordinated effect. Colors have effects on human mental and physical health as well. They can manage our moods, so we ought to be extra careful about choosing colors. You will learn all this and more in this course. Here is the link to it.

4. Interior Design Q&A:

Interior Design Q&A

A professional interior designer answers questions asked by the general public regarding interior decoration. It is an educational and informative video to learn from her answers and apply them to your situations. The expert has given answers on various subjects, and we are sure you can find nuggets of knowledge in some, if not all, of her answers. You can watch the entire video here.

5. Design: The Elements:

What are the elements that make up a design? How do you define the design, and what constitutes a ‘good design’? These and many such questions have been answered by experts here in this short course. The idea is to provide a basic understanding of design and make them aware of its intricacies and dynamics. You can learn more by joining here.

6. BBC Design Rules 1st Episode: Space and Planning:

It is a six-episode series where the expert sheds light on different aspects of interior design. In this first episode, he talks about the importance of space and effectively planning for its optimum utilization. When it comes to remodeling, renovating, or redesigning your house, making most of the available space is everything. It is a helpful course that will give insight into the subject. You can learn more on the subject by clicking here.

7. Using Color, Texture, And Style:

Earlier, we mentioned a course on colors; this one takes it one step ahead. Here we talk about texture and style in addition to colors. The expert will share her understanding of how you can use these three elements with maximum effect in your house. When used in harmony, they can create magic as far as your house’s interior is concerned. Learn more on their usage by joining here.

8. Interior Design: Decorate a Small Bedroom:

Interior Design: Decorate a Small Bedroom

Most of us live in houses of small to medium sizes, so we have to be content with a small bedroom. Decorating a small bedroom comes has its challenges and limitations. In this course, you will know how to manage this challenge successfully and come out with flying colors. You can apply some of these techniques in decorating other small living spaces as well. For more on the subject, you can click here.

9. How to Separate Space in an Open Floor Plan?

Open floor structures have gotten very popular. By cleverly utilizing the open floor configuration, you can give the illusion of larger space and more utility to it. There are several ways by which you can make the best of an open floor plan. In this course, you will learn some of the tricks and techniques as shared by our expert architect. You can use that knowledge to apply to real-life situations and add more to it according to the ground reality. Here is the link to learn more on the subject.  

10. Interior Design – Smart Small Space Renovation:

We all like to renovate our houses in a while. It is a cost-effective alternative to buying a new home. It gives your house a fresh, new look and spreads positive vibes around. Renovation, however, requires knowledge about the subject as well as the situation at hand. You will learn some innovative ideas in this course to brighten up your old living space by renovating it. Again, the focus is on small living spaces as it is what most of us are using daily. You can learn more on the subject by clicking here.


So, this our list of the ten best interior design courses. We have tried to cover different yet popular aspects of interior design. These courses will enhance your knowledge of the subject and inspire you to learn more. It is an ever-evolving field, and interior designers are innovating with new ideas every day. We hope you will find this list informative, and it will inspire you to take on your favorite course related to interior designing.