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Biology means the study of life. It is one of the oldest sciences known to humankind and has given birth to many sciences related to the human body and its health. Here, we will bring 10 of the best online courses on biology to enhance your knowledge on the subject and help you lead a healthy and wholesome life.

1. Cancer:

We will start with this course that is about this deadly disease called cancer. As we all know, millions around the world get affected by this disease and succumb to it. You will learn what causes the growth of cancer cells, how it spreads, and how you can get its early diagnosis for its treatment and prevention. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

2. Biosciences: Journey into The Cell:

This course is all about cells and their structure. We all know the human body is made up of hundreds of millions of cells. These cells form the basis of our body. You will learn everything about them here, from their basic makeup, how they behave, what their engineering is, how you can manipulate them, etc. It is a highly informative course that you can join by enrolling yourself here.

3. The Skeletal System: It’s Alive:

In this course, you will learn everything about the human skeleton system. A skeleton is made up of different bones and joints that support and protect our organs and flesh. All the complex human body systems are attached to our frame. To better understand this system, you may join this course by clicking here and enriching your knowledge of the basic human structure.  

4. Bacteria:

Bacteria are among the earliest living organisms on this planet. There are good bacteria, and there are harmful bacteria too that spread diseases. You can get all the information about this microorganism by joining this course. You will learn how it is formed, its characteristics, how it multiplies and reproduces, and what you can do to save yourself from its harmful effects. You can get all this information and more on the subject by clicking here.

5. Nutrition and Health: Macronutrients and Overnutrition:

 Nutrition and Health: Macronutrients and Overnutrition

All of us know about essential nutrients that we all need in our daily life to sustain healthy living. But few care to be vigilant about it. The fact is a diet rich in all the nutrients is the very foundation of a healthy lifestyle. In this course, you will learn about the essential micro and macronutrients, how much you should consume daily, and what happens if you take them above their recommended daily dosage. It is a beneficial course that everyone should consider joining. Here is the link to it.

6. Physiology: The Menstrual Cycle by Professor Fink:

Every woman in the world goes through menstrual cycles throughout her productive life. But despite the common prevalence of this natural phenomenon, very few people are knowledgeable about its science. And that includes women too. In this course, Professor Fink throws light on everything you wanted to know about menstrual cycles. It provides information about the female reproductive system, its anatomy, how ovaries function, etc. You can get more information on the subject by joining this course here.

7. Why Do You Get a Fever?

A fever is the heating up of your body temperature along with some other symptoms. It is pretty common around the world and is usually the precursor of some other ailment. In this course, the expert will give you valuable information on the different causes of fever and why you get it. You can use this information in your everyday life, help your loved ones and yourself from the adverse effects of fever, and maybe prevent its onset. Here is the link to join this course.

8. What Are Chromosomes?

Anybody interested in studying genes should consider this course. Chromosomes are thread-like structures housed inside the nucleus of a cell, and they harbor genes. These genes are the building blocks of life. Scientists and researchers are breaking new ground by learning new things about them. You can get a fascinating insight on the subject by joining this course. It will inspire you to study more on the subject, and who knows, you might become a genetic engineer yourself. You can join this course by clicking here.

9. Resurrection Biology: How to Bring Extinct Animals Back to Life?

Resurrection Biology: How to Bring Extinct Animals Back to Life?

Who knew the idea given in movies like Jurassic Park could be the topic of serious research and debate among scientists one day. It is what is happening right now, and this course explains the how’s and what’s about it. If this subject interests you, then you should join this course. Who knows, we might be able to see dinosaurs living among us one day. See if it can become a reality by joining this course here.

10. Demystifying the Brain:

The brain has fascinated the human race for centuries. It is said that the brain holds innumerable powers and capacities, and scientists have failed to unlock even half of them. It is central to human existence. Without a healthy and functioning brain, a human cannot lead an everyday life. In this course, the expert will try to reveal some of the mysteries of the brain. It seeks to answer specific questions regarding the computation capacities of the human brain. It will hold appeal to both biology and engineering students as it concerns them both. You can learn more about it by clicking here.


These were some of the courses on the subject of biology. It is a diverse science that covers different aspects of life and its many manifestations. Like any other science, the research on it is ongoing and ever-changing. New subjects keep coming under the fold of biology that keeps forming its different branches and sub-branches. We hope you will find this list to be both instructive and exciting. It will fuel your passion for biology and urge you to take up a course or two on the subject.