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Leadership is a somewhat vague term to many experts. They say it is a hollow construct, and that does not sum up to anything. That negation of leadership is not of its concept, instead of the universality of the idea of leadership. It is viewed and understood by different people differently. There is no consensus definition of who exactly is a leader and what constitutes leadership. Many theories abound, and they all have a place in the milieu of social sciences. That said, let us share with you ten courses that shed light on different aspects of leadership, which can help you better understand this concept.

1- Leadership Communication Styles – INSEAD LIVE Webinar – 16 June 2014 – YouTube:

Leaders are great communicators. They can communicate their vision to their followers with ease and complete clarity. There are no ambiguities, and leaders do not leave any room for speculation. This webinar throws light on different leadership communication styles and their peculiar features, effectiveness, and other features. Learn more on this subject by clicking here.

2- Leadership development training:

Whether you are a born leader or is it something, you can acquire through training and knowledge? It is a never-ending debate, and this video also contributes to this ongoing debate through this engaging animated video. The video gives fleeting references to different leadership models and how a leader exerts influence over the set of his followers. It is an exciting watch that you should not miss. Here is the link to this video.

3- Leading change and helping your organization grow:

There is nothing permanent except change, goes the age-old adage. But it has not lost its relevance with time and is still very much in practice. Organizations also need to change and adapt with time. Change management is a subject unto itself. Leading and spearheading this change is very crucial. It requires a clear-cut strategy and how to go about it. That is why becoming the harbinger of change is not very easy. This video will teach you more about this all-important subject. Click here to find more about it.

4- Servant leadership characteristics:

Servant leadership characteristics

Are you familiar with the concept of servant leadership? The idea seems oxymoronic to begin. But, it is a fascinating concept and is attracting a great deal of attention. This video also sheds light on this concept with the help of illustrations and images. The execution of the video is to the point and very authentic. You can see the full video by clicking here.

5- The art of conscious leadership – Jeff Weiner:

This video is in an interview form, and through it, both the interviewee and the interviewer bring different aspects of leadership into the limelight. Conscious leadership is also one of the many dimensions of leadership. With evolving times, many styles and variants of leadership are emerging, and mindful leadership is also an example. Get more insightful knowledge on the concept by clicking here.

6- An evening with Elon Musk:

Who doesn’t know about Elon Musk? A leading and very successful visionary entrepreneur of our times. His vision and unique approach towards work have made Tesla a billion-dollar company and its products an epitome of cutting-edge technology and innovation. In this interview, you can unravel many aspects of Mr. Musk’s enigmatic personality and learn about his leadership style and philosophy. He is an inspiring figure with a following to boot. His interview will leave you enlightened on a whole lot of subjects. Here is a link to it.

7- What great leaders actually do:

What are the duties of a leader? Or what are the things that a leader should perform to command a following? As we explained earlier, leadership has many theories, and it continues to evolve and emerge. In this video, the expert presents his point of view on the subject and contributes to the topic. It is an informative and engaging expository of opinions and comments, which a student of leadership would indeed find to be fascinating. Here is how you can learn more on the subject.

8- Leadership: Common Mistakes Made by Newly Promoted Supervisors, Team Leaders, and Managers:

Leadership: Common Mistakes Made by Newly Promoted Supervisors, Team Leaders, and Managers

 This video talks about mistakes that people tend to commit when elevated to a leadership position in an organization. The presenter has highlighted inevitable practical and common mistakes that these newly promoted leaders make and avoid them. By getting to know these mistakes beforehand, one can fall short of committing them and save time and resources for the organization and itself. Here is the link to this essential video.   

9- Ten leadership theories in five minutes:

There are many leadership theories, and new ones keep popping up within the ever-changing dynamics of our socio-economic circumstances. This video presents ten of the most famous views on leadership and gives an overview of them in just five minutes. It can serve as a quick reference on the subject and encourage learners to research more. Here is the link to that video.

10- Leadership styles in organizations:

In this lecture, the presenter has highlighted different styles of leadership that are peculiar to organizations. Indeed, there are several types of organizations, and each is suited for a unique leadership experience. That is the crux of the argument that the presenter has constructed in this video. The idea is not devoid of merit. You cannot fit one particular style of leadership to all the different kinds of organizations out there. There has to be variety, evolution, and tailor-made solutions along the way. You can also benefit from his wisdom by clicking here.


These were some of the basic courses on the topic of leadership. We have tried to highlight those aspects of leadership relevant to our times and will be of particular interest to the student of the leadership of management. All these courses are available free of cost, but that doesn’t make them any less valuable. You will gain immensely by taking these courses and learning more about leadership.