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Who doesn’t need motivation in life? It is the necessary fuel that keeps us going and going. It uplifts us when we are feeling down, gives us the strength to face adversities and move on in life. Despite its absolute importance, we often think about its shortage and look for it left, right, and center. If you want to keep your tanks always full with this vital ingredient, here we are presenting to you 10 top online courses on motivation. So let’s begin.

1- The truth about motivation:

The truth about motivation

In this lecture, the expert talks about motivation and how to keep yourself motivated most or all the time. It enumerates various benefits that you can have from motivation and how you can channelize your motivation levels. But, it also brings to the fore another aspect of motivation. It pertains to over-motivating yourself, how it is terrible for you, and what you can do from not motivating yourself when it is not needed. It is an exciting concept and worth your time. Get more on the subject here.

2- Lara Morgan – Founder of Pacific Direct:

Lara Morgan – Founder of Pacific Direct

It is always great to listen to others’ stories of success; you get to learn so much about their struggles, hardships, toils, and labor. The fact that a human rises to conquer all these hostile forces and come out triumphantly becomes an inspiring tale for so many. Here a famous entrepreneur shares her life story, her journey, and her success. She is a beacon of hope for so many; learn how she keeps her motivation level high and how she copes with her dark times. You can get to see her life story here.

3- Motivational video – This is your life:

Motivational video – This is your life

This short video can be your daily dose of motivational quotes and sayings. It’s simple, poignant, precise, and gets the point across. Using a minimalist approach and two versatile colors of black and white makes sure that you focus on the words and don’t get distracted. You can watch it anytime you like and for best results watch it daily. Its short length makes sure that you do not have to spare a lot of time for it. You can even watch it or listen to it while commuting to work. Get yourself motivated by clicking here.  

4- Be Fearless – Greatest motivational ever:

Be Fearless – Greatest motivational ever

This video stitches together the motivating tales of some of our times’ most successful entrepreneurs. It first highlights their struggles, the rejections they faced, and how they withstood those challenges and amassed fame and fortune. These tiny nuggets of motivation will give you enough steam to charge your engines and blast off at full speed. Here is how you can keep your motivational levels high.

5- “I am a medical student” – The motivations and interests of 5 future physicians:

“I am a medical student” – The motivations and interests of 5 future physicians:

We all know that being a physician is no small feat. It asks for physical and mental exertion and razor-sharp focus. Yet, despite its grueling requirements, so many young boys and girls opt for this profession. Do you ever wonder why? This short documentary strives to answer this question by interviewing five aspiring physicians. It asks why they choose this field, and more importantly, what keeps them motivated during their studies? Other students and even non-students can take cues from them and apply them to their lives as well. They are an inspiring lot of people. Here is where you can view it.

6- Best motivational videos ever, motivation and pump-up guaranteed:

Best motivational videos ever, motivation and pump-up guaranteed

This video is a compilation of scenes from three Hollywood blockbusters. In all these scenes, the underlying theme of motivation and inspiring words run high. The characters speak their heart and soul and give valuable advice on life, struggle, hardship, never giving up, following your dreams, etc. These are all movie scenes, but of course, you can take their word and apply them in real-life situations as well. Get your blast of motivation from Hollywood legends by clicking here.

7- What is resilience, and why should you care about it?

What is resilience, and why should you care about it

Resilience is an admirable trait to have and cultivate. It is the ability to stand up and smile despite all the challenges and not feel let down. In this video, the expert on the subject shares some knowledge and tries to unravel some of its aspects. You will be enthralled by the details and would love to explore more of the concept. Here is where you can find more of it.

8- How to overcome laziness in four steps?

How to overcome laziness in four steps

Laziness will keep you from realizing your true potential and achieving your dreams. It will slowly but surely take hold of you and won’t let you do anything in life. You will be reduced to the status of a living and breathing vegetable, and that’s about it. If you do not want such a status befalling you, you better watch this video as the expert shares four easy-to-follow steps that will help overcome laziness. Do not miss it; click here to learn more on the subject.

9- Success (This will truly motivate you):

Success (This will truly motivate you)

Sometimes you get motivation from places you least expected. An insignificant gesture, an impromptu sentence, or a few words spoken with a whole heart can inspire you for a lifetime. It is the same with this video. The speaker is passionate about his success and wants to communicate with his audience in genuine earnestness. That is why his words inspire confidence, inspiration, truthfulness, and love. You can also share the same emotions by watching it here.

10- Incredible motivational video:

Incredible motivational video

Through the help of a powerful montage of clips, this video will drive its point across and let your adrenaline rushing and pumping. The message of the video is stark and clear and presented in no unambiguous words. You will love its visual and audible content. Here is where you can see more of it.


So, this was our take off 10 of the best online courses on motivation. The best part of these courses is that they are all free. You can watch them again and again whenever you feel demotivated or depressed. We wish you great therapy through these video courses.