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Statistics is a branch of mathematics that deals with numbers or, more precisely, numerical data. It is concerned with data collection, presentation, analysis, interpretation, manipulation, etc. The data in question is of a large amount. Statistics has wide-ranging applications in our society. If we want to count the number of people in a country, we resort to statistics. There are several statistical models and formulae to solve different problems; probability is one of them. It talks about the likelihood of any happening in exact mathematical terms. Here, we list for you ten of the best online courses on the concepts of statistics and probability. So, let’s get on it.

1- Probability and statistics:

This course discusses the primary concepts of probability. It is especially beneficial to those students who want to study it further at advanced levels as it will give them foundational knowledge on its fundamental idea. They can use this knowledge in other disciplines and not just statistics and probability studies. It includes subjects like computer sciences and mathematics. Here is the link from where you can gain more knowledge on the subject.

2- Excel statistics essential training 1 (2016):

Not many people are aware that Microsoft Excel provides many tools to solve statistical problems. It can come in very handy as Microsoft Excel is readily available and has widespread usage too. The instructor here talks about descriptive and inferential statistics and how you can use its problems by using Excel. It is a helpful course for both students and professionals, and it will cost you USD49.99. You can join the course here.

3- Advanced probability theory:

Through this free course, students will get knowledge about advanced concepts of probability. It includes an array of topics and theories like probability axioms, conditional probability, random variables, continuous random variables and their functions, correlation and moments of a distribution, mode of convergence, laws of large numbers, etc. It is a 12-weeks long course, and the best thing about it is that it is absolutely free. You can join the class by clicking here.

4- MCO-03: Research methodology and statistical analysis:

MCO-03: Research methodology and statistical analysis

Research has a very pivotal place in the realm of statistics. The entire data collection exercise depends on research, and statisticians apply statistical models to the collected data. So, in essence, research lies at the very heart of statistics. It is imperative that every statistician has in-depth knowledge about the various methods and techniques used in research, and this course teaches you all of that and much more. This course is also available for free, and you can get access to it by clicking here.

5- Numbers for life:

Statistics is all about numbers, and this course is about numbers too. It talks about their importance in everyday life and how we can better understand them. The course aims to enhance your knowledge about everyday and commonly used numbers and how you can effectively use them in life. These numbers may appear nondescript, but everyone has a story and a whole thought process behind it. You will learn all of it and much more in this free course. Enroll there by clicking here.

6- Statistics foundation 3:

Statistics foundation is a series of courses that revolve around different concepts of statistics. It is the third installment of that series, and it covers topics such as regression testing, ANOVA, chi-square testing, t-distribution, degrees of freedom, etc. The instructor uses easy to comprehend language to instill the concepts in students’ minds. The entire series is full of factual information on the subject, which the students will find very useful in learning about statistics. This particular course will cost US$29.99, and you can join the course here.

7- Statistical inference:

Like probability, the inference is another statistical model of concept that has wide application and usage in the subject. It is closely related to probability; in fact, it is based on probability. This course discusses at length both the academic and practical aspects of the subject. The students can get information here that they can apply in other disciplines like machine learning, etc. The course covers different topics like the revision of probability, F distributions and their moments, probabilistic models, data estimators, etc. You can get all this information and much more for free by clicking here.

8- Range, variance, and standard deviation as measures of dispersion:

Range, variance, and standard deviation as measures of dispersion:

These are essential and widely used concepts in the field of statistics. They help measure the extent to which the data can deviate from acceptable levels. All of them are handy tools and can solve various practical problems. That is why it is so important to learn about them. And this course strives to do just that. You can join this course by clicking here.

9- Sample means versus population means:

A population is a set of the whole, while a sample is an extraction of a few of the whole’s members. This course talks about sample and population means. Both these means can tell us a lot of information and have different implications. It is up to the statistician to interpret the result and infer a conclusion from it. You will know how to read and understand these means and analyze results. Here is the link to that course.

10- Types of statistical studies:

In this course, the teacher uses a simple example of the correlation between the consumption of sugar and heart diseases and uses it to describe different statistical concepts. In the process, he also delineates various statistical studies so that the students do not have a hard time understanding these central themes.


These were our picks of 10 of the best courses available online on the subjects of statistics and probability. We have tried to cover all the essential concepts of these courses here and hope it will help anyone looking to increase their knowledge on these subjects or gain a fair understanding of them. We wish you all the best.