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In our modern lives, we rely so much upon software and applications. From waking up from sleep in the morning to going to bed at night, our lives depend upon various software. Even when we are sleeping, we depend on some of those. But what would happen if the software we rely upon kept failing again and again? Surely, that would disrupt our regular lives as well. That is why testing software is very important.

Now, let’s come to the main point. For your professional purpose or just personal need, you will have to test software sometimes. How will you do that? Well, there are various courses on testing software. Skillqore has put together so many of them. In the next paragraphs, we will share the top of these software testing courses that will help you all the way.

1. Automated Testing for Developers

We sit on this side of the software. What happens on the other side? Well, there are the developers of the software on the other side. Before the software reaches us, they go under a lot of testing. And the developers do this testing. So if the testing was automated, wouldn’t that ease the work? Well, here we are. This course helps to learn automated testing that is highly valuable for developers. It includes a wide variety of techniques for automated software testing.

2. Security Testing

Security has become the most vital issue of the current world. We have seen many companies fail just because of their lack of security. In the same way, we have seen people abandon different software because there is a security problem. Hence, the importance of testing the security of software rises so high. In this course, you will be able to learn about the basics of security testing. You will be able to set up a test environment, plan assessments, and so on.

3. Ethical Hacking

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, security has become the biggest issue. While hackers cause the risk, some other hackers solve it. And that is what we call ethical hacking. In recent times, we have seen many examples of security breaching throughout the world. Because of that, the importance of ethical hacking has grown much more. Maybe that is why there is an exam for certified ethical hackers. And this course will help you get prepared for that exam.

4. React: Testing and Debugging

As you test the software, you will find some bugs. And then, you will need to debug them. But that is not the end. You will have to optimize your react code with different tools like Chrome, Jest, ESLint, etc. This course of testing and debugging will help you learn all of that.

5. Android Testing for Mobile Developers

Android now runs the most mobile phones on the earth. That is why there is huge competition in Android software. The software you create for Android phones must be compatible with that. As a mobile developer, you must make sure of it. This online course will help you do that. Through this course, you will be able to explore various testing techniques for Android, which have been found very effective.

6. Unit Testing for iOS Developers

We already mentioned Android. Now, if we leave iOS out of these courses, that would be a misjudgment. Well, let’s not make that misjudgment. Hence, here we are with a course for iOS developers. This course is about unit testing. In this course, you will be able to explore the fundamentals of unit tests in Xcode. Besides, you will be able to add unit tests to your iOS projects.

7. Programming Foundations

Software is all about programming and its perfect implementation. If you fail to incorporate different testing into your procedure, the programming will fail. And that is why this course has quite some importance. It helps the learners learn how they can incorporate different software testing into their development cycle. As a result, meeting the quality goals becomes much easier. Moreover, this course includes a question-and-answer part. Hopefully, you will find the answers to all your unanswered questions.

8. Software Testing Tools

Software Testing Tools

As we already mentioned, software testing is of much importance. To make it easier, there has been an introduction of various testing tools. And this course is about exploring those tools. In this course, you will survey the most popular tools for software testing. Some of these tools are paid, and some are open-source solutions. Selenium is one among them.

9. Java: Testing with Junit

If you have minimum knowledge about software development, you surely know what a role Java plays here. If there is even a little error in your Jaca script or Java code, an entire software may fail to perform. Indeed, that is not what you want. But you don’t need to worry. We have this course here in Skillqore about Java testing. It helps you to learn how to test Java with JUnit. After completing the course, you will be able to integrate JUnit with other popular tools and IDEs.

10. Adobe XD Essential Training: Design

Designing is yet another crucial part of software development. If you know well about the designing tools, the testing process becomes much easier. And that is what this online course will help you with. With this course, you will be able to learn Adobe XD, which is the fastest UX design tool available in the market now. With the XD platform, you can design great user experiences.

Final Thoughts

We cannot expect our regular lives to run well without the use of different software. Now, think of bugs in the software. How would that result? Well, if we want to say in a word, that would be a complete disaster. Hence, with the help of the ten online software testing courses mentioned above, you can make your software experience even better. As you might have noticed, these courses are not free. But don’t worry. The amount you are spending on these courses is worth every penny. So take a course today and carry on.