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Commercial photography is a lucrative profession. It can bring you wealth, recognition, and lots of creative satisfaction. But at the same time, it is a very competitive field, and very few photographers enjoy commercial and critical success. If you have the drive to make it big in it, we present 10 of the best courses that will help you become a pro photographer. So, without much ado, let’s get started on it.

1- Travel photography: Geologging and journaling on the road:

Travel photography: Geologging and journaling on the road

Travel photography has become a diverse genre of photography, and it has many sub-genres as well. For example, photographing cityscapes, landscapes, etc. You can explore them as well and take their courses individually. This particular course will learn about taking exquisite travel photos for your social media and other purposes. It will also teach you geo logging and journaling apps and related tools and techniques. It costs US$34.99, and you can take the classes here.

2- Enhancing a sunset photograph with Lightroom and Photoshop:

Enhancing a sunset photograph with Lightroom and Photoshop

There is something very surreal about sunset photographs. They are always in high demand. People buy them and show them off in their living and bedrooms. But a mere dusky sunset shot won’t do. You must give it some artistic touches and play with lights and shadows on it. That is where tools like Lightroom and Photoshop come in very handy. They have several options to dramatize your other mundane-looking pic and create a magical effect. You can learn from the pro how to use them effectively for this purpose. The course will cost you USD39.99, and here is the link that will take you to your virtual classroom.

3- Photography foundations: Composition

3-	Photography foundations: Composition

Composition lies at the very core of any good photograph. A well-composed picture is both aesthetically pleasing and artistically fulfilling. But what exactly is composition? How do you ensure that your photos meet the criteria of well-composed images? What is the rule of thirds? This course will answer all of these questions and more that may be popping up in your head right now. The course has a price tag of US$34.99, and you can begin taking this course by clicking here.

4- Real estate photography: The basic bedroom:

Real estate photography: The basic bedroom

Real estate photography has evolved into a full-fledged genre of commercial photography now. Probably the proliferation of online marketplaces for sale and purchase of properties is behind its rise. Whatever the reason, you can now learn this all-important branch of photography by joining this course. This course talks explicitly about learning to photography a bedroom. There are separate courses about photographing kitchens, master bedrooms, and the exterior of a property that you can take up separately. This particular course will cost you US$34.99, and you can go to the classroom by clicking here.

5- Landscape photography: Night landscape:

Landscape photography: Night landscape

All of us get goosebumps looking at stunning landscape photographs. Internationally, many renowned landscape photographers have enthralled us with their pictures. This course will teach you about photographing landscapes at night. The starry sky and moonlit landscape make for a perfect opportunity to click your camera. But night photography is not an easy feat. You will need to master specific techniques to excel in it, and this course provides you the perfect platform to do that. It costs US$34.99, and you can click here to join it.

6- Sports photography: Shooting a soccer action photo:

Sports photography: Shooting a soccer action photo

Sports photography is another genre of photography that has registered a tremendous increase in popularity and reach. Capturing some action-packed and adrenaline-pumping moments on camera is entertaining and inspiring at the same time. Soccer is probably the most popular sport globally, and catching a soccer star in a rip-roaring action can fetch you both recognition and monetary benefits. This course will teach you just that. It costs US$34.99, and here is the link to take you where the action happens.

7- Learning wedding photography:

Learning wedding photography

Wedding photographers are always in demand because people won’t stop getting married. Besides, the emotional value of wedding photographs is enormous, so customers are willing to spend hefty amounts to create a beautiful and memorable wedding album. In this course, famous photographer Chris Orwig details the entire nitty-gritty of wedding photography. You will acquaint yourself with both the technical as well as artistic side of it. The course will cost you US$29.99, and you can join it here.

8- Wedding photography: Bridal portraits:

Wedding photography: Bridal portraits

A sub-genre of wedding photography is bridal portraits. Usually, wedding photographers are capable of taking bridal pictures as well. But this is the age of specialization. Now, we have separate photographers for taking the bride’s pictures. The need for it arose as bridal photography is a mix between fashion and portrait photography. Wedding photography is generic and is more about capturing the moods and moments rather than the persons. The bridal photographer captures the bride in all her pristine beauty and poise. Now is the time to invest in this upcoming skill. Join now by paying US$34.99, and here is a link to it.

9- Compositing product photography in Photoshop:

Compositing product photography in Photoshop

Product photography is another vital branch of commercial photography. How you showcase your product to the world is one of the deciding factors of buying the product. A neatly taken product’s photograph can entice a customer to make the final decision that he has been holding back. It is that important. This course will teach tools and tricks to make your product’s photography more appealing using Photoshop. If you have a thing for product photography, then this course is for you. It costs US$39.99, and here is its link.

10- Photography foundations: Refining your skills:

Photography foundations: Refining your skills

Lastly, this course will teach you all the things about polishing and grooming your photography skills further. It assumes you have the basic knowledge of photography, and it aims to build on that knowledge base and take it higher. It especially emphasizes the technical aspect of photography. The course costs US$34.99, and you may join by clicking here.


That was all about ten of the best courses on how to be a pro commercial photographer. We hope you will find this list to be informational and beneficial, and it will help you develop your career in commercial photography.