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Studying is an immersive and exhaustive exercise. It requires opening up your mental faculties and also puts to test your cognitive abilities. The irony is, so many among us never get to know how to study correctly and make the best out of it. If you are one of them, you will benefit immensely from ten of the best courses on memory and study skills. But even for a layperson, these courses are helpful because you are gaining something. So, let’s get things rolling.

1- How to study for tests and exams?

How to study for tests and exams

We begin with this essential subject; how to study for exams? Every student has to undergo exams. They are unavoidable, and a student’s understanding of any subject or topic is judged through them. It is about time that the students are given instructions on preparing for their tests and how best they can utilize their time. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

2- How to make the best study guide?

How to make the best study guide

Study guides are a great way to help students prepare for the exam. They are an effective tool for skimming through the essential concepts and ideas on the subject without going through the entire set of books, notebooks, workbooks, etc. It is a synopsis of the crucial concepts of the subject and, therefore, beneficial to the student. But to make a handy study guide, you need to know the proper way of doing it. In this video, you will learn exactly that. You will master the technique of making the best study guide and succeed in the exam. Here is the link to the video.

3- Marty Lobdell – Study less study smart:

Marty Lobdell – Study less study smart

We are living in ‘smart’ times. There are smartphones, smartwatches, smart security, etc., so why should study lag? Pun aside, it is a very pertinent concept. We are all short of time these days, and students are no exception. In this video, the expert elucidates how we can do a smart study? It entails studying less but studying in such a way that your minimum effort yields the maximum result. It seems too good to be real, but it is. Here is how you can learn more about it.

4- How to Get the Most Out of Studying: Part 3 of 5, “Cognitive Principles for Optimizing Learning

How to Get the Most Out of Studying: Part 3 of 5, "Cognitive Principles for Optimizing Learning

It is a five-part series on the topic of how to get the most out of studying. Each part deals with a specific aspect of the issue under discussion. This part is about cognitive principles and their effect on optimizing learning. The expert is a professor of psychology, and he links psychological concepts with studying for maximum benefits. It is an interesting analysis that makes for insightful learning that is both practical and productive. The learner will gain a lot from this. Here is the link to this video.

5- Top 10 study tips:

Top 10 study tips

In this video, the University of Southern California students have complied a list of 10 study tips based on their personal experience. All the tips are practical and relate to the on-campus life of a student. The recommendations will resonate well with students from all over the world as these tips have a universal appeal. From simple advice like going to class, you will get a variety of tips that will enlighten you. Here is the link to this video.

 6- My planning routine:

My planning routine

Everything begins with a plan. In this video, a student shares her study plan with the rest of the world. It is what keeps her going and makes her productive. She keeps separate plans for her personal life, friends, etc. It is all very organized and orderly. She shares her planning secrets with the world and hopes that you will gain from her experience too. Here is a link to her video that you can all watch and be more productive.

7- LBCC – Great ways to study:

LBCC – Great ways to study

LBCC or Long Beach Community College has developed videos that focus on imparting study skills to the students. In this lecture, the teacher delves into the subject of different ways to study. It includes summaries, reading in layers’ technique, outlining, etc. The teacher throws light on all these elements and explains them in-depth with examples. It is very informative and also attractive. You can –watch the full lecture here.

8- LBCC – Taking better lecture notes:

LBCC – Taking better lecture notes

It is something very close to students’ hearts around the world. Every student that attends a teacher’s lectures take notes of it. But taking notes from lectures is an expertise in itself that few of us care to learn. The fact is, there are specific tips, tricks, and techniques that can help you take better notes of the teacher’s lectures. In this lecture, the teacher shares many such techniques that are essential for any student with the students. Here is the link to the video that will help you take better lectures.

9- Strategies and Tips for Studying College Chemistry-Mueller – YouTube:

Strategies and Tips for Studying College Chemistry-Mueller – YouTube

Many students find chemistry to be challenging to understand the subject. It is a fascinating area of science to study and explore, but only if you know how to approach and go about it, otherwise you will get lost in the maze of chemical equations and elements. This lecture will give students some practical wisdom on how to understand the subject of chemistry better. The teacher dispenses his wisdom in easy to understand language that students can comprehend and take notes. Here is the link to it.

10- Nursing: study tips for nursing school:

Nursing: study tips for nursing school

Nursing is a noble profession that many aspire to join worldwide. This profession is not without its share of difficulties and hardships. Through this lecture, you will learn about them and how to overcome them and start with a fresh perspective. Here is the link to this video.


We hope you will find our list of courses to be informative and enlightening. All these courses are available free of cost.