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Did you know that the online courses you have taken to widen your knowledge and improve your skills can be an effective tool for you to land your dream job? If not, now would be the perfect time for you to recall all these courses and add them to your CV before submitting them to different job opportunities.

By including online courses in your CV, you can convince job recruiters in deciding to choose you amongst other applicants who are competing for a certain position. But how do these online courses help you stand out and get noticed by employers? Why are they important to increase your chances to be chosen? Well, here are the best reasons why:

1. It helps you stand out among other applicants

Most interviewers only see very few applicants who have online courses included in their CV. So if you choose to include yours, then you have a higher chance to get noticed by the interviewer among all the hundreds of applications piled up on his desk. And even more so, if these courses are useful for the job position.

2. It helps employers easily see your relevant skills

By putting the online courses you take, the hiring manager will have a better idea of your skills that are relevant for the job. It will be easier for him or her to know what you are capable of or what you can contribute to the company once they hire you.

In this way, you have more chances for an interview to discuss these online courses that contribute well to your professional skills.

3. It shows how invested you are in learning your skill sets

Online courses will impress employers since they can see your effort in learning or studying to improve your skills. This will also give them expectations that you will continue to have the same attitude of learning once they decide to hire you in their company.

4. It shows how flexible and diverse your skills are

More companies these days prefer employees who have diverse experience and skills, or what others refer to as hybrid skills.

It shows how flexible and diverse your skills are

This set of skills can be more highlighted when you add all relevant online courses you took to your CV.

5. It gives more idea about your character

Based on the courses or programs you took online, employers will have more idea of not just your skills and potential but also your character as a person. It will show how disciplined, mature, curious, intelligent, and strong-willed you are by taking initiative and effort to help yourself grow in your career and profession. And these traits are what most employers look for in hiring the right person for their company.

Strategic Ways on How You Can Include Online Courses to Your CV

Simply adding all the online courses you have is not enough to help you get that job. You also need to be creative and strategic on how you will format it on your CV. Here are some simple ways on how you can do it:

1. Add a section in your CV where you can highlight the online course/s

You can include it under your educational attainment or previous job experiences. Or if you want, you can make another heading for the course or programs you took. You can label it as “Professional Training”, “Professional Development”, or whatever it is that you see fit. But make sure it’s short and concise.

Since hiring managers only take a glance at each CVs, yours must have something that can easily catch their attention. In this way, they won’t be able to skip your application and be more interested to call you for an interview.

2. Make sure to only include courses that are relevant to the job you are applying

If you have taken lots of online courses before, please don’t add them all to your CV. It won’t be too appealing to the hiring manager since the things they might initially notice are that information they don’t need.

Rather, choose only what’s relevant to the job you are applying to, especially those where you earned certifications. You can also include other online courses that can backup your professional skills to prove that you are not just bluffing and indeed skilled or experienced for the position they are looking for.

3. Do not include introductory classes

Some interviewers don’t find introductory classes as impressive as other online courses. Why? For them, it shows that the applicant has less experience for the job.

Though it’s okay to take these types of classes, it would be much better if you can only include the follow-up courses from those introductory classes you took. Since your goal is to make yourself more of an expert, it’s best to leave these classes out of your list.

4. Prepare how you will talk or answer questions about the online course/s during the interview

Well, this may not be related to how you can include online courses in your CV, but this is also a good reminder for you as you prepare your application. You need to get yourself ready in answering questions during the interview about the online courses you took. Since it is written on your CV, the interviewer will be curious and will ask many questions about it.

Prepare how you will talk or answer questions about the online course/s during the interview

Make sure to prepare answers beforehand from the questions which you think the interview might ask you. These may include questions like the reason why you took the online course, what are the things you learned, how did your skills improve, how was your experience in taking the course, and a lot more.

As you acknowledge the potential of online courses, you will be surprised how far they can take you on your professional journey. So, if you are eyeing a specific job position or a project you would like to work on, you can try enrolling in different online courses to give you more advantage in your chosen career.