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Public speaking is both an art and science; without getting into the debate whether it is inborn or something that you can acquire through training, we can safely conclude that either way, you can amp your public speaking skills through some techniques and tips. Let us share some of the courses you can take to enhance your public speaking skills, especially in the corporate world.

1- Wellcast – be a more confident public speaker:

Wellcast – be a more confident public speaker

In this short and free video, the makers have delineated some crucial tips to overcome your fear of public speaking. Through engaging animation, they have produced an engaging video on the subject which is equally beneficial for adults and children. It has highlighted some common problems in this regard and addressed them using concise bullet points. The video is available for viewing here.

2- When you are afraid of public speaking:

When you are afraid of public speaking

This short and lighthearted video deals with a heavy subject: our fear of public speaking while giving office presentations. The protagonist, who is a female, is seen getting all pensive about delivering a presentation and remembering how horrible it went the last time. She, however, manages to get the job done with relative ease by composing herself and conquering her fears to make a presentation that everyone in the office applauded. It is an adorable video with a motivating message for those who fret at the thought of giving a public presentation. Watch the magic happen by clicking here.

3- Public speaking tips: How to begin a public speech?

Public speaking tips: How to begin a public speech

How about hearing from the pro on the subject of public speaking? Mr. Scott Ginsberg is a published author of five books and a professional public speaker. His opinion on the matter carries substance. He has elucidated on how to begin your public speech in this brief video. Usually, the start of the address is the most critical part. Once you hit off a good start, it is generally smooth sailing onwards. Mr. Scott’s tips are practical, workable, and easy to understand and follow. We are sure they will help you as well. Here is how you can avail his wisdom on the subject.

4- Think fast, talk smart: Communication techniques:

Think fast, talk smart: Communication techniques

Here is another professional whose opinion on the subject is both worthy and weighty. Mr. Matt Abraham is a lecturer who teaches public speaking and strategic communication to his students. This particular lecturer we refer to was recorded in 2014, but it hasn’t lost relevance even today. Mr. Abraham provides you handy tools that can give you the confidence to air your views with more impact and eloquence. His grasp on his subject has made him a star speaker, and people attend his seminars with rapt attention to learn from him. You can also do the same by visiting here.

5- Nervous presenting and public speaking-how to cure and improve performance tips:

Nervous presenting and public speaking-how to cure and improve performance tips

It’s okay to be nervous before an important business presentation or any other occasion that requires public speaking. The anxiety that may overcome you can cause you jitters, but it is essential to overcome this feeling and not let it get hold of you. But how do you do that? This video addresses this very question. The expert pointedly puts forth particular suggestions to help you get over your fears and perform your job well. The tips are workable for any public speaking forum, and they will make a confident public speaker out of you. You can share her insight on the subject by going to this link.

6- The art of public speaking – audiobook:

The art of public speaking – audiobook

Who is not aware of Dale Carnegie? The author of multiple books on self-help and motivation. The book in question is also one of his best sellers. In this era of technology, you don’t just read books; you can also listen to them and know what the author has to say on the subject. You can listen to this book anywhere you like and benefit from it. The author has succinctly described how you can be an effective public speaker and the steps to make you one short to long term. Here is the link to the audiobook.

7- Fears and phobias of public speaking:

Fears and phobias of public speaking

Here is another expert on public speaking who will give you how you can fight your phobias and fears of public speaking. Scientifically, it is known as glossophobia, anxiety that one experiences before public speaking. The expert has delivered various lectures on the subject, and now -you can get to hear his wise words as well. Here is the link to this lecture.

8- Types of gestures in public speaking:

Types of gestures in public speaking

Gestures are a vital part of your overall public speaking experience. What messages you give with your body movements and hand gestures are equally important to what you speak. Gestures can sometimes cover your shortfalls and often enhance the impact of your speech. They also help you increase your confidence while public speaking and overcome your fears. You can learn all the essential public speaking gestures by going through this video here.

9- 6 public speaking tips to hook any audience:

6 public speaking tips to hook any audience

This video will provide you with some very critical tips on public speaking. It educates you on how to engage your audience in the first 30 seconds of your speech, no matter the context of the address. Once you have your audience’s attention, you can begin your sermon and press upon the crux of the issue. Here is the link to the video.

10- JFK’s ten best speeches:

JFK’s ten best speeches

JFK was a fine orator and an eloquent public speaker. You can always turn to his speeches to seek inspiration and learn something about public speaking. He kept his audience’s attention for as long as he kept speaking. His audience loved and cheered every word of his and made him the star president of the US. You can catch glimpses of his ten best speeches here.


That was everything about public speaking courses. You can recourse to them whenever you want guidance on public speaking and perform your job with aplomb.