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A portrait can define your personality like no other. An ace photographer has the ability to bring out the best in his subject and capture him at his most pristine, and create quite an impact on the viewer. That is why public figures spend exorbitant amounts of money on getting that perfect portrait. Not everyone can take an ideal portrait; if you aspire to be a portrait photographer or want to learn it for fun, we present ten courses that will help you get that stunning portrait. So, let’s get rolling on it.

1- Enhancing an Environmental Portrait with Photoshop:

Enhancing an Environmental Portrait with Photoshop

Environmental photography is all the rage these days. There is something very profound in taking the subject’s picture in his natural setting and work environment. In this course, famous photographer, teacher, and author, Chris Orwig teaches you tools and techniques provided in Photoshop that can significantly uplift your environmental photographs. Because it matters how you capture a scene and present it to the world. It needs some packaging and polishing before it is ready for viewing. For that, you need to learn some skills to enrich and embellish your picture. You will learn all this and more by joining this course. It will cost you USD39.99, and you can start taking your classes by clicking here.

2- Kids photography: At home:

Kids photography: At home

Every parent wants to click beautiful pictures of their little ones. These are memories that remain in the family for generations. Kids are adorable, but they can also be very restless, and sometimes it becomes quite a challenge to capture their pictures. This course will teach you everything about taking beautiful photographs of your kids and how to catch them unawares doing their bits. It will cost you US$34.99, and you can take the class here.

3- Narrative Portraiture: On Location in New York with Rodney Smith:

Narrative Portraiture: On Location in New York with Rodney Smith

Chris Orwig meets legendary photographer Rodney Smith and gets his insight on photography and taking portraits. Rodney is a master of his craft, and his opinion on photography and portraits will be worth your time and money. The photographer spills beans on many of his trade secrets and lets the listener gain valuable lessons from his life’s experiences. You can be part of this engaging conversation for US$29.99 by joining it here.

4- A moment in time, with Shari Belafonte:

A moment in time, with Shari Belafonte

In this podcast, celebrated photographer Shari Belafonte discusses her life as a photographer. She is responsible for many of the memorable and fabulous cover shoots of Vogue and Glamour magazines back in the 80s and the 90s. She has also dabbled in other forms of photography with equally successful results. The listener can extract several lessons that can help him further his photographic pursuits. It is available for free right here.

5- Dynamic Portrait Lighting, with Alexis Cuarezma:

Dynamic Portrait Lighting, with Alexis Cuarezma

 Nobody can deny the importance of lighting in photography. You can use light to create dramatic, awe-inspiring, soft, and many other creative effects. In this free podcast, distinguished photographer Alexis Cuarezma talks about all this and many other things related to lighting and photography. He also talks about lighting equipment and the techniques to use it optimally. Join this free podcast here.

 6- Portrait Photography: High School Seniors (2014):

Portrait Photography: High School Seniors (2014)

 This exciting course will teach you about taking excellent portraits of your classmates both inside and outside the campus. The course is for young students who want to make an extra buck by using photography and clicking their friends’ pictures. It is both an informative and uplifting course as it teaches you skills and how to use them to make money. It will cost you US$34.99, and you can enroll yourself here.

 7- Street Photography: Posed Portraiture:

Street Photography: Posed Portraiture

 Street photography is now recognized as a legitimate form of photography with its dynamics and intricacies. In this course, Steven Simons will teach everything about the art of street photography. From approaching a stranger for a photo to choosing the right camera, lens, composition, angle, etc., do the job perfectly. It costs US$34.99, and you can start taking your class by clicking here.

 8- Kids photography, Newborns:

Kids photography, Newborns

 Newborns are a joy to behold. Clicking them will require your extra patience and effort as they cannot emote as per your desire. You have to click them at their ease and also do not make them uncomfortable. This course will take you all this and more, and you will be ready with your camera clicking babies all around. It costs US$34.99, and you can take the classes here.

 9- Learning natural light portrait photography:

Learning natural light portrait photography

 Anyone can swear by the effectiveness of photography in natural lighting. This course will go a notch further and teach you how to take great pictures even when the natural light is not so good. Natural light is your most potent tool when it comes to taking fab-looking pics. By taking this course, you can master this technique and be much-in-demand in parties and events. It will cost you US$39.99, and you can take the course here.

 10- Narrative Portraiture: Foundations of Portraiture:

Narrative Portraiture: Foundations of Portraiture

 A picture can tell a thousand words. But how do you create an image that resonates with its audience? The one that makes them think makes a connection and helps them empathize. This course will shed light on this aspect of photography and many others. It will teach you how to take emotionally rich and intense photographs that make the audience think. The course will cost you US$29.99 and you can start taking the classes here.


 Photography is an aesthetic pursuit and one that promises monetary rewards as well as creative satisfaction. But like any other skill it requires expertise and training to master. Portrait photography is probably the most popular genre of photography. The above are 10 of the best online courses on portrait photography. You can master this genre of photography and become a successful photographer, or you can learn these skills and show them off to your friends and family. Either way, you will enjoy your time with the camera.