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Career development is the process whereby an individual strives to achieve higher status in his professional life. He may aim for it by adding more skills or academic qualifications to his repertoire, finding a new or better job, or starting a new career different from what he has been doing already. It is a never-ending process because we all want to progress in our careers, and everyone seeks betterment in his ways. Here we present 10 of the best online courses to help you make better and informed decisions regarding your careers.

1- Finding a job:

Finding a job

We will start with this course that tells you how do you get a job. It will provide you with practical and valuable tips and techniques on finding a job that matches your skillset. It’s a big world out there with hundreds of jobs that may or may not be suitable for you. Making the right decision is a tough call, and this course will equip you to create one. It costs USD29.99, and you can join it here.

2- Switching your career:

Switching your career

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you start questioning your life decisions, especially your career. But switching your job is a complex and possibly life-altering decision. It takes courage, research, and a well-thought-out strategy to make this move. It can both make or break your life so take your time before you take the final plunge. This course will guide you on how to make this all-important decision. It costs USD24.99, and you can start by clicking here.

3- Mastering common interview questions:

Mastering common interview questions

Interviews are part and parcel of any job-getting parcel. It is seldom that you get a job without going through the drill of an interview. This course will help you master the art of giving an interview. It sheds light on 10 of the most common questions you are likely to face during an interview. It will provide you with some helpful insight that you can later employ to answer these questions. It will cost you USD24.99 and here is where you can join it.

4- Internal interviewing:

Internal interviewing

Internal interviewing is when an organization decides to hire someone from within the existing employees’ pool. It can be for a promotion or linear progression but in a different department. Either way, the interview process requires some preparation. The atmosphere is slightly relaxed here because the interviewee is already employed there, and nothing is alien to him. He likely knows the interviewers too. But here lies the catch, it requires different handling than a regular interview. It would help if you had some other techniques to succeed here. This curse will provide you with just that. It will cost you USD24.99, and you may start learning here.

5- Managing your career as an introvert:

Managing your career as an introvert

You do not need to suffer n your career if you have an introverted personality. Many people think that it is an impediment to career development and that introverts miss out on a lot of opportunities. The unfortunate reality is; many introverts believe on the same lines too. This course will shatter this myth and guide you on progressing in your career even if you have a shy outlook and are not very loud or outgoing. Its price is US$29.99, and you can begin your journey here.

6- Negotiating your job offer:

Negotiating your job offer

Getting a job offer is excellent but negotiating with your potential employer on your new job is more complicated than you’d expect. You’dYou’d think getting a job offer means the employer wants to have you in his organization, and you can ask for as many perks as you want. But it is not likely, yes, the employer wants you, but he would like to hire you on his terms, and you would want the opposite. Finding the middle ground is the key here, and herein lies your success. This course will shed light on this critical matter. Its price is USD24.99, and you can join it here.

7- Discovering your strengths:

Discovering your strengths

Very often, a person will reach the twilight of his career without knowing his strengths. He will remain unaware of the untapped potential he possesses, and that’s pretty sad. How can one progress in life without knowing what one is capable of doing? For that, you need to understand what you are good at and the best way to utilize your talents. This course will provide you with an answer to these questions to realize your latent capabilities. It costs US$29.99, and you can enroll here.

8- Taking charge of your career:

Taking charge of your career

This course is an extension of the course that we discussed above. It will help you identify your true passion and use it to define and match your career goals. Most of us are stuck in a rut when it comes to careers and jobs. We don’t own our professions, and often it is the other way round. It shouldn’t be like that. A career ought to be an auxiliary part of your life, it is essential, but it must not consume your whole personality. You can learn more by clicking here. The price is US$24.99.

9- Finding a remote job:

Finding a remote job

Remote jobs have become a buzzword these days. Technology has squeezed the distances, and now you can work for any company in the world without leaving your home. It offers exciting benefits and rewards. You do not need to leave your home, family, and friends and earn foreign exchange working for a global company. This course will tell you how you can hunt for a remote job, what the hiring process is like, the challenges of working in such an environment, and how to address them. Its price is USD24.99, and you can start learning about it here.

10- Start a side hustle:

Start a side hustle

Augmenting your monthly income with a side hustle is a desire that many of us nurture. Yet few venture out to work for it. There are many reasons for it; lack of motivation, managing time, raising finance, etc. are some. This course will help you identify these problems and give you their solutions to pave the way for your side hustle. It will cost you 34.99, and you can start here.


These were some of the best courses that will help you along your career journey and progression. We hope you will take advantage of these courses and thrive in your careers.