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Time management is of paramount importance for online students. It is because they do not have to go to an institute at a fixed time every day. They have to set aside time from their daily schedules to study. It requires discipline, self-accountability, high motivation levels, and excellent time management skills. This article will share some tips that will help you better manage your time if you are an online student. So, here it goes.

1. Early to bed and early to rise:

It is an age-old adage that has not lost its relevance even now. To manage your time, you have to follow a routine, and there is no routine better than a natural routine where you sleep early and wake up early. A good night’s sleep will rejuvenate your mind, body, and senses, like nothing else. You will wake up fresh and notice that you have plenty of time at your disposal by waking up early that you can utilize in healthy activities and study. We are normalizing, even glamorizing, waking up late for no good reason. It is not a good habit. So, our first advice for time management is following healthy sleep patterns.

2. Keep your gadgets up-to-date:

Online studies require you to have your gadgets in good working conditions. And this goes for both hardware and software settings. If either of the two is not functioning well, you will waste a lot of your time. A task that you could finish in minutes might drag on for hours, so it is imperative that you keep your laptops, computers, mobile phones, internet connect, etc., in the best working order.

3. Draw up a plan:

A plan is a blueprint that you must follow if you want to accomplish something. So, write yourself a workable and practical program and try to follow it to the tee. You can make changes and adjust them to suit changing realities, but you must follow them by and large. It will give you a sense of direction, hold you accountable, and help your reach your goals on time. Write everything that you want to achieve through your online studies and how to achieve it.

4. Do not wait for the deadline:

Do not wait for the deadline

To keep yourself on the toes:

  1. Finish every task before the deadline.
  2. Do not wait for the last hours to complete your assignments.
  3. Try to complete at least a day before the deadline. You will learn how efficient you are when it comes to finishing your tasks and managing your time.

If the deadline is looming large, you cannot be as productive as you would like yourself. Finishing beforehand will save you time, and you can use that time in some other activity; maybe you can plan for further studies, career, etc. 

5. Minimize distractions:

Probably, the biggest challenge that online students have to face is to study in the wake of so many distractions lying around. There will not be a classroom, you will be in your home, and you can waste a lot of your time with TV, mobile phone, food, etc. To avoid such a situation, identify the things or activities that are likely to attract your undue attention. Now keep those things away from you when you are studying. But here lies the real predicament; you will be using most of these ‘distractions’ for studies. We are talking about laptops, mobile phones, etc. The thing is, you should try to limit your reach to these distractions as much as you can. For example, sign out of your social media, study when you are not hungry or thirsty, study where there is no noise from outside or from the TV. These help you to stay focused and not waste your time.

6. Follow a schedule:

The most significant advantage of online studies is there is no fixed schedule for attending a class. You can study pretty much any time of the day. But it can be its most significant disadvantage as well. By not following a set routine to study, you invite the forces of procrastination, which are out to get you anyway. You will keep putting off your studies from one time to another and, in the process, waste a lot of time. To avoid any such unpleasant situation, chalk out a study schedule and stick to it.

7. Make a study corner:

Make a study corner

Instead of daily wasting your time finding a spot to study and then making it friendly for learning, you should dedicate a study space for yourself. It should be comfortable and welcoming with minimal distractions. This study corner should have everything within your reach that you require for studying. You will save yourself a lot of time by having one.

8. Ask for help:

If you are stuck somewhere, you need to understand something, require clarification, do not waste your time running in circles around that problem. Do not think that you are all on your own in online studies. Reach out and ask for help. Contact your instructor, fellow students, friends, family, anyone that you think can solve your matter. It will save your time, ease your tension, and you will be ready once again to start anew.

9. Go through your syllabus:

Lastly, go through your syllabus before you start your course and understand it thoroughly. Identify which concepts are alien to you and which ones you are familiar with. Start with easy topics and ideas and then move on to difficult ones. You can save your time by taking on easy assignments first and leave more time for the more complicated topics. This technique will help you cover your syllabus thoroughly.


So these were some of the tips that online students can apply for better and effective time management. Most of these techniques are generic, and regular students can benefit from them as well. But for online students, they are vital to follow if they want to succeed in their endeavors and move ahead in life.