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Can mankind survive with language and culture? We need something to communicate with fellow beings. Language has developed over the years and is part and parcel of any culture. The ethos of culture is transmitted through language. It is always fun and interesting to learn a new language and culture. If you wish to learn a new culture, then begin by learning the language. There are some interesting online courses in languages and culture. This write-up deals with the Top 7 languages and culture courses available online.

1. Italian Language and Culture: Intermediate

This short course in Italian language and culture is self-paced. You can learn the Italian language and culture like a pro by spending 3-5hours a week. It is a good investment when you are inquisitive enough to learn about other cultures and languages. In this course, you will interact with Italian students and professors and polish your language skills further by sharing and discussing your thoughts in Italian. There are situational videos, podcasts, audio files to learn grammar, video interviews, short video lessons, short reading sessions to learn from. Basically, you will learn the language enough to be able to interact with locals. You will get a chance to know about the culture from the experts. By practicing yourself you can test your progress with the help of tests. The course is free although you will need to buy a verified certificate.

2. Sign Language: Factors Contributing to Natural Structure

 This is a beginner’s course in sign language. In this course, you will learn how people communicate through sign language. You will analyze the working of the same. It is the structure of the language that you will learn. The course is designed for the student to understand how any change with the sign can mean something altogether different in a sentence. One will learn how grammar is structured and utilized in sign language to convey different meanings. This short course using 3-5 hours of your week can help you learn sign language, which is universal in any part of the world. It is a self-paced and free course, but you can add a verified certificate costing $99. 

3. EmSAT English Preparation Level-1

EmSAT English Preparation Level-1

This beginner’s course is designed for those who have English as their second language and wish to increase their EmSAT score. This course enhances the reading and writing skills of a student. Through this course, students will learn strategies that will help them sail through the vocabulary and reading sections of the exam. This course helps with the writing and speaking sections too by enhancing the grammatical knowledge of the student. All in all, this self-paced and free online course helps the students to prepare for the EmSAT English exam.

4. Noongar Language and Culture

Noongar are the people who belong to the southwestern part of Western Australia. As a culture, they went through the repercussions of colonization and are now eager to preserve their culture. At the same time, they are embracing modernity as well. This self-paced course requires 2-3 hours per week of your time, and you will end up learning about a whole new culture and language. As a student of this course, you will get a chance to interact with people who belong to the Noongar culture and language to get an insight. With the help of Noongar guides, you will get to know about their history, culture, and knowledge. To learn their language, you will be introduced to words and phrases so that you can hold meaningful conversations. This is a free course, and you can add a verified certificate for $139.

5. Mandarin Chinese Level 1

This self-paced and free online course is perfect if you are looking to move ahead in your career. Mandarin happens to be one of the most spoken languages in the world. This beginner’s course will help you develop conversational skills in Mandarin so that you can converse confidently with colleagues who speak this language. This course will open up a whole new world of opportunities for you. A basic recommendation of this course is to do it with a group of friends so that communicated with them and further polish your language skills. Even if you are looking to position yourself for a whole new career, this course is for you. See it as a step towards becoming a Mandarin language translator. The course requires you to spend 4-10 hours per week. Adding a verified certificate for $149 will prove beneficial in the future.

6. Steps in Japanese for Beginners

Steps in Japanese for Beginners

In this short-term course, the student will learn the Japanese language so that they can communicate well if they plan to visit the country or study in a university there. The course teaches basic nuances of the language so that you can greet people, make small talk, ask about the food and order the same. The structure of the course is such that by learning and interacting with the locals you will the language better. It is a self-paced course that requires 3-5 hours a week of your time. It is a free course, although you can add a verified certificate for $49.

7. Upper-Intermediate English: Globalization

This course is a part of the English Language MOOCs that is structured to teach the students the English language in such a way that they reach the higher intermediate level. The course is designed to provide reading comprehension activities, video lessons, listening comprehension, grammar explanation and exercises, and speaking activities. The course provides materials and recommendations for those who are keen on doing the Cambridge University First Certificate in English Examination FCE. It also includes engaging topics like the Edinburgh Theater Festival, films, and music. By dedicating 3-5 hours a week for 4 weeks one can enhance their English language skills. This will help them in writing effective resumes in the future, correct use of tenses, increased vocabulary all with keeping the needs of globalization in mind. It is a self-paced and free course to which one can add a verified certificate of $50.

Concluding Words

So, this was our list of Top 7 courses in Language and culture. Each has something new to provide and as a student one will end up learning a new language and culture, thereby expanding their horizon and growing as a person. Do take some time out and check out these courses. You will surely be tempted to take up a few of them.