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Online courses have become more popular now than ever. Also, they have become versatile. They now include courses from different educational subjects to real-life applied knowledge. Such of these applied courses are home improvement online courses. These courses include different tips and methods of improving different parts of your home.

In the next paragraphs, we will share about 15 of the best home improvement online courses that will help you to improve your home like a professional. You will be amazed at the versatility of these courses. While some of these courses will help you better a part of your home, others will help you get rid of different domestic problems without the help of a professional.

1. Installing Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are one of the easiest media to bring aristocracy to a house. However, that does not mean it is only a matter of aristocracy. It is an essential part as well. Cabinets are even far more important in kitchens. They keep the kitchen tidy and clean. However, if you don’t know how to install a kitchen cabinet, you will have to spend a lot just in its installation. But here is the course to help you. With its practical showing, you will be able to learn how to install kitchen cabinets.

2. Electrical Drilling and Wire Running

Electricity is one of the major components of modern housing. If you have recently built up a house or bought one, the first thing you will need is the setup of its electricity lines and wiring. However, most of the time, we seem to hire laborers to do the drilling and wiring. But with a little try, you could do it yourself. And thus, you can save quite some money as well as have the perfect wiring as you want them to be. This course will help you with that.

3. Cutting Tiles Around Pipes

Cutting Tiles Around Pipes

Have you ever set up the tiles of your house by yourself? If so, you know how hard it is to set tiles up near and around pipes. No tiles shop offers tiles in the shape of your house. And surely, they do not know the pipes of your house. Therefore, you need to cut the tiles in exactly the same shape. With this online practical course, you will learn to cut tiles around the pipes of your home like professionals.

4. Planning Before Painting

Most house owners want to do the painting task by themselves. However, most of them fail to bring the exact color and look they wanted to. It happens just because of the lack of planning. They just start painting and stops when it is done. But it is already ruined by then. This course will help you do the perfect planning for your painting. As a result, you will be able to bring the perfect look and feel to your house.

5. Installing Shower Drain Pipe

Installing a shower drain pipe may seem very easy. But if you have tried to do it yourself at least once in your life, you surely know how hard it actually is. Only putting the pipes in position won’t do. You will have to put them in the correct order, maintaining proper angles. This practical video course will show you the total process in detail. It will include all the measurements you need to keep in mind.

6. Making Home Energy-Efficient

With our lives being more and more modern, we have come up to use a lot of energy. And we use it in different forms. Maybe that is why we don’t even understand how much of it is getting wasted. But when the bills are in our hands at the end of the month, we get shocked at the huge amount. However, making your home energy-efficient is not that tough if you know how to do that. And this course is all about that.

7. Painting a House

Painting a House

Previously, we have mentioned a course about planning before painting. But what happens if you do not know how to paint? Your total planning will end up in smoke. Most people think that they can paint the house themselves. But when it comes to reality, a huge percentage fails. Hopefully, following this practical course, you will be able to get out of that crowd.

8. Installing a Window

Most of the time, we seek the help of carpenters to install our windows. But with this short online course, you can do it yourself from now on. And this way, a lot of money can be saved.

9. Cutting and Fitting Insulation Boards

Fitting insulation boards properly is an essential part of home improvement. However, we have quite a hardship to do so. This course will help you cut and fit insulation boards as needed in your home.

10. Installing Solid Wood Exterior Door

Doors and windows are some of the basic structures of a home. Hence, their installation should be known to everybody. Still, most of us do not. With this practical course, you will be able to install a specific type of door- solid wood exterior doors.

11. Repairing Kitchen Cabinets

We already included a course about installing kitchen cabinets. Well, let’s assume you already have a kitchen cabinet, but it has some issues. How will you fix that? This course here will help you to repair the kitchen cabinets in your home.

12. Cutting and Assembling PVC Pipe

When we think about assembling PVC pipes, it seems quite an easy matter. However, reality says something different. Many pipes fail just because of the failure of their assembling. But, you don’t need to worry about it because this practical course will help you with all of it.

13. Welding Basics

We don’t usually need to do a lot of welding in homes. But when we do, it makes us suffer quite much. But if you knew how to weld, the total process would be easier. This course includes the basics of welding.

14. Working with Concrete

Working with Concrete

Modern houses are all about concretes. If you have a lack in working with concretes, you are quite behind in your home improvement. However, this course will help you to work with concretes.

15. Kitchen Remodelling

If you truly want to do some improvement work on your home, there is no alternative to remodeling. However, remodeling requires quite a patience and hard work. In this course, the total process of remodeling your kitchen has been time lapsed. But don’t worry. You will get the whole process narrated. Therefore, it won’t be any problem for you to adapt to it.