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IT sector provides jobs to millions of individuals worldwide and is worth trillions of dollars. It is a sector with a massive potential to transform the economy of any country in the world. If you want to grow in this sector and find employment, then read on, as we have selected 12 of the best courses on IT that you should consider for getting high-value jobs in IT.

1- Linux Foundation Cert Prep: Network Administration (Ubuntu)​

As you may already know, Linux is a popular operating system used in a networking environment. It is user-friendly and designed to facilitate a network. This course will teach you everything about Linux that will enable you to work in it more effectively and efficiently. You can master its various aspects and land yourself in lucrative jobs. You can click here to join this course. The fee is US29.99. 

2- IT security foundations: core concepts:

IT security is a fundamental part of any IT venture. It ensures that your program does not fall into the wrong hands and remains safe. Different ways can guarantee the safeguarding of any IT program. You can learn various aspects of IT security by joining this course, especially for MTA exam 98-367. You will have to click here to join. The course fee is USD44.99.

3- Windows autopilot essential training:

Windows autopilot is an assortment of different technologies used for hassle-free deployment and setting up of other programs and devices. It is meant to facilitate the process of office automation. The course fee is USD29.99, and you can join it by clicking here.

4- Lean Six Sigma Foundations:

Lean Six Sigma Foundations

Six sigma is a statistical and data-driven concept that aims to limit mistakes and defects by 3.4 instances per one million process variations. It seems like a near-impossible feat to achieve, but it is not. Many organizations achieve it. If you want to know how to process and deploy this concept, this course is for you. The fee is USD24.99, and you can join the course by clicking here.

5- Certification prep – SHRM – CP:

In this program, you will understand how you can become a certified strategic human resource management professional. Every organization wants to hire the best people for a job and wants to retain them. It also wants to nurture them and get them ready for future challenges and tasks. All of these core objectives fall within the ambit the human resource management. If you want to know more about this subject, you can join this course by clicking here. The course fee is USD39.99.

6- Why do coding standards matter, and how to measure a developer’s velocity?

A developer’s velocity is an exciting concept that aims to estimate a developer’s capacity, productivity, and problem-solving abilities. It brings into play the training period equation equal to the coding standard, developer’s knowledge, and developer’s velocity. You can learn more about this by clicking the link here

7- Cert Prep: VMware Certified Professional 6-Network Virtualization (2v0-641)

This course will impart the necessary skills and training to prepare for the VCP6-NV certification program. It covers topics and themes related to it. VCP6-NV trains you to install, monitor, and configure NSX virtual networking implementation. If this IT field is what you want to excel in, then this course is for you. The course’s fee is USD39.99. Click here to join.

8- Cert Prep: Outlook 2016 Microsoft Office Specialist (77-731)

 Cert Prep: Outlook 2016 Microsoft Office Specialist (77-731)

​All of us are familiar with the Microsoft Office program. This course is likely to hone your skills for it further. Microsoft office has different components, and this course focuses on Outlook, which is the email management client of MS Office. The course will also help you prepare for exams 77-731, which can help cement your position as a certified office specialist. ​ The course fee is USD 44.99, and you can join it here

9- Cert Prep: SOLIDWORKS Drawing Tools

​Solidworks is a computer-aided design and engineering application used to draw prototypes of machines, tools, etc. It is a top-rated software used by millions of engineers worldwide. This course will equip you with the knowledge to pass the ​CSWPA-DT (Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Advanced Drawing Tools) exam. Bypassing this exam, you will establish your credentials as a certified professional of Solidworks. The course’s fee is USD39.99, and you can join it here.

10- Fixing Tech’s gender gap:

​Women are filling up the workspaces everywhere. However, in IT, their presence is still below par. It seems women are still warming up to the IT field and are not joining it in droves. There can be several reasons behind it, and this podcast sheds light on some of them. It is an informative talk and will leave you enlightened on the subject. You can be a part of the conversation by clicking here

11- How focusing on content leads the media astray?

In this podcast, the presenter, a scholar, and a teacher at Harvard University talk about his personal experiences setting up his online school learning system. He was on board this project with other colleagues and reminisced about the different strategic challenges from conceptualization to its ​eventual implementation. It can be illuminating for anyone going through similar travails and will learn a lot from it. You can listen to it here.

12- Cert Prep: Excel 2013 Microsoft Office Specialist (77-420)​:​

Cert Prep: Excel 2013 Microsoft Office Specialist (77-420):

​Excel is among the most popular programs of Microsoft. It is user-friendly and has multiple uses and applications. This course will give you in-depth teaching of Microsoft Excel and give you ​all the necessary knowledge to master its various functions and programs. The course will cost you USD39.99, and you can join it here


Here are 12 IT-related courses that will up your game at the job market. These courses ​cover different aspects of IT as it is a vast field with various sub-fields and branches. It is also an ever-evolving field with new and innovative technologies that keep popping up, enriching its status and reach. We hope you will find success in it.