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Online learning has been a rage in the last two or three years, all thanks to the pandemic and the accompanying lockdowns and the social distancing compulsions. It has been around for several decades, but the arrival of the internet and instant communication devices and software changed its complexion for the better. Due to this factor and other benefits, it offers online learning will remain relevant. Let us teach you some tips that will help you be a successful online learner.

It begins with a plan:

Like everything else, successful online learning also begins with a coherent and well-thought-out plan. This plan will be the blueprint that you will follow to build your online learning enterprise. In this plan, jot everything down and be as clear and precise as you can get. Find your strengths and see how you can utilize them to further your online learning. When will you get down to study, and will you work at a stretch or take breaks? Include all such details in your plan and put them at a prominent place (fridge, your writing platform) so you don’t miss them.

Be flexible but primarily stick to your plan:

A plan is nothing if you don’t stick to it. That is why it is imperative that you also follow your plan religiously. But, at the same time, it doesn’t mean that you make no room for adjustments in it. Be flexible, and adapt your plan according to ground realities. You might likely face some situations that you initially did not think of or that popped up out of nowhere, making room for such happenings to keep your plan practical and functional.

Set up a studying area:

Online learning gives you the freedom to study anywhere and everywhere. But, it is better to stick to a specific studying area. It will keep reminding you of your commitment to your learning. Set up this place anywhere you are most comfortable within your house. You can also study on the go if this is your thing. But whatever you choose, make it a point to sit in that place and study for as long as you have originally intended.

Minimize distractions from your life:

Minimize distractions from your life

When you are learning online, you are on your own. There is no one around you to push you to study, and you need to exercise a great degree of self-discipline. To help you achieve that, you should eliminate distractions from your life. These could be anything like your smartphones, TV, magazines, etc. They will help keep your focus and finish your studies.

Get the hang of technology:

Online learning depends on technology. You will be using a fast internet connection, smartphone, laptops, etc. You should know how to use these devices effectively. Also, you will be using software like Zoom, Google meets, Microsoft team, etc. Get the hang of these applications too. You should know how to use them and perform some basic troubleshooting on them. In this way, your learning will go on uninterrupted. It will help matters if you have a backup internet connection. If the primary internet source develops a fault, you have a backup ready.

Participate in the online class:

Many people think of online classes as a form of passive learning. It shouldn’t be like that. Technology has made online learning interactive and immersive. You should partake in-class activities as much as you can. The teacher can see you and the rest of the class fellows. Be productive and participative. It will also keep your interest alive and forge new friendships as well.

Stay active and fit:

A healthy body begets a healthy mind. If you are not feeling good about your health, you won’t achieve anything. The same goes for your online learning. You need to be in your best physical form to perform at your best. For this, eat a balanced and nutritious diet. Become physically active and do regular exercise or some other sporting activity. It will do you immense good.

Keep your motivation levels high:

Keep your motivation levels high

It is in part linked to the above point. If you are physically fit, you will be mentally alert and healthy. It will keep you motivated as well. And, in online learning, you need to be highly motivated. There are no compulsions to take classes, especially if you have purchased an online course with recorded sessions. So, to go through it, you need to be reasonably motivated and disciplined most of the time. It is not easy, but you can achieve it if you try.

Stay connected:

To be a successful online learner, you need to remain in touch with your teacher and the rest of the class. It is not difficult to do this in today’s world, but still, many people take it lightly. You should check your email regularly and make your presence felt on other forums. It could be WhatsApp groups, social media pages, online community groups, and other places. It will keep you in the loop of things.

Always keep a backup of your assignments:

Most of your assignments and other work will be done online in online learning. There will be a negligible submission of hard copies. So, you should keep an extra copy of your work with you. If your primary storage device crashes, you will have your work saved somewhere. Cloud could be a viable option. It will cost you a little, but your data will remain the same.

Hold yourself accountable:

Another way to help you successfully finish your online education is by keeping yourself on your toes. Set realistic and achievable goals and make sure that you accomplish them. Suppose you don’t see where you faltered and work on your weak areas. It would be best if you did not procrastinate and always remain target-oriented.


That sums up our topic on successful online learning. The phenomenon of online classes will grow further with time, pandemic or no pandemic. Its various benefits make it an attractive proposition for students worldwide.