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Product marketing is an art, and to learn this skill, one has to do a lot of research. However, you can learn the proven techniques by learning from the experts. Hence, we can see that people are interested in taking online product marketing courses. We have handpicked the top 10 product marketing courses if you want to know those secrets. The list includes both free and paid online courses, and the form of the courses includes podcasts, videos, and courses. So, let us know about them briefly. 

1. Create a Go-To-Market Plan

The LinkedIn Learning courses are always practical and provide excellent value to the learners. This is the only paid course on our list, but it gives more insights regarding product marketing. After this course, you will learn how to build a GTM plan ( go to market) for your upcoming products and services. It lets you know how to create a winning marketing strategy, evaluate KPI and metrics, drive better channel performance, etc. It is the best of all the product marketing courses. 

2. Positioning a Brand: Best Practices for Marketing Product Features With Humor

The best way to do marketing is by conveying your messages to the audience without making them bored.  If you want to grab the customers’ attention and tell them your product’s essential features and advantages, it is best to convey through humor. It will make your marketing efforts successful for sure. So, if you wonder how to achieve this goal, this short four-minute video will help reveal the secrets. You can watch this video on YouTube. 

3. Scott Ross

This is a video course available on our website and YouTube. In the short four-minute video Scott Ross, the head of product marketing of Nielsen Online, gives insights in this video. The addition of the new metric to gauge the popularity of a website using the time spent on a page made many experts raise their eyebrows. In this video, he talks about the importance of time spent on a web page and how you can use this data and do effective product marketing. 

4. How to Market Your Book Without an Audience

How to Market Your Book Without an Audience

if your product is a book and does not have any audience, this is the best podcast one should listen to. Neil, the New York Times best-selling author, gives this knowledge and secret of making your book famous. Here, he discusses how audio is vital to promote any book, and hence he advocates the importance of promoting books in podcasts. Eric, the other participant in the podcast, shares how he got booked 25 podcasts using the clubhouse. 

5. 7 Creative Ways to Invest in Marketing

In this even minute-long podcast, you can know the seven ways to invest in marketing and get the benefits out of it. It lets you know how offering free tools can drive more traffic to your websites. The podcast also lets you know how providing the option of notifying the availability of stock, adding up-sell or down-sell opportunities in the checkout page, or thank you pages increases the traffic. Along with this, there are other effective ways to boost your sales indirectly, and all of them are discussed in this podcast. 

6. How to Get 5-Star Reviews Organically on Amazon

This is another insightful conversation between Eric and Neil, and this podcast is also available for free. In this short podcast, you can learn how to get five-star reviews on amazon organically. The strategies you learn in this podcast apply to all products, be it is a book or any other product. You can also know why reviews are essential for any business and how to take the feedback constructively and improve your products. 

7. 5 CRO Tips to Convert E-commerce Sites

If you want to know more about Conversation Rate Optimization, this four minutes podcast is the right one. This is a conversation between Eric and Neil, and you can hear this for free. Here you can learn the top five tips to turn your e-commerce site into a highly profitable one. In this conversation, you can learn from bettering the image quality to providing multiple payment options. It is ideal for those who have e-commerce sites for marketing their products and services. 

8. The Product Marketing Manager: Responsibilities and Best Practices in a Technology Company

This course is actually a book; in this book, you can learn significant lessons about the role of the product marketing manager. The book provides deep insights into product marketing from inception to launch and post-launch activities. If you want to choose product marketing as a career path and need guidance and clarification about key things of product marketing, this is the right book for you. It also helps the professionals who want to advance their knowledge related to product marketing. 

9. Why So Few People Finish Courses

This is also a free podcast you can listen to and know how to market your online courses. The duration of this podcast is only five minutes. In this course, Neil and Eric make you understand why even after paying for the lessons, people won’t complete the online courses. If you are marketing online courses, you must listen to this fascinating conversation between the two successful entrepreneurs. At the end of the conversation, you can learn how to design your course and make it stand out. 

10. Marketing Lessons for Companies Big and Small

Marketing Lessons for Companies Big and Small

This course is available free of cost, and the format of the course is a podcast. Harvard Business Review makes this podcast; in this, regular contributor Denise Lee Yohn speaks about marketing lessons one can learn from retail & restaurant brands. She is the author of What Great Minds Do and Extraordinary Experience books. She talks about how restaurants and retail shops work and thrive even in the highly competitive environment posed by online stores. 


In these our top ten marketing courses, you can take all of them since all except one is paid. Plus, all the courses of short duration. If you want to explore other exceptional courses, you can visit