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Machine learning is essentially the science of teaching computers how to perform without being programmed. It is responsible for speech recognition, GPS navigation systems, image recognition, and even medical diagnosis. Machine learning is shaping up to be one of the most dynamic and fast-paced fields in computer science. Here are the top 20 machine learning courses here on Skillqore that will tickle your fancy.

Intro to Machine Learning with PyTorch

This course from Udacity is a collaboration with Kaggle and AWS. In this course, you’ll learn about the basic foundation of machine learning techniques – perfect for those who want a self-paced learning course.

Azure Machine Learning Development: 3 Deploying and Managing Models

In this machine learning development course, you’ll tackle how to deploy, scale, and manage in the Azure Machine Learning Studio. This is a special learning course created by Linkedin Learning – creator of courses to help individuals hone their skills and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Machine Learning with Python: A Practical Introduction

Learn from the best with this machine learning course from IBM. It approaches machine learning through Python, a renowned programming language. In this course, you get more information about the two main types of machine learning methods, as well as learning algorithms and real-life examples of this system.

Data Science: Machine Learning

Harvard University brings you an 8-week-long course as a part of their Professional Certificate Program in Data Science. You’ll learn the basics of machine learning, as well as other related concepts like cross-validation, algorithms, recommendation systems, etc. In this course, you also have the option to add a verified certificate.

Reinforcement Learning Course – Full Machine Learning Tutorial

This complete machine learning course from freeCodeCamp tackles Q learning, SARSA, and policy gradient methods. This learning tutorial also tackles deep learning and the use of Tensorflow and PyTorch.

Data Science: Machine Learning and Predictions

This masterfully-created online course created by the University of California, Berkeley is an excellent way to learn more about machine learning. Learn more about regression and classification algorithms in this 6-week course. You can also add a verified certificate.

Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Machine Learning

One of the most popular courses on the platform is Artificial Intelligence from LinkedIn Learning. Create a solid machine learning foundation with this self-paced online course.

Dina Katabi: A new way to monitor vital signs (that can see through walls)

Dina Katabi and her team from MIT are working on a revolutionary technology of monitoring patients’ vital signs at the hospital or at home. Katabi discusses how this machine learning technology will change the way healthcare workers keep track of their patients’ records.

Natural Language Processing with Tensor Flow 2 – Beginner’s Course

This is a practical introduction to the end-to-end, open-source machine learning platform, TensorFlow 2.0. It’s ideal for those who are starting from scratch and want a concise and effective course to guide them through machine learning.

Deep Reinforcement Learning in Python

If you’re an intermediate looking to expand your basic knowledge on deep learning, this is an excellent course. It helps you implement the fundamental concepts in Tensorflow. Moreover, you also get to learn to code DDPG through Python and PyTorch.

Machine Learning for iOS Developers

This online course about machine learning for iOS developers created by LinkedIn Learning is a hit. You first learn the Core ML framework and how you can integrate it into iOS apps.

Applied Deep Learning with PyTorch

This full course from PyTorch and Python gives you a good grasp of some deep learning consents like Chatbots, Sequence MOdeling, Attention Mechanisms, etc.

Essential Mathematics for Machine Learning

This special learning course created by the Indian Institute of Technology is a top, high-yield course for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Computer Science, Data Science, Mathematics, and similar degrees. Its mathematical approach to understanding machine learning is composed of linear algebra, matrix decomposition algorithms, calculus, probability, etc.

Machine Learning Fundamentals

The University of California, San Diego created a solid instructor-led 10-week course that tackles classification, regression, linear models, ensemble methods, and so many more fundamental concepts in machine learning.

Advanced Machine Learning

If you’re looking to go beyond the basics of machine learning, this course creed by the ITMO University will guide you through the advancing digital culture. In this course, you’ll learn factor analysis, multiclass logistic regressions, reinforced machine learning, and many more.

Fundamentals of Machine Learning

This self-paced online learning course from Santa Fe Institute is an excellent choice for those looking for a more streamlined and concise discussion of the principles of machine learning. Dr. Artemy Kolchinsky and Dr. Brendan Tracey will take you through the basic concepts of machine learning in just an hour.

Foundations of Data Science: Prediction and Machine Learning

The University of California Berkeley brings you a 6-week self-paced course that teaches you the basic concepts and elements of machine learning. This includes regression and classification.

Data Science and Machine Learning Capstone Project

Learn from the best with IBM’s 6-week course on Data Science. This online course improves your understanding of Python, as well as provides real-life applications of machine learning.

Introduction to Machine Learning

Professor Balarmaan Ravindran from the Indian Institute of Technology brings you an elective course that will guide you through the basics of machine learning. This 12-week-long course is a mathematical approach to the ever-evolving field.

Machine Learning for Information Retrieval

A wide range of studies and research is being allotted to elucidate the phenomenon of information retrieval. In this course from the University of Victoria, George Tzanetakis will delve into data mining through the lens of music information retrieval.

Enterprise Machine Learning in a Nutshell

In this online learning course from openSAP, you get a solid overview of Machine Learning, as well as concrete applications. You can set aside 2-3 hours a week for the course. The best part is, it is self-paced.

We can’t deny the significant role of machine learning in people’s day to day lives. At Skillqore, you can browse through hundreds to thousands of online courses about and relating to machine learning.