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Search engine optimization or SEO is a much-in-demand skill these days. It refers to a series of steps, tools, and techniques used to achieve a higher place for a website in search engine’s results pages (SERPs). It is separate from a paid ranking, where a website pays a specific amount to the search engine for a higher ranking. Here, the website is designed and modified so that the search engine automatically shows it at a higher place. For this reason, it is also called organic ranking. Let us share ten online courses that will enhance your understanding of the subject.

1- SEO Foundations:

As the title of this course suggests, it provides you with foundational SEO knowledge. You will learn about its fundamentals like keyword research, textual optimization, mobile-friendliness, identifying the weak areas of the website, etc. It is a very informative course for anyone willing to learn a thing or two about SEO. The course aims to introduce you to the basics of the course and hopefully encourage you to take it up at a higher level. Its fee is USD34.99, and this link will take you there.

2- SEO: Keyword strategy:

Keywords hold a central position in SEO planning and execution. These are the words users find what they are looking for on the internet. Therefore, their optimum and strategic use is of paramount importance. This course will tell you how best to plan your keyword strategy and learn to use them effectively in ad campaigns, website content, and other places. The course will cost you USD34.99, and here is the link to join it.

3- SEO: Ecommerce

Last year, in the US alone, eCommerce generated revenue of USD431.6 billion. Globally it runs into trillions of dollars. Every company is online, and countless companies are running their operations online exclusively. SEO for an eCommerce website is a whole different ballgame. Highlighting a company’s product or products requires a deeper understanding of SEO and the use of some additional tools and features. This course aims to teach you all that and more on this subject. You will be able to optimize your eCommerce site after finishing it. The course costs USD24.99, and it is available here.

4- Advanced SEO: search factors

Advanced SEO: search factors

In this course, the expert talks about the impact of search factors on your SEO. Searching is one of the top ways a user can find you. But there are ways to enhance your visibility on search results. You can study these search factors in detail by joining this course. It will cost you USD34.99, and you can enter it here.

5- Voice search marketing:

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. People are using voice commands to operate their mobile devices and even cars. It is also beneficial for visually-impaired persons. SEO for voice-activated searches is different from text-based searches. Some other tools and techniques work for making your voice command more SEO-friendly. In this course, the expert highlights them and helps you make your SEO as per the users’ voice commands. Its fee is USD24.99, and you can start your classes here.

6- Improve SEO for your website:

This course will teach you how best to use SEO methods to improve your website. There are several ways to make your website more SEO-friendly. It is a multi-pronged approach, and you will have to involve people like website developers, content writers, graphic designers, etc. An SEO expert identifies the areas that improve a website and then asks the relevant professional to change it. The SEO expert alone cannot handle all the tasks. It must be a team effort. This course will enable you to devise strategies for this purpose. It will cost you USD34.99, and you can join it here.

7- International SEO:

Through this course, you will be able to rank your website higher in SERPs in more than one country and more than one language. It is beneficial for companies with a global presence and caters to a worldwide audience. You will learn multilingual link building, localized content, language preference, country targeting, etc. This course is informative and would benefit anyone who wants to add to his SEO knowledge and build on it. The course fee is USD29.99, and here is the link to join this course.

8- Local SEO:

Local SEO

Local SEO is the opposite of international SEO. Here, the focus is on gaining maximum visibility on the local internet space. It primarily focuses on small businesses that only cater to local markets and are confined by geographical bounds. They want to make sure that their rank remains high on local SERPs. This course will delve into strategies and tools that will enable you to do the same. Its cost is USD34.99, and you can join it here.

9- Advanced SEO: Developing an SEO-friendly website

Several advanced SEO techniques help build your website on a more SEO-friendly premise. These include using comparison and journalist keywords, animations, infographics, backlinks to podcasts, dynamic pagination, creating content hubs, embedding original images, forging a content alliance, among many others. In this course, the instructor will discuss them. The fee is USD49.99, and here is the link for it.

10- SEO: link building in detail:

This course will highlight the importance of link building in SEO. There is no denying the importance of link building for effective SEO. You will learn how to create effective linkage, their features, how they will affect your overall SEO, the interdependence of inbound and outbound links, and which one should you prefer and why. The fee is USD39.99, and you can join this course by clicking here.


So that was the list of ten of the best SEO courses and how best you can use them to enhance your understanding of the subject. We hope these courses will ignite your interest in SEO, and you will learn more on the subject. SEO is a very relevant skill to master these days. And it is financially rewarding too. We hope it was helpful.