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Public relations or PR is an organized exercise that seeks to develop a favorable public opinion for an organization for a public figure. It is primarily an image-building exercise and has enormous traction in today’s world. A good PR strategy can make a positive perception in the public’s mind that may be very hard to shake off. PR is different from publicity as outsiders perform publicity, but PR is a purely indigenous activity. Here, we will share ten of the best online courses on the subject of public relations as follows;

1- Public relations foundations:

This course will enlighten you about the fundamentals of public relations. You will learn about an eight-step PR building approach. It will focus on different aspects of PR like creating and maintaining a good reputation, handling and managing media affairs, and influencing customer opinion to your advantage. This course will provide you with essential knowledge on the subject, and you can acquire it at USD24.99. This link will take you there.

2- Customer service foundations:

Customer is central to every PR exercise. It is the customer who holds the key to a successful enterprise. Every good organization holds its customer in high esteem and makes them feel special and wanted. Excellent customer service will make a customer come back for more, and he will become your brand ambassador as well, and that too for free. This course will teach the learners proper customer service techniques for effective customer management. The course fee is USD29.99, and you can join it here.

3- Customer service: Motivating your team

In this course, the instructor will dispense information on motivating your team to enhance your customer experience. Every customer has diverse and varied expectations from an organization and wants to get the most out of his purchase. The sales team ought to be responsive to customers’ needs and clearly understand what he wants. You will use all of these techniques in this course and make a happy and satisfied customer. The course is priced at USD29.99, and you can start your learning here.

4- Advanced consumer behavior:

Advanced consumer behavior

Consumer behavior is an interesting phenomenon and one that continues to inspire research and new theories. Multiple factors influence and form a consumer’s behavioral patterns. These factors also keep on changing and evolving with time. An organization needs to keep itself of all the new and emerging trends and elements to form consumer behavior. This course will dispense the latest knowledge on the subject that you can use for maximum benefits. The fee is USD39.99, and you can join it here.

5- Building business relationships:

A business is all about forging new relationships and solidifying them. A company cannot prosper in isolation. For its development and progress, it must form alliances and partnerships with other businesses and benefit each other. It is how enterprises flourish and develop businesses that transcend geographical boundaries. The instructor will teach you how to clinch successful business relationships and maintain them over time in this course. It is a beneficial course for anyone looking to further his knowledge on this subject. It costs USD34.99, and you can join it here.

6- Public relations foundations: Media training

We live in the age of information, and media is a tool for disseminating information. Effective PR management must include media management as well. An individual or an organization must know how to -communicate with the media and convey its message befittingly. Media has the power to make or break an image. Therefore, media management organizations hire pros that know how to talk to media persons. This course will train you effectively to answer media queries and handle them aptly. The fee is USD29.99, and you can register for it here.

7- De-escalating intense situations:

It is somewhat impossible to avoid an unpleasant situation. We are all humans here, and sometimes emotions flare up and lead to tensions at the workplace. It could be a tiff among the organization’s employees or, worst, with the customers. The success lies in getting out of this situation that leaves both parties happy and satisfied. This course will teach you practical tips and techniques to defuse an intense situation. Its cost is USD34.99, and you can enroll here for it.

8- Retail customer service:

Retail customer service

The instructor will equip you with the necessary tips and tricks to provide a smashing retail service in this course. They call it “rock star” service. A retailer is in direct contact with the end-user, so his conduct is crucial in ensuring a solid customer experience. And it is more than just talking in a friendly and polite manner and giving it the product or service he needs. If you want to learn more on this subject, join this course here. The fee is USD29.99.

9- Customer service: creating customer value

Creating customer value is going above and beyond the customer’s expectations. It forms a strategic relationship with the customer where the customer feels obligated to come to you. It is a difficult skill to acquire but gives you immense benefits over the long term. If you want to learn is an invaluable skill, you must go for this course. The fee is USD29.99, and here is the link for it.

10- Service metrics for customer service:

This course will teach you how to measure customer service. There ought to be a metric to know the level and quality of service towards your customers. Otherwise, it will remain an abstract thought with little to no practical utility. Thankfully, it is not the case, and you can learn all the essential metrics through this course here. The course fee is USD34.99.


So, that was our list for ten of the best online courses on PR. We hope you will find this list both informative and inspiring. We have tried to cover all the required courses related to this subject. It is an ever-growing area of learning, but as of now, they represent the best it has to offer.