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Social media is ubiquitous and has changed how we communicate with each other. Billions of people are now using social media, and this number is ever-growing. It was natural that companies realized its commercial potential and started using it. It gave birth to the concept of social media marketing which is nothing but using social media forums to sell your products and services. This article will share 10 of the best online courses that teach different aspects of social media marketing. So, let’s begin.

1- Social media foundations:

Let’s start with the basics first. This course will tell you how you can harness the power of social media for your commercial advantage. The course will reveal how you can seamlessly integrate social media into your overall marketing strategy to gain maximum benefits. You can devise intelligent social media marketing campaigns to lure customers and win business. The fee for the course is USD29.99, and you can join it here.

2- Marketing your professional service:

Social media is all about standing out in the crowd. But it is easier said than done. There are a plethora of companies vying for the same target audience. So, how do you make your mark? Well, this course sheds light on this all-essential question. The expert talks about effectively presenting your services to potential clients in a way that appeals to them commercially. It is an art and a science, and you can learn it for USD34.99 by clicking here.

3- Social media marketing: Managing online customer reviews:

Online customer reviews have assumed a significant role in attracting new sales. Potential customers who are unaware or unsure about a company’s products turn to the online reviews section to check previous customers’ experiences. If the feedback is positive, the purchase will happen. Otherwise, it may not. This course will teach you how to extract positive reviews from customers. It focuses on social platforms like Yelp, Facebook, and Google, but the advice it dispenses holds for other forums as well. Learn more on this for USD29.99 here.

4- Advertising on Instagram:

Advertising on Instagram

Instagram is among the most popular social media outlets out there. It has more than 1 billion active users, and the number is growing. It has a solid following among the youth. Therefore, it should be part and parcel of every company’s social media policy selling products for young people. This course will teach you how to advertise your products on Instagram best, ensure their success, monitor results, and draw benefits out of them. The course costs USD34.99, and you can join it here.

5- Social media marketing for small businesses:

Sadly, you are mistaken if you think social media marketing is only for big corporations with multiple product lines and substantial marketing budgets. Any business can take advantage of social media; big or small does not matter. A small business can also increase its digital footprint by effectively using social media. This course will tell you just that. The course fee is USD24.99, and you can join it by clicking here.

6- Advertising on Facebook: Advanced

Facebook ushered in the social media revolution in the world. It is still the most used social media with a maximum number of users. It offers enormous commercial benefits, and if you know how to use the right advertising tools available on Facebook, you can hardly fail. This course will shed light on advanced Facebook advertising features that will help you better position your ad so that it wins the maximum benefits for you. You will learn about complex tools like Facebook pixels, a lookalike audience, etc., and more through this course. The course fee is USD44.99, and you can join it here.

7- B2B Foundations: Social media marketing:

B2B stands for business to business. It is when two firms transact for their collective good. A wholesaler selling to a retailer is an example of it. If you run a B2B social media marketing campaign, its metrics will differ from business to consumer (B2C). It would help focus on different dynamics here to achieve the best results. This course will tell you how you can do that. The fee for this course is USD29.99, and you can join it here.

8- Influencer marketing foundations:

Influencer marketing foundations

The rise of social media has given birth to several social media stars. They are generally referred to as influencers. They have a large following and a loyal fan base. Companies can use influencers to further their ad and marketing campaigns and reap the benefits. This course will inform you how you can use the medium of influencers to maximize your returns. How to choose the best influencers, the criteria for using them, and many other things. The fee for this course is USD24.99, and you can start taking the class here.

9- Learn social media monitoring:

Social media monitoring will introduce you to the concept of social listening. The idea of social listening is integral to social media. You need to sift through different voices that you are hearing on your social media and identify the main issues. It will help you overcome crises and highlight the things that need to be highlighted. This course will teach you to monitor your social media accounts and be more receptive to your audience. The system will cost you USD39.99, and you can start learning here.

10- Marketing on Snapchat:

Snapchat has also got considerable traction among young lot. It is a colorful platform that lets users have fun with their pictures and videos and share it here. Its rising popularity has also made it very appealing for business purposes. If you want to use it for marketing, you need to devise an ad campaign that attracts its user base. You will have to incorporate different filters and lenses that it offers and use the ones that suit your campaign. You can learn it for USD39.99, and here is the link for it.


That was all about the ten best courses on social media marketing. The immense power of social media will continue to wield its economic impact for sure. It is better businesses come in line and start using it for their good. These courses will help you learn some essential aspects of social media marketing.