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History is ruthless and does not spare anyone. It is full of lessons, stories, myths, and fables. We need to learn from our past to make a better future. Often, we ignore our past mistakes and repeat them at our peril. Like we said in the intro, history does not spare anyone. So, better start learning from it to make a better tomorrow. Here, we have picked 8 of the best online courses on the subject of history for your learning and understanding.

1- At the Origins of the Mediterranean Civilization: Archaeology of the City from the Levant to the West – 3rd-1st millennium BC

The Mediterranean is the cradle of many great and ancient civilizations. Despite its long and rich history, not many people know about it or research its origins. If you want to dig deep into the history of this region, then this course is ideal for you. It’s a fascinating course that will teach you how this region was once the melting pot of different cultures, languages, customs, arts, crafts, architecture, and traditions, how they contributed in bits and parts to the birth of other great civilizations and catapulted them to greater heights. The course fee is USD49, and you can join it here.

2- Antisemitism: From Its Origins to the Present

Antisemitism remains a polarizing and much-debated topic of discussion even today. It has as many detractors as it has supporters. Yet, you cannot ignore its presence in the global realpolitik of today. It is shaping up policies and influencing decisions worldwide. If you want to have in-depth knowledge of this subject, you will find this course very helpful. It has input from 50 leading scholars worldwide who discuss antisemitism, from its origins to its expression in the global political arena today. The course fee is USD40, and you can join it here.

3- China‚ First Empires and the Rise of Buddhism

 China‚ First Empires and the Rise of Buddhism

China is an ancient civilization. It has a history that dates back to thousands of years. China has been a prosperous and productive society throughout much of its existence. It has contributed to the development of many great inventions and discoveries that we use even today. From silk to paper to rockets, these inventions have Chinese origin. That is why China has intrigued historians and travelers for centuries. They want to learn more about this region and its people to understand their past better and forge meaningful relationships in the future. This course sheds light on the early empires of China, like the Qin dynasty and the rise of Buddhism during that time. It is an insightful study. The course is free, and you can join it here.

4- A global history of architecture:

Architecture is as old as humans. The cave dwellings of the pre-historic humans were also an example of architecture. With advancements in technology and allied sciences, architecture has also grown in scale, utility, and innovation. It continues to be as cutting edge as it can get. But, it would be interesting to delve into the past and see where we came from. Humans have produced remarkable architectural wonders in the past that continue to amaze us even today. This course will enlighten you with the rich history of global architecture and tell you how the use of stones, iron, wood, etc., contributed to the growth of architecture that we know today. The course is free, and you can join it here.

5- Indigenous Canada:

Despite its enormous size and welfare-oriented approach, Canada is somewhat overshadowed by its more boisterous and powerful neighbor in geopolitics. But, that doesn’t make it any smaller in terms of its global importance. It is among the top 10 most developed and prosperous economies of the world and can look forward to an even brighter future. If you want to learn more about this country, this course is meant for you. It is spread over 12 lessons that will cover everything about politics, legal structure, economy, culture, political landscape, etc. The course fee is USD49, and you can join it here.

6- The Bible’s Prehistory, Purpose, and Political Future

The Bible's Prehistory, Purpose, and Political Future

Many skeptics today dismiss Bible stories as fiction and heresy. But, Bible still has many faithful followers who take its word as Gospel truth and hold it in high esteem. Whether you like it or not, it is a complex history with different characters and legends. If you want to know more about it, you can take this course. You can also take inspiration from the past and form the future, and this course also focuses on it by interpreting Bible’s purpose and history in today’s context. The course fee is USD49, and you can join it here.

7- Mughal India (1550-1605)

Mughal India is an era of splendor, court intrigues, battles of succession, and opulent monuments. It preceded the British rule in India and was the last dynasty to rule the sub-continent. This course focuses on one particular period of the approximately four hundred years of history of Mughal India. You will learn what India was like in that era. The demography, the culture, the language, economy, arts, etc., are all covered in this course that any student or enthusiast of Indian history would find helpful. The course fee is free, and you can join it here.

8- Russian history: From Lenin to Putin:

Despite the collapse of the USSR and the end of the bi-polar world, Russia is still a significant player in world politics. It holds considerable influence in the states adjoining its borders and sits over massive oil, gas, and coal deposits. It remains the primary gas source for much of Europe and is asserting its economic muscles to regain some of its past glory. If you want to study Russian history more, you can join this course. It gives you an insight into Russia from the era of Lenin to the present strongman of Russia, Vladimir Putin. The course fee is USD49, and you can join it here.


That’s about it on some of the best online courses on history. We hope these courses will trigger your learning desire, and you will find at least one of them to be worth your time and money. We wish you a great learning experience.