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Can we imagine a world without literature? A book consoles us, inspires us, entertains us, enlightens us, uplifts us, and influences us. The world has produced literary geniuses and continues to do so. They have created the most delicate pieces of literature that have stood the test of time. If you are an aspiring writer and one day want to be a successful author, we have picked eight of the best online courses for you. So, let us enlighten you on the subject.

1- Ancient masterpieces of world literature:

We can always draw inspiration from the past to build a solid foundation for the future. The same goes for literature. The old masters have woven exemplary tapestries of fables, folklore, myths, sagas, epics, and legends that are enriching and inspiring. These anecdotes are as relevant today as they were centuries ago when they were written. The immersive storytelling and innovative character development can still capture a reader’s attention, which is why they continue to enthrall even today. That is why this course is essential for anyone who wants to hone his storytelling techniques. It is free, and you can join it here.

2- Online refresher course in arts (literature and culture):

Now, this is an exciting course. It will take you back in time and introduce you to the literary traditions of some of the oldest cradles of civilizations. These include Indian, Chinese, Greek, Japanese academic practices and cultures. You will learn in a section-wise manner what was the literary scene in those societies then. It will also shed light on modern literature in the pre and post-colonial eras in major countries and regions. It is a walk back in time, and why wouldn’t you like to take it when it’s for free. You can take this course by clicking here.

3- Shakespeare across culture:

Shakespeare across culture

The British dramatist par excellence whose seminal work continues to inspire generations of poets and prose writers. His towering presence is just impossible to ignore. He is and will always remain the greatest, if not the most significant English playwright of all times. Shakespeare’s work has been translated into every primary language of the world. With such an illustrious standing in the literature world, it is all but natural that his work touches different cultures and societies in their particular ways. This course will teach about Shakespeare work’s impact on other world cultures. It is a study of various cultural interpretations of famous Shakespearean plays. You can learn more about this by joining this course for free. All you have to do is click here.

4- China X Book Club: Five Authors, Five Books, Five Views of China:

China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. And, barring a few decades of relative obscurity, it has been a major economic powerhouse. As of now, it is still dominating the world with its economic prowess and other displays of ‘soft power. Literature and literary pursuits have been pillars of strength of Chinese society. This course will study contemporary Chinese culture and society through the prism of five popular Chinese fiction books. In your learning, you will understand how you can develop your understanding of modern culture, history, literature, literary and critical thinking, etc. You will also learn how you can express ideas and theories coherently. The course is for free, and you can join it here.

5- Introduction to world literature:

As the name suggests, this course will give you an insight into different literary classics from around the world. It includes texts from India, China, Europe, Africa, the Americas, etc. It is a fascinating study of different world regions through the literature that they have produced and hold in great reverence. The course will also reference various women writers of reputation and high standing worldwide. In short, this course is truly representative of global literary classics. You will find it to be very insightful and enlivening. It is also free of cost, and you can develop it here.

6- Modern masterpieces of world literature:

Modern masterpieces of world literature

It is another look at international literary achievements. However, unlike the others that we have discussed in this course, the emphasis is on modern and recent literature. It looks at the literary works produced after WWII and the post-colonialism time. It was a tumults era, as the world was undergoing tectonic changes. It gave birth to several stories and sagas, and the prolific writers captured them beautifully in their writings. The course is very inclusive and looks at works from authors from diverse backgrounds as Argentina, Turkey, Africa, etc. It is available for free. You can click here to join.

7- Introduction to Medieval Literature: Old English, Middle English, and Historical Context:

Medieval times were rife with superstitions, crippling creative thoughts, and unjust social practices. But, the authors continued in their quest to write about the societal ills metaphorically and allegorically. They often had to pay a heavy price for their damning and repulsive thoughts, as declared by the clergy and monarchy of the times. This course will take you back to those dark days when orthodoxy reigned supreme and fresh ideals were shunned. This course will discuss the old and middle English in those times and what it meant to use them in those times. The course is free, and here is the link that will take you there.

8- What is literature for?

In the end, we talk about the purposefulness of literature in our lives. Many people dismiss literature as a wastage of time. To them, it holds no significance and relevance to our modern times. We have to take care of far more critical and dangerous things than read stories and poems about a damsel in distress or a prince charming. If such thoughts also cross your mind, this course is for you. Even if they don’t, you can still go through it and develop a fresh perspective towards literary thoughts. It is available for free, and you can join it here.


That wraps up our look at 8 of the best courses on the subject of literature. We hope you will have a great time going through these courses. We hope they will develop a new understanding of the subject and you will gain more respect for literature.