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Everyone is a photographer now; thanks to a smartphone with ever sophisticated cameras. But that does not mean anyone can take great pictures. For photography remains a skill that demands knowledge, training, and experience. That is why photography courses are much sought after the world over. Now, that Covid19 has given a new meaning to working or learning from home; online courses have become all the rage. Here is our pick of 15 of the best online photography courses that teach you every aspect of this craft. So, let’s get things started;

1. Introduction to photography

We will start with the basics. In this course, you will learn the ABC of photography. The necessary skills you want to be a successful photographer and a quick rundown on the basic photography gear.

2. How to make money in commercial photography?

We start with this small video of 15 minutes that teaches you everything you need to know about commercial photography and how to make money off it. It will present you with a business model for this purpose and how to lure clients, etc.

3. Photography 101: shooting in low light

Lighting is not always according to our preference and choice when it comes to photography. Taking good pictures under low or no light is a specialized skill that you can learn by joining this course for just US$29.99.

4. Photography: Exploring composition

The composition is an oft-used buzzword in photography. What is it really? How can you take well-composed photographs and impress your friends and family? Learn all this and more by joining this course here. The charges are just US$34.99.

Photography: Exploring composition

5. Mistakes to avoid as a beginner photographer

The title of this course says it all. It is available in the format of a 40 minutes long DVD where the creator has outlined all the mistakes she committed when she started her photography career. Now she has presented it in video form for the benefit of others.

6. Learning product photography

Product photography is a rewarding profession and it is never out of demand. If you want to make a career out of it then this course is meant for you. It will impart useful information regarding proper gear, lighting, angles, and other details to take a great product picture. You can join it here for just US$29.99.

7. Photoshop; tips, tricks, and techniques

Photo editing is now as important a skill as photography itself. And Adobe Photoshop is by far the most popular professional photo editing software. This course is unique in the sense that it gives you-like the name says- the important tips and tricks to use this software. You can start your learning here for just US$29.99.

8. Learning food and drink photography

Taking pictures of your meals and posting them to your social media has become a favorite activity for most of us. You can add a touch of class and professionalism by learning to take great pictures of your food. It will help you especially if you want to be a food blogger or are one already. Start learning to take delicious pictures of your food here for just US$29.99.

Learning food and drink photography

9. How to photograph events and make money doing it?

In this interesting course professional event photographer, Jeff Cable will share his experiences and secret tips with you on how to be an event photographer. It will provide you with insight on event photography and also share with you tips on how to earn more out of it.

10. Mobile photography; image management

Most of us own a smartphone embedded with a digital camera and we love to take pictures and make videos from it. We do it with free abandon without thinking about how to manage, store, catalog, and index our gallery. In this course, you will learn a thing or two about properly storing your pictures and videos for easy retrieval.

11. Kids photography: Newborns

There are different facets of kids’ photography; taking pictures of newborn babies is one of them. And we hastily add it’s the most adorable one. This course will teach you how to make the most out of your little subjects. The babies don’t know how to pose and understand your cues so making them appear beautiful is the photographer’s job. Learn all about this here for US$34.99.

12. Creative photography techniques

This course will introduce you to different techniques of creative photography and shed light on how you can master them. These may include blending, exposure, texture, composition, colorization, etc. It is an all in one package for the photographer in you. Start learning those techniques for US$39.99 

13. Learning to critique photos

This course will enlighten you on how you can view a picture and see it with a critic’s eye. What makes a picture great? How to analyze an image and how best to describe its beauty. As a photographer or just a lover of photos, this course will benefit you a lot.

14. Underwater photography: Macro

Underwater photography is a different ballgame altogether. Not only it requires specialized equipment but some additional skills as well. If you want to be a professional underwater photographer or just have a passion for underwater photography then this course is for you. It will teach you how to capture the beauty of the underwater world in all its glory for just US$34.99.

Underwater photography: Macro

15. Wildlife photography: Natural Preserve

Wildlife photography is a thrilling and exciting branch of photography. It can be a rewarding profession as well as a side hustle. In this course, you will learn how to take pictures of animals in a controlled environment and make them emote for a great picture. You can learn all of this and more here at just US$34.99.


This was all about the top 15 courses of photography. We have tried to cover all the popular aspects related to photography. We hope you will find this list useful and it will ignite your passion for photography further.