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Marketing is the essential thing one should take care of doesn’t matter how good the product is. However, it takes a lot of time to acquire the skills in less time. This is where the online courses will help to gain knowledge quickly. Hence, we provide the top 10 online courses available to increase your marketing fundamentals knowledge. The courses we provided here include both free and paid ones. 

1. Learning Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO or Conversation Rate Optimization is the key thing for the success of the modern-day business. Especially if you own e-commerce sites or depend on your websites for selling your services and products, learning CRO is a must. Hence, this course is rated number one in our top marketing courses in 2021. At the end of the course, you will learn to craft winning strategies for conversation rate optimization and generate CRO insights. This will help you to improve the conversation rates. 

2. 5 Marketing Trends That Will End Up Being Long Term

This is the free podcast to learn the five trending marketing secrets to achieve your marketing goals. The podcast is free, and it takes only five minutes of your time to learn the long-lasting secrets of marketing. You can hear why voice commerce, drop-in audio, decentralization, SMS marketing, influencer marketing are becoming the trends in the current marketing world. Even though these things look like a trend, it is here to stay, and learning these things early will give you an extra edge in the current world.  

3. Marketing Communications

In marketing, communicating the things you want to convey becomes very important. Whatever your message to the audience, you must find a way to make them understand and memorize your points. If you take this course, you can learn the secrets of marketing communication. This course lets you know how to do marketing research, crafting the messages to reach the targeted audience. The course is crafted beautifully to understand the core concepts of marketing communications easily. 

4. Content Marketing: eBooks

4. Content Marketing: eBooks

These days offering free eBooks are becoming a creative and useful marketing strategy. Many businesses conduct seminars or webinars and provide free eBooks or send emails to provide free eBooks. These eBooks are a great tool to reach many audiences. It serves both increases in sales and email signups. So, you can also learn this marketing strategy by signing up for this course. You can avail of this course by paying $29.99. It lets you know how to market your content using powerful eBooks. 

5. Marketing Foundations: Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing strategies are vital to succeed in today’s high influential markets. The power of social media is enormous, and using the major social media platforms will help generate more business for your products and services. The online reviews, posts from the social media influencers hugely affect the marketing campaigns of all products and services. Hence, if you want to master influencer marketing, you can take this course from LinkedIn learning. You can learn all the secrets and apply them to your marketing strategy by paying $24.99. 

6. Marketing Automation with HubSpot

Automation has been booming in the last decade or so. This phenomenon is being used in all fields, including the marketing sector. This course costs $39.99, and at the end of the course, you can learn to build workflows using the automation functions of the HubSpot platform. It includes all the essential things such as creating strategies, establishing marketing campaigns, segmenting customers, etc. This is the best course to sail along with the current marketing trends and beat the tough competitions. 

7. B2B Marketing Foundations

B2B or Business-to-Business is one of the growing business opportunities. If you want to make your career in B2B marketing, you must take this course and learn the core concepts of B2B. At the end of this course, you will be able to create and manage effective tactics, marketing methods, and strategies to create impactful, relevant marketing campaigns for B2B brands. You can register for this course by paying $29,99 and learn all the important lessons. 

8. How to Hire Good Freelancers from Fiverr and Upwork 

8. How to Hire Good Freelancers from Fiverr and Upwork

Freelancing is becoming a trend in marketing and other fields. It comes with a lot of cost-saving benefits and also its own disadvantages. However, if you screen the freelancers effectively, you can save a lot of money, and your project will be successful. Today, freelancing sites such as Upwork and Fiverr are becoming popular to hire the right talent for all types of works, including marketing. You need to check their reviews; experience of performing similar work is necessary. You can also find how to make your screening process more effective after taking this course. 

9. Marketing for Small Business

If you want to build and grow your startup or work in small business units, you must take this course. The course sheds light on all the things a business owner should know about marketing their services or products. The things discussed in this course apply to all businesses respective of the size or budget. The instructor Brad Batesole walks through the secrets of identifying the target market, figuring out the best marketing channels, formulating the brand messages, etc. Many students find it extremely helpful for growing their startups. 

10. 10 Powerful Marketing Skills You Can’t Learn in College

Podcasts are top-rated these days, and you can listen to them even performing your work. However, to learn more about marketing skills, you should listen carefully to this short conversation between two marketing experts. This podcast focuses on the ten impactful marketing skills you cannot learn in any college. These practical lessons look very different from the academic teachings, but they are powerful and provide the results you want to achieve in the marketing field. The course is completely free, and hence it is worth listening to. 


These are the top ten courses you can take on, along with hundreds of free podcasts, videos, and paid courses to learn more about marketing fundamentals online.