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Music production has grown over the past decades or so. It goes through a series of processes and phases before a final product comes out. Often, the result is somewhat different, if not a complete departure from what the artist recorded in the studios. The use of electronic and digital paraphernalia in the production process has completely changed the rules of games. Here, we have picked 10 of the top courses on fundamentals of music that will help any aspiring musician advance their pursuits.

1- Learning serum:

A wavetable software plugin editor has revolutionized how music is packaged and produced for the intended audience. It has simplified the way sound is produced, recorded, and adjusted to fit the demands of the musical piece or the audience. It comprises a visual interface with creative overtones to manipulate the sounds. It is the most used synth plugin globally, and this course teaches you everything about it. You will now the tricks and tips on how to effectively use it to your advantage. It costs USD44.99, and you can join the course here.

2- Massive: Digital Synthesis:

It is another very popular synth plugin with a very loyal clientele. It is mainly used for creating electronic synths in electronica and pop/dance fusion music. It was released in 2007 and has garnered a massive following ever since. This course will teach you how you can master the use of this plugin and create sonorous sounds. You will learn to use its dynamic filters, audio modulation commands, sound processing techniques, and routing features, among many other things. The course will cost you USD44.99, and you can start taking classes here.

3- Learning music licensing:

If you are in the music field for making money, then this course is definitely for you. It teaches you the fundamentals of music licensing. All your efforts can go in vain, and you can be left empty-handed if you do not know how to market your musical piece and monetize it. The process is not as simple as it may sound; it starts from cleverly pitching your songs or music and then obtaining licensing rights over it. The course will teach you all the technicalities of the process so that your hard work pays you off in the end. The fee for this course is USD34.99, and you can start taking the class here.

4- Audio mixing master class:

Audio mixing master class

Sound or audio mixing is done after the song has been recorded. It is the process of fine-tuning or polishing the song. The audio mixers or sound engineers, whatever you may want to call them, blend multiple recorded tracks into a single cohesive sound product of mono, stereo, or surround quality. It is a creative as well as a technical process requiring both technical brilliance and musical finesse. A leading industry expert will teach you all you need to know about audio mixing in this course. The course’s price is USD39.99, and it is up for grabs here.

5- Pro Tools 12 essential training:110

Pro Tools is a comprehensive and complex music software for both Windows and Mac computer systems. It is more than software as it integrates hardware and software elements to create a massive whole to aid your music production and sound mixing business. It has different layers, like producing up to 128 audio tracks and thousands of sound effects using 60 odd virtual musical instruments. It is one massive offering in a single packaging. Mastering this software is a must for anyone willing to make it big in the music industry or use it as a digital media creator. The course will shed light on every aspect of its giant ecosystem. It costs USD34.99, and you can join it here

6- Learning Max for live:

It is a great forum where you learn to create your very own tools, sound effects, visuals, and even musical instruments, especially for live performances. Live shows have become very sophisticated and boast of extremely high sound quality nowadays. With this course, you will learn how to build your devices, use different techniques and tools to enhance the live sound stream, and improve the quality of the overall show for maximum effect. The course has a price tag of USD34.99, and you can start the classes by joining it here.

7- Selling music merchandise:

Selling music merchandise

Merchandising is now an essential part of branching out as a brand. It spreads your reach and connects you with your target audience even more substantially. Musical merchandising is also a lucrative field and cashing on this trend. This course will learn the basics and the advanced skills you need to sell musical merchandise. From pricing it strategically to marketing it to the right audience using the specific online routes, everything gets a mention here. The fee for this course is USD29.99, and you can take the class here.

8- Learning Maschine 2:

A drum is the percussion instrument in almost any other song or composition. Its distinctive sound can produce a variety of impacts and can elevate a piece to new heights. This course will teach you about Maschine 2, a premier drum synthesis software. It has created new standards in making acoustic and electronic drum sounds. With six unique monophonic drum plugins, you will get any drum sound you need here, and this course teaches you all about this software. It costs USD34.99, and you can take the classes here

9- Learning Studio One 3:

It is a features-laden and potent music production and recording software for both Windows and Mac operating systems. It is a highly user-friendly program and has a rich array of sounds in its library, plus a host of editing tools. If you want to master this software, then look no further and join this course. It will cost you USD34.99, and you can start the class here.

10- Pro tools: Music editing for TV and film:

This course will enable you to customize music pieces to TV and film productions using the Pro Tools software. This software has many useful features and techniques, and this is one of them that can make your amateur video clips look like a professionally produced production. Sometimes the use of a well-edited sound makes all the difference when it comes to a video clip.


So, that was all regarding 10 of the best courses on fundamentals of music. We hope you will have a great time learning about music.