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The security of computer networks in any organization is of utmost importance now. Often the very survival of an organization hinges on the computer networks. The size of the global information security market is going to reach US$170.4 billion in 2022. This staggering figure indicates how seriously organizations take their security. There are literally thousands of security breaches and threats to network happening annually. This shows that cyber and network security is a real thing. To understand network security courses, we present to you ten of the best network security courses out there. So, in no particular order, let’s get started;

1. Cyber-attack countermeasures:

This course will throw light on all the vital enforcement mechanisms, authentication methods, and operational protection needed for smooth sailing. The basics of cryptography are also taught here by the instructor. As a programmer, you can deploy more of such measures in e-commerce or a regular website. This course will cost you US$49, and you can learn more about it here

2. The foundations of cybersecurity:

This course will introduce you to the world of cybersecurity. You will know and understand the key concepts and terminologies of cybersecurity. It will also teach you why is it essential to have cybersecurity? What are the risks associated with cybersecurity, and how can you contain them through different strategies? It will cost you US$79, and you can enroll in it here.

3. IBM Cybersecurity analyst:

As we mentioned in the beginning, the cybersecurity market is worth billions of dollars. There is a shortfall of able and competent security analysts. You can switch to this career with no previous background in IT. This course will present you with such an opportunity. It is an 8-course certification that will give you the necessary training to be a professional. You will know about incident response, vulnerability management, endpoint protection, threat intelligence, etc. You can join this course here, and it will cost you US$49.

4. Principles of secure coding:

Principles of secure coding

 This course will introduce you to the world of secure programming. You will know what fast programming is and what robust programming is. What are the principles behind secure programming, and how do you do secure coding? A basic understanding of the C programming language would help me learn this course, but it is not mandatory. It will cost you US$49, and you can join it here.

5. Internet safety for students:

If you are a student, then you should go for this course. It will teach you how to secure your email account, protect your data on shared hard drives, cloud-based technology, and how to enhance and protect your identity while browsing the internet. The students can significantly benefit from this course, but others will find it equally helpful as internet security affects us. It is available for US$29.99 only, and you can join it here

6. Protecting your network with open-source software:

Most of us use open-source software, and we like it that day. But their privacy and integrity are a big issue. They are open to manipulation, tempering, attacks, and threats as they have lax or no security protocols for accessing them for work. This course will teach you to ensure the safety of your open-source software without any paid add-ons. So, this course will introduce you to specific tools and procedures that will help you in this regard without going for anything extra. Its price is US$29.99, and you can start your education on this subject here

7. Data privacy fundamentals:

This course has a wide application as it aims to enlighten an individual user to big corporations about data security and privacy issues. You will hear from legal and technical experts who will inform you about the different regulations governing your data’s privacy and how you can utilize them for your good. It will also brief you about data privacy on social media. It is available for US$49, and you can start learning how to secure your data here

8. Advanced system security design:

Advanced system security design

This course targets an intermediate level of learners. As the name implies, it encompasses advanced practices that you can implement to safeguard your network. It will cover several concepts like cloud computing, TOR, web-based cryptography, vulnerability management, geo-location context, etc. It costs US$49, and you can join this course here

9. Ethical hacking: system hacking:

For all the bad press hacking gets, it has a positive side too. It is called ethical hacking, and it counters the negative aspects of hacking. Through this course, you will learn different concepts embedded in ethical hacking, like pre-empting hacking attempts, safeguarding your system against hackers, password protection, malware, spyware, etc. It will cost you US$29.99, and it is available for you here. This course has many follow-ups covering various facets of ethical hacking. You can get information on them from our website. 

10. Cryptography I:

Cryptography lies at the very heart of network security. Through this course, you will learn the inner dynamics of cryptography and how to use it effectively. You will learn how to safeguard yourself and your partner from an adversary in case of a shared essential arrangement. You will also learn how to generate a secret key between two parties. You will be presented with many real-life problems by your teacher during the course’s conduct and issues where you will be required to apply cryptographic concepts and techniques. If this topic interests you, then there is a follow-up to that with an advanced level. Start exploring the world of cryptography here


So, this was our list of 10 of the best network security courses. It is by no means a final and definitive list. You can add many more to the list, but through our inventory, we have decided to cover all the aspects of network security that are most relevant to our times and affect a large population segment. Network security and safety is an ever-evolving discipline because as technology advances, so do the methods and techniques to exploit it.