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Productivity is the core issue in any organization. Being productive can mean a lot of things, but to put it briefly, it means spending each day in such a way that you become closer to achieving your organization’s overall goal. There are dozens of methods and techniques that can help you to be at your productive best. We have outlined 10 of the best self-learning courses on the subject that will help you increase your productivity. So, here it goes.

1- How to prioritize your to-do list every time:

How to prioritize your to-do list every time

This video will help you prioritize your daily routine. It introduces you to some wonderful apps that will help you stay organized and up-to-date. The expert advises you to pick the three most important tasks and set them up according to their priority. For all this and other such excellent advice, do check out this video. Here is the link to it.

2- Productivity blueprint: What are focus and self-discipline?

Productivity blueprint: What are focus and self-discipline

Productivity is intertwined with focus and self-discipline. These components need to be present in the environment if you want to be productive. But what exactly entails focus and self-discipline? The expert in this video lecture sheds light on these concepts and how you can incorporate them into your everyday lives. The idea is simple, yet it requires consistent effort on your part to be effective. Learn more on the matter by clicking here.

3- Effective personal productivity:

Effective personal productivity

In this short video, the speaker talks about enhancing your productivity. The concept does not solely apply to work; it does include your home and personal life too. If you are productive in your personal and professional domains, you will likely lead a happy and satisfying life. It pays to be productive in every sphere of your life, which this video emphasizes and teaches you. Learn more wisdom from it by going to its link here.

4- 2 techniques to instantly increase your team productivity:

2 techniques to instantly increase your team productivity

Teamwork is an integral part of any organization, and every manager wants to extract the maximum from its team members. This video talks about two techniques that will give you guaranteed results in this regard. What are those two techniques? To find out, see this video and be enlightened on the subject. Here is the link to it.  

5- Building a more productive team:

Building a more productive team

This video is like a continuation of the one above. This one starts from scratch and guides you on how to make a productive team in the first place. It starts from the selection as choosing the right person for the right job is the foremost requirement. What attributes should you look for in a person while making the team and assigning responsibilities? In short, it has all the tips and tricks that can help you build a successful and productive team. Here is the link to that video.

6- Ask Ramit: How to Increase Productivity with “The Iceberg Method.”

Ask Ramit: How to Increase Productivity with "The Iceberg Method

Most of us have heard about the iceberg method or theory. But did you know that you can use it to increase your productivity? The process in question is now in vogue to address productivity issues globally. But you must know how to apply it effectively, and this is where you can take help from this video. The expert spells out how you can use the iceberg method in productivity matters. This video is very informative and will give you new insight into tackling productivity issues. Here is the link to it.

7- Kaizen, the secret behind Japanese productivity:

Kaizen, the secret behind Japanese productivity

Kaizen is a Japanese management philosophy. It is in practice in Japanese society for centuries. It encourages you to take a holistic view of things and never stop evolving and improving. It also emphasizes specialization of tasks and developing core competencies and expertise. This concept has shown positive results in Sino-Japanese societies, and Western countries are following suit. You can learn from them and apply that to your organization to be more productive. Learn more about Kaizen by clicking on this link here.

8- Turn Your Address Bar into a Productivity Command Line:

Turn Your Address Bar into a Productivity Command Line

This video gives a simple and easy-to-follow concept to turn your address bar into a productivity bar. You will have to use apps like Google calendar for this purpose. As we all know, Google calendar is a digital form of your events and appointments diary. You can set reminders and do so much more using this app, and the best part is it will show everything on the Chrome address bar. It leaves little chance of missing out on anything as everyone uses computers almost all the time in the office. You tend to be more efficient and punctual following this app. This video here will explain how it works.

9- Measuring employee productivity:

Measuring employee productivity

We all want our employees to be more productive at work. But how do we quantify productivity? What are the criteria that you can follow to measure how effective your employee is? It is what is explained in this video by the experts. You will learn essential techniques of measuring productivity and then interpret the data to gain more knowledge on the subject. You can have a look at the concept here.

10- Productivity blueprint: scatter-brained:

Productivity blueprint: scatter-brained

Our fast-paced and mechanical life has left us exhausted and stressed. Often there is so much going on in our minds that it is hard to focus on any one aspect. This phenomenon is what we call scatter-brained. It is not an ideal condition to be in, and the expert in this video will help you get out of it and remain focused. It seeks to declutter your mind and make you more productive both at work and at home.


So, this was all about the ten best courses on increasing productivity at work and home in general. It is an important concept, and the employees need to be more educated and aware of it. We hope by taking these or any one of these courses you will get immense benefits from it.