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Being positive is a state of mind that we all aim for and incorporate into our lives. By inculcating a positive mindset and a healthy lifestyle, we can create our desired reality. There are many ways to achieve it, and in this article, we will share with you 10 free courses in the form of podcasts that will help you transform your life by positively influencing your life.

1- How you talk to yourself?

How you talk to yourself

We all talk to ourselves, but little did we realize that this inner talk has a profound effect on how we perceive things and shape our realities. Our inner voices do not just whisper in isolation. They are there for a reason and silently dictating our life choices. It is imperative that we channelize them for our collective good and hone their untapped potential. You will learn all of it in this conversation. Click here to know more.

2- Envy:


Envy is a natural reaction that we all experience when we see someone doing or achieving something big in life. It should encourage us to feel good about that person and inspire us to replicate his success in our life. But often, it reaches a borderline where envy becomes a source of resentment, dissatisfaction, spite, and become jealousy. It is a negative emotion which we should all shun from our lives. To harness this emotion, you must listen to this podcast here and be enlightened.

3- Love vs. people-pleasing:

Love vs. people-pleasing

Love is a universal phenomenon; we all want love in our lives and crave the attention and approval of our partners. But there is a difference between blindly loving someone and people-pleasing. This podcast sheds light on this crucial distinction. It defines love and explains when you love someone and just pleasing people under the guise of love. It is a significant difference, and we should be aware and be wary of it. You can learn more by listening to it here.

4- Dreams do come true with CEO Erika Royal:

Dreams do come true with CEO Erika Royal

Listening to someone’s success story is both emotionally uplifting and stimulating. You learn from someone’s experiences and try to incorporate those principles in your life as well. It clears your doubts, makes you see things in a new perspective, and rewinds your brain wires. This conversation with Ms. Erika Royal will do just that, she is a successful businesswoman, and there are quite a few lessons that you can draw from your life’s story. You can see the podcast here.

5- Handling Chaos:

Handling Chaos

It is a series of podcasts that you can listen to one after the other. It will impart practical knowledge on several aspects of chaos handling in your life. What exactly is chaos? When you stop having a purpose in life, your mind becomes a breeding ground of random thoughts and reactions. You need to unclutter your mind and rediscover your purpose in life, focusing on realigning with your inner self. There is so much to learn from this series of podcasts. So, start your journey from here.

6- When feelings hurt:

When feelings hurt

No matter how hard we try to shield ourselves from getting hurt, we experience the pain of hurt emotions and feelings more than we would like. It is imminent, but we can manage and maybe prevent its onset to a certain degree. How you can achieve this ideal state is what this podcast is all about. It will even explain to you what exactly is a feeling. We often confuse a fleeting moment with a feeling, which in essence, is much for sublime. Get all the wisdom on this topic by joining it here.

7- The Grind:

Grind is a modern-day phenomenon that is taking its toll on our lives. Admittedly, it is not without its faults, but it has certain benefits too. It would help if you had it in your life, especially when you are at the start of your career. It will help you get a foothold and gain some ground. But, you should not let it get hold of you and become a slave of it. Learn to cope with the grind and develop a happy co-existence with it in this podcast that you can listen to here.

8- Being left:

Being left

No one likes to be alone, and being left is a terrible feeling that we want to avoid at all costs. Yet, we do get a chance to taste it and feel miserable in the process. But you don’t have to be like this. This podcast gives you precise knowledge and a step-by-step approach on how you can get a hold of yourself and not be mired in an abyss of hopeless emotions. Heartbreak is painful, but you can mitigate its effects by listening to the practical advice given here. By clicking here, you can listen to this conversation.  

9- How to enjoy yourself?

It is an exciting topic, and it requires some serious attention from all of us. Enjoying yourself does not merely imply that you indulge in your favorite fun activities. The concept runs more profound than that. It means that you are content in your skin and truly happy with the way you are. It is self-acceptance at its highest order and also teaches you to be thankful in your current state. It is a fantastic idea and promises a more rewarding and emotionally fulfilling life than the one you are currently leading. Here is the link to it.

10- Knowing what you want is scary:

Knowing what you want is scary

It is also a novel idea that many people aren’t even aware of, yet it can transform your life. We all know what we want in life, or do we? It is the gist of this podcast. It delineates the difference between wants and desires and knows when is the right time to want something and how you go about it. It is a self-awareness and self-enlightening technique that is going to have far-reaching ramifications for your life. You can learn more about it here.


We hope you will find these podcasts to be informational and inspiring. They cover a broad range of topics that we encounter in our lives, and tackling and knowing them can positively transform our attitudes towards life.