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Online courses have taken the education sector by storm. They offer several advantages over the traditional model of education. In the wake of Covid-19 online education has taken unprecedented importance. Many educational institutes are now imparting education through online modes only. There are a plethora of online courses available on literally any subject under the sun. You can get confused about which course to pick. Here are some tips that will help you get the most suitable online course for you.

Why do you want to join?

The first thing to know is why do you want to join an online course? Is it a requirement of your current job? Will you get a promotion after that? Do you want to upgrade your skill set? Do you want to learn a new skill? Or you are doing this just to kill some spare time and learn something as well. Be clear in your mind. It will help you choose the right course for you.

Pro tip: Choosing to learn a new skill is always a better idea. It can open new vistas of opportunities for you.

Follow your heart:

The next important thing is that you should pursue what you are good at rather than following something that is trending at the moment. If you join a course just because it promises fat paychecks there is nothing wrong with that but you should have some interest in that area too. If you are not good at numbers, you cannot succeed in finance and accounts even though they pay you well.

Pro tip: Money matters alone should not dictate your academic and professional pursuits.

Know the details:

Education has become so diverse and deep. New disciplines keep coming up owing to market demands, new researches, and new understandings of old concepts. This can be confusing for someone who is not into education or hasn’t attended a college/university in a while. To avoid such a situation, you should focus on the details of what exactly you want to study. It will help you reach your desired area of study:

Pro tip: Join some online group, community board related to your area of interest. It will give you fresh insight into the subject.

Do your research:

Once you have decided what specific course you want to join it is time to find out how and from where you can take this particular course. Google is the preferred source for conducting any type of survey or research these days. It is absolutely fine that you do that too but inquiring about it in your circle of friends, family, and peers might be helpful too. They can share with you their own experience or refer someone who has been through all this.

Pro tip: To save time while searching online, use specific queries and relevant keywords.

Know the institute:

After you have found the institute of your choice, do a thorough check on it. You can easily find out about its integrity, repute, and goodwill. See if it has the proper and right accreditations and approvals from the relevant education departments and government agencies. If possible, you should visit the institute physically. It will give you firsthand knowledge about the institute’s state of affairs.

Pro tip: It is not given that an institute known for its traditional mode of education would be equally good for an online mode of education too.

Know the instructor:

The second most important thing after the institute is to get to know your instructor. He should have full command over his subject and also enjoy a good reputation. Check out his education credentials, experience, and his last academic qualification. You can find out more about your instructor by following his social media handles.

Know the instructor

Pro tip: Often the comments section gives you more insight about a person or thing than the post itself.

Cost, duration, timings, etc.:

These are basic things that you ought to find out before signing up for an online course. These are all obvious things but we want to say something about the timing. A great advantage of online courses is you can watch the recorded lesson whenever you have surplus time. But sometimes the course is conducted via live sessions. In such a situation you will have to attend the live sessions and spare time for it. Sometimes the course is conducted with a hybrid of recorded and live sessions too. You should check the terms of the course so that you are in the know of everything.

Pro tip: Live sessions are a better way of learning than recorded sessions

Don’t be afraid to leave:

If despite all these measures you still end up making a bad decision do not stick to it like a stubborn child. Leave the program midway if it is not something that you thought it would be. Do not stress yourself to like the course or to finish it. That would be counterproductive. You will find something closer to your heart and interest the next time.

Pro tip: Sometimes letting go is the best decision you can make.


There you have it; some tips that will help you choose the best online course for yourself. We hope it will be helpful for you and you will spread this knowledge among your friends and family too.