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This is the age of marketing and especially digital marketing. There is hardly an industry or business that does not make use of digital marketing techniques. There is still a lot of specialist job opportunities in this sector. But what are the most sought-after marketing and digital marketing skills? What should you learn that will give you a competitive edge in the job market and help you land a lucrative career? We have you all covered here in this article. 

1) Sales Negotiations:

Sales and marketing go hand in hand. Some people use both these terms interchangeably but marketing is a deeper and a more complex phenomenon and sales is an integral part of it. Through this course, our sales coach expert will teach you how to master the art of making a sale. Right from making a pitch to actually finalizing a deal and afterwards too. Everything can be learnt by enrolling to this program in just US$29.99.

2) Brand marketing strategy:

This course will shed light on the importance of brand management. This new age of marketing is all about branding yourself and your products and services. Customers identify and relate themselves to a brand. You make a connection with your target audience through a brand and cultivate that connection to build a long-lasting relationship. Let the experts teach you how to build a perfect strategy to optimize a brand by clicking here.

3) Create a Go-To-Market plan:

A marketing plan is part of the larger business plan of the organization. It spells out the marketing strategy for your project, product, or service. A marketing plan gives direction to your efforts. You define how you will approach your audience (pitching lead), consolidate on it, and then translate it into proper sales. You can learn more about this important skill for just US$29.99 by clicking here.

4) Digital Marketing trends:

We know digital marketing is the buzzword these days and everyone realizes its importance for its business. But the world of digital marketing is dynamic and ever-evolving. You can’t be complacent by learning a skill or two about digital marketing. Join this course for just US$29.99 and stay in the loop of digital marketing trends. Get to know where it is heading and what is the latest way you for you to attract customers using modern digital marketing techniques. You can learn more by joining it here. 

Digital Marketing trends

5) Marketing on Twitter:

Twitter is fast-emerging is a dependable and popular social media platform. It is increasing both its reach and influence and it currently has some 262 million active users outside the US. Like any other social media platform, there are some rules, protocols, and techniques, that you follow to advertise your business on Twitter. Learn about all those tools by clicking here and get to know everything related to marketing on Twitter. The charges are US$34.99.

6) Marketing briefs: What is market research?

Market research has more to it than just conducting an online or on-site survey. It is the very foundation upon which you will build your marketing strategy and make a plan. This exercise has to be scientific, data-driven, goal-oriented, and quantifiable. You will interpret the results of your research and then determine your future course of action. Learn all the pros and cons of market research by enrolling yourself here.

7) Following up after a sales meeting:

This is another very interesting course that sheds light on what to do after a meeting with your client. Often, we become lax after meeting a client and think that we have done our part. The reality is far from it. You have to adopt a follow-up strategy in an understated and subtle way not to let the client slip away or to intimidate him. You can learn all these important skills by joining this course for US$24.99 by clicking here

8) Marketing foundations; The marketing funnel:

A marketing funnel is one of the basic concepts of marketing. It describes the journey of a customer from the point when he gets to know about your product or service to the time when he buys it. If you know how to create an effective funnel, then you are a successful marketer. Master your funnel building skills by joining this course here for US$29.99

Marketing foundations; The marketing funnel

9) Pricing strategies in B2B marketing:

Pricing is a crucial aspect of marketing your product. It can make or break your product or service. You have to be very diligent while deciding the price of your product. Especially in the milieu of B2B transactions pricing is no less than an art. By taking this online course for US$34.99 you will learn everything about pricing strategies and how best you can implement them to grow your business. Join this important course here

10) 6 essential elements for an effective digital marketing strategy:

You cannot avoid digital marketing now. It is an integral part of the overall marketing strategy of any organization now and its role and manifestation will only increase with time. An effective digital marketing strategy has the potential to take your business earning to the next level and increase your footprint in the market. This course will tell you 6 key elements that will help you devise the best digital marketing strategy for your business and take it places. Learn more about it here

11) What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is also a buzzword these days. People are earning in 6-figures all thanks to affiliate marketing. But what is it exactly? And how you can employ it in your business practices to extract maximum benefit from it? This course throws light on all the nuances of affiliate marketing and aims to master you in this technique. Learn how you can take advantage of this modern-day phenomena by clicking here


This was our list of some of the best marketing courses that will surely boost your career prospects and enhance your job appeal. This is by no means the most definitive list on the subject. You may find some important topics missing here too. But you cannot discount the importance of the topics we discussed above.